What Is The Divine Consciousness in Manifest? Explained


We know that Netflix renewed Manifest for the fourth and final season. So far, the season has been straightforward, and it tried to answer as many questions as possible quickly. Only a few episodes into the fourth season, we got the answer to the question we have been wondering since the first season, where were passengers for five and a half years? In that regard, we’ll explain what Divine Consciousness is in Manifest.

The meaning of the Divine Consciousness in Manifest is open to various interpretations. But, basically, it is a bright, peaceful place where the passengers of flight 828 have been for five and half years. Divine Consciousness can be interpreted as a form of ‘higher power’, or doings produced by God, who chose the passengers to save the world. And the passengers share the ‘callings’ because they are connected and share the awareness they developed through five and a half years spent in that Consciousness. 

Even though Manifest started with subtle signs of religious elements, it later became a wide mixture of religion, faith, mysticism, and symbols. And because of it, the show can be interpreted variously. The same goes for the interpretation of Divine Consciousness. I don’t know if the show will directly answer the question of Divine Consciousness, but let’s see what we know so far about it.

What symbols led to the discovery of ‘Divine Consciousness?’


The conclusion of Divine Consciousness started to unfold when the missing plane’s black box was retrieved. Every single ‘calling’ is captured in the black box of Flight 828. To understand it more, Saanvi and the Stones needed to know what happened during a flight in those few seconds where the ‘callings’ can be heard on the recording of the black box. That’s why Mick tricked the co-pilot of flight 828, captain Amuda, and got him to say his part of the story.

According to Amuda, those few seconds where the ‘callings’ are recorded were when all of them died. He explained that the lightning was everywhere, hitting them over and over, and then all the lightning combined into a massive ball of pure light in front of them. He thought that they flew right into it. He is sure that there is no way they could survive that.

Even though the experience he described sounded terrifying, he said that he had never felt calmer and more peaceful in his entire life. Amuda was sure that he and the pilot Daly were the only ones that saw it. But Cal had also seen the light and described it as ‘everything just made sense’ by looking at it. Amuda was still determining how Cal could see if the light was in front of the plane. And that is when they realized it was the bright light chasing the plane, not the other way around.

When Cal touched the tailfin, he disappeared. As it turned out, he went back into that same light and was back on flight 828. And that was the first glimpse of Divine Consciousness, even though the name was not appointed to it yet.


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As Cal recalled the messages given to him by Daly and Fiona on the plane, he realized that there were more things he needed to resolve. So, with the help of his sister, Olive, he starts unpacking and digging into gathered clues and signs they have so far. They combined various symbols and objects. The first symbol and the ‘calling’ was the peacock. Peacock was a symbol of resurrection and a mythological messenger for the Roman goddess Juno. The other signs were a petroglyph with the Gemini twins on it and a wooden dragon which is the symbol of the year 2024.

Those three signs pointed to June 02, 2024, also known as the passengers’ death date. The other objects in their collection: a compass with a peacock sign on it, Al-Zura’s journal, and the Silver Dragon, a.k.a. the plane, everything led them to the conclusion, but they could not figure out what does it all mean.

However, when Olive remembered that she still had a Star card with a peacock symbol, they started to connect everything more clearly. They realized it was no coincidence that many of the objects they found had the same star symbol. When Mick brought a blanket with the same star symbol, and something like a button on it, they figured out that the compass also had a similar button.

That is when Cal opened the compass and found the phrase ‘Divina Conscientia’ engraved in it. That’s Latin for Divine Consciousness.

What is The Divine Consciousness in Manifest?

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Upon the revelation of the phrase Divina Conscientia, Olive says that according to the tarot, a Star card represents enlightenment, meaning whoever had the card was automatically connected to Divine Consciousness. That is when Cal started seeing the glow coming from their gathered objects and realized that ‘everything is connected. Every ‘calling’ and every symbol eventually led to the conclusion – the passengers were in the glow for five and a half years, and that glow is the Divine Consciousness.

The passengers have been having ‘callings’ since they reappeared five and a half years later. The theory was that the ‘callings’ communicated with the Divine Consciousness. However, Olive and Cal think there could be another way to communicate with the Divine Consciousness because Eden is getting ‘callings’ even though she was born years later when the plane disappeared. As it turned out later, sapphires can be used to communicate with the Divine Consciousness.


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So, simply put, a divine consciousness can be described as a form of a higher power. What kind of higher power? Well, it depends on what you choose to believe it is. It could be God’s way of choosing the passengers to protect others, for example. Saanvi had a theory about Noa’s Ark before in the show, which could extend to it. However, a form of higher power could also be about faith in a greater good and the belief that higher forces out there are out of our control.

The show still needs to fine-tune the idea of divine Consciousness so we can get a clearer picture. What we know for now is that similar things have happened throughout history and the symbols and myths point that out. However, it is in human nature to explore and fear the unknown. So with the mixture of modern technology and mythical and supernatural, we’ll see whether we’ll get a direct and well-rounded conclusion.

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