Is Daredevil Disney+ Series a Reboot or a Sequel to Netflix’s Series?

daredevil netflix

The recent report that Marvel Studios is developing a new Daredevil series for Disney+ exploded all over social media and the internet in general. Ever since the first Daredevil series ended in 2018, many fans wanted and hoped that the series, or at least the titular character, will return in some way.

That wish was partially granted when the star Charlie Cox appeared in Spider-Man: No Way Home, and Kevin Feige confirmed that Cox will continue to play The Man Without Fear in the future of the MCU. Variety confirmed yesterday that a new Daredevil series with Cox is in development, but is that series connected to the first series that aired on Netflix. Is it a reboot or a sequel?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Daredevil series that Marvel Studios is developing for Disney+ will be “the first of the Netflix Marvel shows to get a new but continued series”, which means that the upcoming Daredevil series is something like a soft reboot, but it will acknowledge everything that happened in three seasons that aired on Netflix.

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The first Daredevil series debuted on Netflix in 2015, and after three seasons, it was canceled due to Disney taking back the rights for Marvel characters. Earlier this year, Daredevil and other Marvel shows on Netflix were taken down from a streamer, and they arrived on Disney+ two months later. Not much is known about the upcoming soft reboot, but we cannot wait for more info.

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