Dragon Ball: MUI Goku vs. Frieza – Who Would Win in a Fight & Why?

son goku vs frieza

Akira Toriyama’s cult classic manga Dragon Ball has some of the best and most powerful characters (and fighters) in the world of anime and manga. Son Goku is usually our go-to character when these comparisons are concerned; that will also be the case in this article. If we actually had to pick one fight that definitely changed Goku and his story in Dragon Ball, that was his epic clash with Frieza in Dragon Ball Z, and in this article, we are going to tell you who the stronger among these two is and who would actually win in a fight in the series.

  • Article Breakdown:
  • With his enormous potential and skills, Goku is thought to be the strongest character in the series.
  • Frieza is a powerful villain from outer space and is one of the most powerful villains in the history of Dragon Ball.
  • In Z, Frieza pushed Goku to his limits but ultimately lost.
  • Despite all of his improvements in the series, Frieza still has absolutely no chance against MUI Goku and would lose yet again.

Power level

Even though Goku has undergone significant transformation over the course of the series, we now know that his current form, known as MUI, is comparable to an angel in Dragon Ball; keep in mind that angels are more powerful than even the Gods of Destruction. In this form, he was able to compete against some of the most powerful entities in the multiverse, showcasing his incredible might.

Actually, Goku’s power display was enough to demonstrate that even a Jiren with maximum strength could not overcome him. He has the strength to battle against some of the manga’s most formidable characters, such Granolah and Moro.

Due to his ten years of training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber, Frieza’s power increased tenfold during the events of Granolah the Survivor Saga in the Dragon Ball Super manga. That’s why he was able to outperform and outclass every other fighter in Universe 7—the ten years he spent in a completely separate dimension where time runs differently. Because he vanquished Gas, who was thought to be the strongest because of a wish made with the Dragon Balls, he is maybe the strongest mortal in Universe 7.

Although Frieza’s powerups are amazing, he is simply not on the same level as MUI Goku and we have to give this point to the powerful Saiyan.

Points: Goku 1, Frieza 0


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Techniques and abilities

Goku, one of the greatest martial artists in the series, has shown growth as a character by learning a number of different styles and techniques throughout the story. But MUI Goku, his current powerful form, is simply unique. Goku’s MUI allows him to dodge and counterattack at ease, making it difficult for any kind of martial artist to hit him. Jiren could not defeat Goku in his Ultra Instinct form before using all of his strength. Furthermore, Goku would be extremely challenging to beat in a straight fight if MUI is combined with his proficiency in martial arts.

Given that’s what Frieza was best at in the past, it’s likely that at the moment, he specializes in aggressive attacks aimed to kill and destroy. He is, therefore, skilled at using strikes like his Death Saucer and Death Beam, which are designed to strike quickly and effectively. In addition to his ability to manipulate people and objects through psychokinesis, he is a master at blowing up entire planets with his Death Ball attack, which has so much destructive force that it could easily blow up any planet.

The current version of Frieza has honed his skills to a very high degree and is exceptionally powerful, but when compared to MUI Goku? Nah, he simply doesn’t cut it yet.

Points: Goku 2, Frieza 0

Despite his enhancements, Frieza does not stand a chance against MUI Goku

As the article itself confirms, there is no chance that Frieza would defeat MUI Goku. Sure, Frieza has improved his skills since Dragon Ball Z, and the current version is much stronger, but Goku is now somewhere between a God of Destruction and an Angel, meaning that he is simply too powerful for Frieza.

Back in Dragon Ball Z, Frieza was stronger, but Goku managed to pull a miracle and win, whereas now, Frieza simply doesn’t stand any chance as he does not have the capacity to counter MUI Goku.

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