Is Bakugo Gay in My Hero Academia? (& Is He in Love with Kirishima)


My Hero Academia has tons of amazing characters and plots for fans to enjoy, with less focus on romance and budding love interests. Bakugo is possibly one of the most non-emotional characters in the My Hero Academia universe, leading many fans to wonder if Bakugo is gay – and if he is in love with Kirishima.

Bakugo has not given cues as to his romantic preferences in My Hero Academia, while Kirishima has given slight hints that depict him being either straight or bi. However, there have been a few details that paint Bakugo and Kirishima in a romantic or couple-ish light, and there’s still question as to whether this is a strong bromance or something more.

Although there’s no solid evidence to prove whether or not Bakugo is gay, there are details that point to him having a more-than-friendly relationship with Kirishima. Stick around to find out about Bakugo’s romantic preferences, as well as why many fans believe he is in love with Kirishima.

Is Bakugo Gay In My Hero Academia?

Bakugo, as loveable as he may be, is known as one of those characters that don’t love much other than themselves. He’s generally more fussed about being the best, and he has not shown any obvious signs of being into anyone at all.

Many fans argue that there is just as much proof to show Bakugo is straight compared to details that indicate he is gay – which is the truth. There is nothing that shows he is actually gay, other than the fact that he shows girls no attention and is super close to Kirishima.


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He doesn’t show interest in males throughout the storyline. So, it is really possible that Bakugo is straight (some fans even think he may be asexual) and he is not interested in developing a relationship with anyone. However, he does have a special fondness for Kirishima in particular – he’s literally the only one Bakugo is ever bothered to even listen to.

Is Kirishima Gay In My Hero Academia?

Eijiro Kirishima does not show much attention to girls throughout My Hero Academia, although there is no concrete evidence to show that he prefers guys either. But, he is incredibly fond of Bakugo, being eager to help in any way possible, and their relationship is often seen as one of the strongest that the My Hero Academia plot has to offer.

However, there were a handful of instances that might indicate Kirishima being attracted to girls. According to fans on Quora, Kirishima has blushed several times when girls were involved, such as:

  • When Midnight showed up in her skimpy hero costume on stage at the sports festival.
  • When Momo said she would get stuck because of her breasts during the Kamino arc.
  • When Mineta tried to scale the wall to see the girls on the other side of the baths at the pussy cats’ lodge.
  • The 2020 Happy New Year card indicates Kirishima pairing up with Mina instead of with Bakugo as he usually does on promotional content.
  • Kirishima was at the end of Mina’s string on a kite, which may be seen as a romantic symbol in many cultures.
  • During the Chisaki arc, Kirishima used Bakugo’s words and his memory of Mina to motivate him during his fight with Rappa, meaning that they are both important to him.
  • Kirishima looked flattered but awkward when Mina flirtily told him she had based Acid Man on his Unbreakable. He leaned away, which could indicate shyness or aversion to this type of attention.

These reactions might indicate that Kirishima is straight, but his tastes and other preferences might indicate he could be gay or bi. As a result, there has always been a debate on whether the close bond Bakugo and Kirishima had was just friendly, or if it truly verged on romantic.

While their relationship started off on a rocky note, things changed when Bakugo was kidnapped. Kirishima was very clearly shaken by this and was ready and willing to break rules just to rescue him – even risking getting expelled from his dream school. So, irrespective of his preferences, it’s certain that Kirishima cares about Bakugo a lot more than others.

Is Bakugo In Love With Kirishima? Do They Get Together?

Their relationship is said to stem from a bond they made in school, and since they have the ability to see each other as equals. Kirishima has always been on Bakugo’s side throughout the U.A Academy process, and he is the only one Bakugo has come to respect as an equal.

Bakugo and Kirishima have always had a rather strange relationship throughout My Hero Academia. Even though their personalities do not mesh well on paper, these two became almost inseparable – Kirishima is the only one who could block his anger with a casual arm.

Many fans use certain interactions that Bakugo and Kirishima have had as a basis for the idea they could become more than friends, such as when Bakugo only chooses to take Kirishima’s hand. They truly have a close bond, and there are various characters in the My Hero Academia universe that are aware of it.

Bakugo & Kirishima Share a Bedroom

Considering that Bakugo and Kirishima spend so much time together and usually attend events together, many fans have been wondering how their living arrangements have worked. While it’s completely normal for two friends to share a room, it hasn’t stopped KiriBaku shippers from being curious.

It was confirmed in Boku no Hero Academia: The Two Heroes, a My Hero Academia novel released in Japan back in 2018, then shared in a Twitter post detailed below:

According to Comic Book, the scene depicts the following:

“During this time [after the group had split up], Bakugo and Kirishima were in the hotel room that they were staying at during their trip,” it read. “Bakugo lied down and sprawled out on the wide bed in the room.”

Not only would this confirm that Bakugo and Kirishima share a bedroom, but it also confirms they share a bed. Sharing a room with a friend is completely ordinary, but it’s far less common for friends to share a spacious bed by choice. In addition, within the same scene, Kirishima states that he brought Bakugo a suit since he knew Bakugo would forget – something that isn’t common among most guy friends, no matter how close.

Bakugo & Kirishima Co-ordinate Outfits

From the beginning, Bakugo showed preference toward Kirishima, and he also invited Kirishima as his plus one. They then attended a party in matching outfits, which is a universal tradition most common among couples.


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The Matsuri and Tanabata promotional art also showed Midoriya and Uraraka as Orihime and her lover, casting them in a romantic light. At the same time, Bakugo was dressed as a Taiko player (Japanese drums) with his missing coat being given to Kirishima, as seen below thanks to fans on Quora.

It may be a hint since this is generally seen as a romantic gesture in most traditions. Not to mention, according to fans who read the My Hero Academia manga, Bakugo and Kirishima apparently enjoy ‘bromantic’ cuddling!

The relationship between Bakugo and Kirishima could technically go either way depending on how the reader views it. There are many fans who believe Bakugo is gay and does have feelings for Kirishima, perhaps they have been more than friends all along, but a substantial portion of the My Hero Academia community still believes these two characters just have a really strong bromance.

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