How Many Quirks Does Deku Have In My Hero Academia?

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When My Hero Academia began, what was clear from the very start was that the main character, Izuku Midoriya, did not have a quirk. However, thanks to the fateful encounter he had with the top hero in the world, All Might, he ended up inheriting his quirk due to his heroic personality. That was when he enrolled at UA High School, the elite school for heroes, and adapted the hero name Deku. So, how many quirks does Deku have in My Hero Academia?

Technically, Deku only has one quirk, which is One For All. However, due to the fact that One For All stockpiles energy from one inheritor to another, it was able to stockpile the quirks of the previous possessors of One For All. As such, he has access to six other abilities thanks to One For All.

Being able to acquire the powers of the previous users of One For All made Deku the one that could eventually end the villainy in the world because he not only has the stockpiled energy of One For All but also the quirks of his predecessors. Still, he has to learn how to use his new abilities. Now, let’s talk more about Deku and the quirks that he could use in My Hero Academia.

Does Deku Have A Quirk?

The world of My Hero Academia (MHA) is one where more and more people are born with special abilities called quirks. In the current MHA world, only around 20% of the world’s population are born without quirks. These are called quirkless, and the saddest part of the early portion of the storyline was the fact that Izuku Midoriya, the main protagonist of the series, was born without a quirk.

Midoriya always wanted to be a hero because he was inspired by the heroism of All Might, who is known as the greatest hero in the world and the symbol of peace in Japan. It was due to All Might’s influence on his childhood that made him want to be a hero—a dream that was shattered when he found out that he didn’t have a quirk.

Nevertheless, a fateful encounter with All Might, who saw Midoriya’s heroism, made him want to pass his powers on to the young boy. All Might could no longer sustain his quirk, One For All, for a long time because he got severely injured by a villain. He lost most of his respiratory organs, and that means that he struggled to use the powers of his quirk.

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The good news, however, was that All Might could pass his quirk to other people. That was when he chose Izuku Midoriya as the new inheritor of One For All. Of course, he had the boy undergo intense training to be able to use the quirk. It was the fact that he now had a quirk that allowed him to enroll at UA High School to fulfill his dream of becoming a hero and adopt the hero name “Deku,” which was a nickname that his childhood friend, Katsuki Bakugo, gave him.

How Many Quirks Does Deku Have In The Anime?

After Deku inherited One For All from All Might, technically speaking, he only has one quirk. However, thanks to that one quirk, Deku has the ability to use other quirks. And that goes back to the very nature of what One For All is.

one for all

It was revealed during the storyline that One For All began as a stockpiling power that was basically useless because it took time for it to stockpile enough energy to become a threat. This was given to Yoichi Shigaraki, the villainous All For One’s younger brother, so that he could hopefully convince him to change his mind about quirks.

But what All For One didn’t know was that his younger brother had an innate quirk that had the ability to allow the quirk itself to be given to other people through DNA ingestion. The stockpiling quirk combined with Yoishi’s innate quirk to become One For All, which could be passed down from one person to another while continuing to stockpile energy from the previous possessor to the next.


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Through One For All, the inheritors were able to steadily stockpile power from one generation to another. As such, when it reached All Might, the energy that had been stockpiled was enough to make All Might so incredibly strong that he became a massive threat to All For One’s underworld empire. And when it reached Midoriya, it was able to become perfect.

Along with the fact that One For All continued to stockpile power, it also combined with the quirks of the previous possessors and passed them down to other generations. However, the core of these quirks was not completely formed until One For All was passed down to Izuku Midoriya. As such, it was only Deku who manifested the ability to use the quirk of a previous owner.

In the anime, Deku not only displayed the stockpiled power of One For All, which gave him incredible strength, durability, and speed, but also the quirk of the fifth user of One For All. Deku used this for the first time in the joint training session between Classes 1-A and 1-B. He has yet to showcase the other quirks that One For All stockpiled. As such, in the anime, he currently has one quirk with three abilities.

How Many Quirks Does Deku Have In The Manga?

While Deku is yet to use the other quirks in the anime, he has used almost all of them in the manga. That’s because the manga’s current arc is far ahead of the anime. As such, Deku has already unlocked some of the quirks of the previous holders of One For All and even began training on how to use them properly.

Currently, Deku has access to four additional abilities on top of the three that he has already shown in the anime. This gives him a total of seven different abilities that fall under one single quirk called One For All. Meanwhile, the quirk of the second user of One For All is yet to be revealed because it was said that it should only be used as a last resort.

What Are Deku’s Quirks?

As mentioned, Izuku Midoriya only has one quirk but has different abilities that were stockpiled within this quirk. Here are those abilities:

  • Unnamed Transference Quirk – This is the quirk that Yoichi had innately. The quirk itself is the one that can be transferred. As such, it is useless on its own.
  • Unnamed Stockpiling Quirk – The stockpiling quirk was the one that All For One gave to Yoichi and fused with the transference quirk to become the first version of One For All. It is this quirk that allowed the users of One For All to possess incredible strength as it stockpiled energy.
  • Fa Jin – This is the quirk of the third user. It allows the user to build up stored kinetic energy so that they can move in explosive manners. 
  • Danger Sense – This is the quirk of the fourth user. It allows Midoriya to detect threats that are within the vicinity.
  • Blackwhip – This is the quirk of the fifth user. Other than the stockpiled energy, Blackwhip is the only other quirk that Deku has used so far in the anime, as this was the first hidden quirk that he unlocked. It allows him to manifest dark tendrils that can be used for grabbing things.
  • Smokescreen – This is the sixth user’s quirk. It allows Deku to create thick clouds of smoke that can block a person’s vision.
  • Float – This is the quirk of All Might’s mentor, Nana Shimura. It allows the user to basically float in the air.
  • Unknown Quirk – This is the quirk of the second user. Its abilities and name are yet to be revealed, but the only thing we know is that Deku has never used it because it should only be used as a last resort.
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