Is Black Frieza Stronger Than Goku’s Ultra Instinct and Vegeta’s Ultra Ego (Together)?

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It isn’t quite odd that we once again saw a new transformation getting introduced in Dragon Ball Super, as the latest chapter in the manga unveiled Frieza’s newest form, which is called Black Frieza. In this form, he was able to kill Gas with no effort at all, even though the Heeter had become the strongest mortal in the universe. After that, Black Frieza knocked Goku and Vegeta out in a blink of an eye. So, is Black Frieza really stronger than Goku’s Ultra Instinct and Vegeta’s Ultra Ego?

Black Frieza is indeed far stronger than both Goku and Vegeta while they are in their respective Ultra forms. But while Frieza knocked them both out quickly, it is possible that things might be different had they not been tired and weary. Together, they might have put up a good fight against Black Frieza.

Whis has always hinted that the only way for Goku and Vegeta to ever surpass Beerus or even hope to defeat him was for them to learn how to work together. As such, Black Frieza might be the perfect opportunity for them to finally learn how to fight together properly in their respective strongest forms. So, with that said, let’s look at how powerful Black Frieza is.

Power Levels

When Goku unveiled his Ultra Instinct back in the events of the Tournament of Power, we were led to believe that he was already at the level of Beerus or even Whis, as he had reached a power level that far surpassed Super Saiyan Blue. In that regard, he further honed Ultra Instinct to the point that, in his battle against Gas in the manga’s Granolah the Survivor arc, he unlocked True Ultra Instinct, which allowed him to harness Ultra Instinct in a manner that gave him more clarity and efficiency with his movements. In that regard, he was able to fight on par with Gas for a while, even though the Heeter was already the strongest mortal in Universe 7.

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Vegeta, on the other hand, needed to catch up to Goku because he didn’t have the personality and fighting style that fits Ultra Instinct. Instead, in the manga, he underwent God of Destruction training with Beerus as he was able to unlock a Destroyer God form he called Ultra Ego. In this form, he was able to almost defeat Granolah, who proved to be a match to Goku’s Perfected Ultra Instinct. Vegeta’s Ultra Ego was supposed to be the form that allowed him to be on par with Goku.


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Black Frieza, however, reached incredible power levels that allowed him to exceed the limits of his previous form, which is Golden Frieza. By training in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber for ten years, he was able to achieve the form in a short span of time as far as the outside world is concerned. And it was this training that ultimately allowed him to surpass the power of the strongest Universe 7 mortal.

The fact that neither Goku nor Vegeta was able to surpass Gas suggests that Frieza is on an entirely different power level. This is why Frieza easily takes this round, as he has a power level that is probably close to Beerus than any of the other characters we have seen thus far.

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Goku has had a lot of incredible feats in his Ultra Instinct form. On top of using Perfected Ultra Instinct to push Jiren to the very limit during the Tournament of Power, he also defeated Moro, who had his own Ultra Instinct as well. After defeating Moro in the manga, Goku went on to unlock True Ultra Instinct, which is a derivative of his Ultra Instinct Sign form. It was in this form that he was able to give Gas some trouble, even though the Heeter had just become the strongest moral in Universe 7.

Vegeta’s Ultra Ego transformation is relatively new because he was only able to fully unlock it during the battle against Granolah, who used to be the strongest Universe 7 mortal before Goku and Vegeta surpassed their limits. In this state, Vegeta was able to push Granolah back and was even able to make him evolve his other eye to become stronger. However, Vegeta was still very powerful that Granolah almost used a suicide attack to win the fight. Working alongside Goku’s own powerful form, Vegeta pushed Gas to the brink of death.

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While both Goku and Vegeta in their Ultra forms pushed Gas to the brink of death as he was basically dying as a result of having too much power, it was ultimately Frieza who easily killed Gas with a simple stab through the Heeter’s chest. Essentially, Black Frieza did what neither or both Goku and Vegeta were able to do, as he defeated and killed Gas with little to no effort at all. On top of that, he quickly knocked the Saiyans out with punches to the gut after officially unveiling his Black Frieza form.

The fact that Frieza was able to instantly defeat Gas without even showing any signs of trouble at all means that he has a feat that neither Goku nor Vegeta could ever top at this point in the storyline.

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Fatigue Factor

It is worth mentioning that, during the battle against Gas, Goku was already quite tired because he had also previously fought non-stop. On top of that, the Ultra Instinct forms that he assumed, especially his True Ultra Instinct, were draining his energy at a rapid pace. That means that he was already quite tired and weary when Frieza arrived to surprise both him and Vegeta.

One of the things that hold Vegeta’s Ultra Ego back is the fact that, while in this form, the Saiyan Prince simply doesn’t care about getting hurt because it is by going all out without any reservations that he is able to bring the best out of this form. That simply means that Vegeta takes an awful ton of punishment while he is in his Ultra Ego form, just so he could also dish out his own brand of punishment as well. By the time he and Goku met Black Frieza, his body had already been through a lot of wear and tear.


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Basically speaking, the moment Frieza appeared to spice things up in the final part of the Granolah the Survivor Saga, he was as fresh as a daisy. That means that he had a lot of rest and still had his full stamina. It is worth noting that stamina makes a huge difference in Dragon Ball as Goku, in his Super Saiyan form, was able to push a tired Jiren back with the help of Frieza, even though his Super Saiyan Blue form couldn’t even hurt him. As such, considering that Frieza was quite fresh when he arrived on the scenes, it was easy for him to bully Gas, Goku, and Vegeta.

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We do know for a fact that Black Frieza’s strength is on a different level, but things could have been different had he fought Goku and Vegeta while they were at their full strength. It is still possible that Black Frieza could have won that fight, but we can’t say for sure until we finally see a well-rested duo of Goku and Vegeta fighting the evil tyrant.

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Is Black Frieza Stronger Than Goku’s Ultra Instinct & Vegeta’s Ultra Ego?

In a matter of speaking, it is quite obvious that Black Frieza is stronger than either or both Goku and Vegeta while they are in their respective Ultra forms. It was clear as day when Frieza made quick work of a dying Gas, who Goku and Vegeta couldn’t even defeat, and when the tyrant knocked the Saiyans out with a single punch.

Then again, Whis did tell Goku and Vegeta a while back that the only way for them to defeat Beerus is for them to learn how to work together. Whether he was talking about literally working together or about fusion, the fact is that there is a good chance that Goku and Vegeta together could still match Black Frieza and fight him on par if they were both at their full stamina levels and if they learned how to properly work together in unison.


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There is also the fact that Goku had just learned how to use True Ultra Instinct and that Vegeta had just unlocked Ultra Ego. Goku once told Golden Frieza that, after unlocking a new form, they needed to master that form first because of how important it is to maintain peak stamina levels in such a powerful transformation. And considering that Goku and Vegeta are yet to master their new transformations, it is possible that they could end up giving Black Frieza one hell of a good fight after they learn how to completely harness the power of these new forms.

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