Goku vs Frieza: Who Would Win?

Goku vs Frieza: Who Would Win?

Out of all the battles, it is still undeniable to a lot of Dragon Ball fans (especially the ones who watched the series back in the 90s) that the battle between Goku versus Frieza was one of the best. It was a very long battle that destroyed Piccolo’s planet, Namek. But knowing that Frieza survived his supposed defeat, but was ultimately killed by Future Trunks, and his return in the latest events of the series, we still want to see if Goku can still defeat one of the strongest creatures in the Universe.

Though Frieza gained a huge improvement and a new form on the latest parts of the series, Goku is still entirely capable of defeating Frieza. Though it is admittable that Goku might have a high difficulty defeating him. However, some fans also debate that Frieza might gain an upper hand against Goku, but only on certain conditions.

So what are those conditions? That’s why we will first check out how strong these two individuals are in the first part of this article. This will make you think how capable they can damage each other once they decide to have one final clash that will determine who is the real victor between these two. 

Goku And His Powers

Goku vs Frieza: Who Would Win?

Goku has a physical strength that’s far stronger than any human, thanks to his Saiyan genes. What’s interesting about Goku is that he is a fighter that always trains hard to surpass his enemies. As a result of his hard work, he grows stronger each time, to the point of reaching God-like levels of strength. He is known to have hurt Frieza when he is at 100% strength. 

As a result of being very physically strong, he also gained superhuman speed, which makes him reach quick against Beerus, who is known to have speeds that can outmatch the speed of light. Also, matching his superhuman strength, Goku has immense durability that can let him survive cosmic forces such as Universal energy. 

However, take note that Goku can still get hurt, especially by someone stronger than him. He also fell ill during the Cell Saga. He can also receive damage from guns when off-guard, particularly when his Ki levels are very low. But catching Goku off-guard will be a hard task, as he has senses as strong as his raw strength. This lets him think and reach very fast, which is why Beerus found a match on Goku when they fought. 

Due to his Saiyan race, Goku has enhanced senses compared to most humans. As a result, his senses when in battle are higher than most of his friends on Earth, making him fit as a fighter of his new home planet. Goku is also known to have tremendous willpower that made him survive a lot of extremely tough battles that made him reach his limit. 

So far, the Tournament of Power revealed the full potential of Goku, which also made a lot of fans even more impressed over hum. Take note that he was able to defeat Jiren, an extremely powerful opponent that ultimately defeated the already-powerful Frieza. What’s amazing about this part is that he was able to defeat Jiren even when extremely low on stamina, and has sustained several injuries during the battle.

Goku’s Current Abilities

Goku has mastered the Godly Ki, which is a more powerful version of his regular Ki. This granted him the power of the Gods, which makes him far superior to any Saiyan at this point. This granted him a new set of transformations such as the Super Saiyan God and the Super Saiyan Blue. He also gained Ultra Instinct and has perfected it so far, which grants him access to a more powerful form than what the Godly Ki can provide him. 

At this point, despite Goku being simple-minded at times, you can say that he is still a genius in the aspect of combat. After all, he can easily catch up with opponents that are way more powerful than him during the first parts of their battle. Goku is also known to have high levels of Ki sense, Energy Nullification, Ki transfer, and spirit control which allows him to use Instant Transmission. 

Frieza And His Powers

Goku vs Frieza: Who Would Win?

As the strongest creature in the whole galaxy or even Universe, if the gods are excluded, Frieza is known to have reigned over several planets ever since he was introduced. Among all of his kind, Frieza was known to be born with greater power compared to the rest of their race. He is even stronger than his father, King Cold.

Frieza is known to be a reputed planet destroyer, who can destroy planets even when his powers are still suppressed. What’s also crazy about Frieza’s power is that he did not get it through sheer training, just like how Goku attained it. He already had this innate power since he was young, coupled with his genetics that makes him even stronger at a faster rate than other species. 

After all, he is a part of a mysterious race (which most call the Frieza race or Frost Demons) who has a strength that’s as monstrous as their cruel characteristics. They also are proud in claiming that they are the strongest alien race in the galaxy. Their race is also known to change forms to hide their true power. This is the reason why Frieza had three different forms before he used his natural form, which is his most popular form that also unlocks his full power.

His first form was just powerful enough to kill Vegeta’s father in one strike. His second form made him defeat Gohan, Vegeta, and Krillin at a very calm state, only to get a bit serious when fighting Piccolo until he activated his Third Form. In his Final and True Form, he can easily kill the four aforementioned characters. 

However, in his Final Form, he still kept much of his power. As a result, he only showed 50% of his power against Goku during the first parts of his battle. Even when using 20x Kaio-Ken, Goku is still having a hard time defeating Frieza, and only got a small burn would after using Kamehameha on him. Frieza only used 100% of his power when Goku became Super Saiyan. However, despite being at 100% full power, he was no match against the first Super Saiyan form of Goku.

As of the latest events in the series, Frieza finally did a four-month training for the first time in his life, after being revived. This training is a very notable event when analyzing Frieza’s rapid growth in power. As a result of this training, Frieza reached the level of strength that’s close to the gods, if not on par with them. His newfound power made him capable of easily beating Gohan using his first form.

Frieza is known to have destructive techniques, such as his signature Death Beam, which can cause a city-wide explosion once it hits the ground. His ultimate attack, the Death Ball, is already strong enough to obliterate a planet when fired through his finger. Though there is a more powerful version of it that can be fired through his hands. He also gained a Golden Form, which is even more powerful than the already-strong Super Saiyan Blue forms of Goku and Vegeta. 

Goku Vs Frieza: Who Would Win?

Goku vs Frieza: Who Would Win?

With all respect, Goku is still capable of winning against Frieza. Though it would be nice to see them in one more deathmatch, especially with the boost in power that Frieza gained on the latest events of the series. With Goku’s personality, and how arrogant Frieza can get, their characteristics prove that Goku has unlimited potential no matter how many powerups can Frieza get over time.

However, as said earlier, there is a certain condition that Frieza can meet to completely defeat Goku. Frieza is known to grow exponentially in power at a faster rate than Goku. If only Frieza is just as hard-working as Goku when it comes to training, he can easily achieve and perfect the Ultra Instinct in such a faster timeframe than Goku would. Take note that if Frieza would have attained the Ultra Instinct, he can easily outmatch even Jiren during the Tournament of Power. 

But even without Ultra Instinct, when pitted in one showdown, and even if we all know that Goku can win, the difficulty is still extremely high. Based on the battle against Jiren, Goku might sustain several severe damages and would need to land one good blow on Frieza if they fight to the death once again if they fight in perfect condition without handicaps on both sides.

As noticed on everything mentioned here, it’s Goku’s characteristic of being a hard-working fighter that gave him a total edge against the arrogant and overconfident Frieza. This just proves that natural abilities are always no match against high willpower, and the capability to work hard enough to achieve the improvement that you want for yourself.