5 Reasons Why Black Clover Is Worth Watching in 2023

Is black clover worth watching

Black Clover became prominent amongst manga fans pretty quickly when it first came out in 2015 and as an anime series that was released in 2017. Great characterization and a cool story made Black Clover one of the most anticipated shōnen manga/anime series of the last decade. The Black Clover anime has four seasons and the last episode aired at the end of 2021, with the Black Clover movie announced after the anime ended.

Even though the anime officially ended at the end of 2021, Black Clover still has an ongoing manga series that prompted rumors of the anime’s continuation in the future. Because of that fact, in this article, we will discuss our reasons why Black Clover is worth watching.

We will talk about the story of the anime, characters, premise, and manga issues that are still being released. Moreover, Black Clover has notable differences from the original source material and the overall tone of the show. If you are interested in this topic definitely check out our reasons for watching this cool anime. Without further ado, let’s start!

Why Is Black Clover Worth Watching?

1. Great Pacing of the Plot That Shōnen Anime Rarely Does These Days

5 Reasons Why Black Clover Is Worth Watching in 2022

One of the biggest reasons why plots of some shōnen anime get watered down after some time is the dreaded fillers. For example, One Piece in recent years did an amazing job including fillers in its story and making them relevant to the main plotline, while the anime like Naruto series did not include their fillers in its canon.

Black Clover does not have that many fillers in its anime – it adapts its manga fully, and does not necessarily dedicate its time to fillers. Black Clover used their fillers for fun episodes that actually expanded on the lore of certain characters, and gave the less prominent characters moments to shine. When it comes to the main plot, Black Clover follows the usual shōnen anime formula – young characters who struggled a lot in their childhood and give their all to succeed in their ultimate goal.

The fairly easy-to-follow story, and good pacing, are not something revolutionary, but that same simple story and characters have really strong foundations that make fans interested.

All in all, easy to follow but a strong story with a solid foundation is definitely a valid reason why anime fans should definitely check out Black Clover.

2. Great Character Development

5 Reasons Why Black Clover Is Worth Watching in 2022
Mimosa and Zora made great leaps in their character development.

Once again, this shōnen anime follows the same formula as its companions and has a good, and solid main character/hero everyone is rooting for. In this case, Asta is in the spotlight, a young orphan who is left to be raised in an orphanage alongside Yuno, another orphan. Everyone is born with special energy called mana which is utilized in the form of magical power. Asta, unfortunately, was not born with this gift but that does not stop him from reaching his goal to become the next Wizard King. Asta focuses on developing his physical ability.


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His fellow orphan Yuno is quite talented and bears powerful magic whose talents lie in wind magic. This leads to the friendly rivalry between Asta and Yuno, and their story is something every viewer will root for. We are all for the underdog stories, and Asta makes leaps in his character development, which will and passion can inspire anyone. His loud and annoying personality at the beginning of the anime sees him develop into a mature and more civilized character which, when combined with his good-hearted nature, makes him a really good and respected character.

There are other characters who make great developments that match the story tremendously well, but we will leave it for the next paragraph.

3. Good Supporting Characters

5 Reasons Why Black Clover Is Worth Watching in 2022

We already mentioned great character development, and as you can see from this reason, we do not think only about the main characters like Asta and Yuno, but the likes of Zora, Noelle Silva, and Mimosa Vermillion are great examples of character development. Over the years, especially recent ones, we saw a lot of anime drop the ball when it comes to depicting side/supporting characters. The biggest shōnen anime/manga series in the last 20 years, Naruto, was criticized a lot for its underutilization of the side characters who were usually used as a plot tool and aesthetic of the anime, especially female characters like Ten Ten, Ino and others.

The three characters that we mentioned already, are perfect examples of characters with great supporting roles that are not overbearing and steal the spotlight of the main protagonist. For example, Mimosa, at first a young rich girl with weird quirks who actually becomes very essential for her team with her abilities. Her personality also develops – Asta and his passion, change Mimosa for the better and gives her a new purpose.

Zora is another great supporting character who made leaps in his personality – at first glance only a prankster who “bullies” Asta nonstop, but when in danger, always has his friend back. He has a few story arcs that make him really interesting one of the best parts of the show.


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4. Worldbuilding Is Extremely Interesting

5 Reasons Why Black Clover Is Worth Watching in 2022
Source: Reddit

Magic in the anime world is not uncommon, however, Black Clover made great innovations that propelled the anime as one of the best current magic anime in the world. Even though some fans wish that some details of the worldbuilding and the aspects of the plot are a bit more clear, one can figure out most of the things Black Clover writers throw at us.

Black Clover Universe uses different magic concepts like the Diamond Kingdom uses magical weapons to improve their output or the Heart Kingdom that uses natural elements and its resources. This is only the drop in the ocean and there are so many interesting concepts that attract millions of fans to Black Clover. All in all, some aspects of worldbuilding need a bit more work but even in this state, Black Clover is extremely interesting.

5. New Content Is Coming

5 Reasons Why Black Clover Is Worth Watching in 2022

As we mentioned, the Black Clover anime officially ended at the end of 2021, and the fans were in shock since the manga was and is still going strong. Black Clover has currently one of the most read manga in the world and fans are impatient with waiting for something new to “drop”. Well, fear not, because Black Clover creators announced a new anime film that will premiere in 2023 in cinemas, and if that does not make you excited, then what would?

The film’s plot is still unknown but we will find out about the premise pretty soon, and we cannot wait for it. All in all, these are our reasons why you should watch Black Clover – the manga is still going strong, and new content is coming. What are you waiting for?

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