Is Cal Stone the Same Actor in ‘Manifest’ Season 4? Explained


Season 4 of Manifest aired on Netflix recently, and the unraveling of the flight 828 mystery continued. The final episode in the third season already set up some major changes, and the fourth season just confirmed it. Cal Stone remains one of the crucial characters in resolving the mystery behind what happened to the passengers for five years, but he is five years older now than before. So, in this article, we will explain if Cal Stone is the same actor that was in ‘Manifest’ season 4.

The same actor does not portray Cal Stone in ‘Manifest’ season 4. In the first three seasons of the show, up until the last few minutes, Cal was played by Jack Messina, and then Cal reappeared as the older version of himself. So, Cal Stone, in season 4, is played by an older actor, Ty Doran. Some flashbacks in the fourth season show a younger version of Cal, so Jack Messina also appears in season 4, but not much.

Cal is one of the central characters in the show, so when he reappeared as a five year older version of himself in the finale of the third season, it was a major twist for sure. With him now being older and 828 Registry following passenger’s moves, Cal has to be low-key and not draw attention to himself. But let’s see more thoroughly how exactly Cal reappears older in the show and who plays the older version of Cal Stone.

Who plays Cal Stone in Manifest season 4?


In the first three seasons of Manifest, Cal Stone was played by Jack Messina. Cal was a twelve-year-old boy among the passengers of flight 828 that reappeared five and a half years later out of nowhere. Since the first season, he was one of the main passengers whose ‘callings’ always seemed very significant and on point.

Throughout the show’s first three seasons, Jack Messina did a great job portraying Cal. Thanks to his skills, we experience Cal Stone as a kid with his childish nature. But we also get to see him as a rational and determined person. He was one of the main characters that understood the ‘callings’ and helped resolve many mysteries around them.


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In the third season finale, a younger Cal touched the plane’s tailfin in Eureka, and then he disappeared. When Saanvi and Cal’s dad Ben dropped tailfin back to the water where it was found, Cal came home, five years older. And that is when we first see Ty Doran in an older Cal Stone role.

In season 4, Cal Stone is played by Ty Doran for the most part. Cal is now older, but his life only got more complicated. He has to hide his identity because of the 828 Registry, who would probably lock him up immediately if they knew who he was, and his father is acting very distant. A part of him blames Cal for Grace’s death. Nevertheless, an older version of Cal is a refreshment to the show, and as things gradually unravel toward the end, it is exactly what the show needs.

Manifest is known for showing us many flashbacks for a better understanding of the storyline. Jack Messina’s version of Cal in those flashbacks also appears, but only for a short period. The central actor that portrays Cal in season 4 is Ty Doran, and we’ll introduce him to you in more detail.

Ty Doran as older Cal Stone in ‘Manifest’ season 4

Cal Stone is one of the passengers of flight 828 that returned home five and a half years later – and not aged a bit. We meet Cal as a twelve-year-old boy who helps his family and other passengers understand the ‘callings’ and investigates the mystery behind them. Cal put himself in danger many times because of it, and the quest to find the truth beneath the plane’s tailfin led him to disappear when he touched it.

However, he knew that he must follow the ‘calling’ and touch the tailfin because ‘everything is connected.’ In the third season finale, Cal reappeared as his five years older version. He became the same age as he would be if he never were a part of that mysterious flight. In the same episode, we get to sesTy Doran as older Cal for the first time. He is talking to his dying mother and telling her he loves her and knows what he needs to do now.


Ty Doran is a 25-year-old actor known for American Crime (2015) and Brushstrokes (2015). He also appeared in several other shows since then, but the role of Cal Stone is most likely the one he will be remembered most by.

Ty Doran’s version of Cal is more mature and gives more of a serious vibe to the show just by having an older actor in such an important role as Cal’s. However, just because Cal is now older and an adult physically, we still see that he is a sometimes scared and confused child on the inside because with everything happening to him, he didn’t get the chance to grow up gradually like most kids.


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In season 4, Cal mostly hides from the world and has to keep his identity hidden. He goes by the name Gabriel, and as far as the public is concerned, he runs away from home, and no one knows where he is. His family is trying to protect him, but it is in Cal’s nature to always follow his instincts, so keeping him in check is not thr easiest thing to do.

Ty Doran did a great job portraying Cal so far, and an older version of Cal was exactly what the show needed for the fourth season.

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