Is Denji a Devil, a Fiend, a Hybrid or a Human in Chainsaw Man?

Is Denji a Devil, a Fiend, a Hybrid or a Human in Chainsaw Man?

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Denji, whose last name is unknown, is the protagonist of the Chainsaw Man manga and anime. This quirky young man came back from the dead to become one of the most dreaded Hybrids in the series. Denji’s story is the focus of the manga and that makes Denji a great character to write about, which is what we are going to do here. In this article, you are going to find out whether Denji is a a Devil, a Fiend, a Hybrid or a Human in Chainsaw Man!

As expected from a shonen protagonist, Denji was a human, a Devil and is currently a Hybrid, being everything save for a Fiend in Chainsaw Man. He was born as a human and worked as a Devil Hunter until being fatally wounded by the Zombie Devil; Pochita then made a contract with him, turning him into a Hybrid. Later, he briefly became the Chainsaw Devil, but was able to turn back into his Hybrid form.

The rest of the article will give you some more information on Denji’s evolution as a character in the series, as well as answers to some important questions regarding Denji’s true nature and his overall role in the story of Chainsaw Man. The article is, of course, going to contain spoilers, so we just wanted to warn you.

Is Denji a Devil in Chainsaw Man?


Before we give you a precise answer, let us first explain what Devils in Chainsaw Man actually are. Devils are a race of supernatural creatures that appear all over the world. Devils are born in hell and each of them is born with a name that correlates with something that exists and is feared; they manifest according to the collective consciousness that surrounds their names. Devils that die in Hell reappear in the human world, and vice versa, Devils that die in the human world reappear in Hell, effectively making them immortal.

The main source of food for the Devils is the blood of humans as well as other Devils, and the series has repeatedly replied that Devils become much stronger by consuming blood, especially that of another Devil. Naturally, most are extremely hostile towards both humans and Devils, however, some are relatively friendly and feed by alternative means. A variant of the normal Devils are the Primal Devils and they are those that have names that embody the fears that are found naturally within the human psyche.

Althugh it happened for a short time only, Denji actually was a Devil in Chainsaw Man. He fully turned into the Chainsaw Devil after surrendering to Makima, thus losing all of his humanity and becoming a complete monster. Still, Denji never permanently became a Devil, so we cannot state that he is one, but rather that he was one for a short period of time. Luckily for him, he managed to turn back into his Hybrid form at one point.

Is Denji a Fiend in Chainsaw Man?

Before we give you a precise answer, let us first explain what FIends in Chainsaw Man actually are. Fiends are Devils that have possessed a person’s corpse as a last resort to survive. After becoming a Fiend, a Devil loses a significant portion of their supernatural powers as well as the ability to make contracts with humans. These can be properly identified due to their heads having different shapes.

Fiends have the personality of the Devils that took over their corpses, however, some Devils retain more of the original corpse’s brain than others, leading to their personalities blending. Fiends possess the supernatural abilities of their respective Devils, but to a lesser degree and some of them can temporarily transform into their original Devil forms. They can also restore their health by consuming blood, however, they cannot make contracts with Devils or humans either.

The only category that Denji never made it in – so far – is this one. Namely, Denji was never a Fiend in Chainsaw Man. He was a human, he was a Devil for a short time, and was – for the majority of the plot – the Hybrid Chainsaw Man. This happened because Pochita never possessed his corpse, but managed to make a contract with him moments before his death, which means that Denji avoided becoming a Fiend.


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Is Denji a Hybrid in Chainsaw Man?


Before we give you a precise answer, let us first explain what Hybrids in Chainsaw Man actually are. Hybrids (real name unknown) are humans who have the ability to take the form of a Devil and it happens very rarely that a human can merge with a Devil. Furthermore, the only known method of becoming a hybrid is through of a contract. Hybrids have human appearance and consciousness, but can transform into human-Devil hybrids and manifest the supernatural abilities of their respective fused Devils; they are indistinguishable from normal humans as opposed to Fiends, as long as they don’t transform into Devils.

Their strength, speed, and durability increase dramatically after the transformation and they also gain their respective Devil’s ability, furthermore, their transformation usually affects their heads and arms, but skilled hybrids can also transform their legs into weapons. They are capable of restoring their health by consuming blood, much like Devils and Fiends, however, their regenerative abilities are nearly limitless and they can revive if there is an adequate amount of blood to consume, even if their heads are cut off or their hearts removed from their bodies.

Denji is actually a Hybrid for the most part of the plot. He was a human before and a full Devil only for a short time. Denji actually became a Hybrid after Pochita merged with him and replaced his heart, moments after the Zombie Devil incident. By making a contract with Pochita, Denji finally became a Hybrid, thus transforming into the Chainsaw Man.

Is Denji a human in Chainsaw Man?


As far as humans in Chainsaw Man go, there is nothing special we can add to the equation – they are regular human beings and are treated as such. There is really nothing special about humans, save for the fact that their fears are the source of a Devil’s powers and that they can be hosts to various Fiends and Hybrids.

Denji was born a human and he lived as a human his whole life. He was an illegal Demon Hunter for some time before being killed by the Zombie Devil; this is when Pochita turned him into a Hybrid by replacing his heart, which turned him into Chainsaw Man. Be that as it may, Denji was, indeed, a human for 16 years, which is why we could actually label him as a human in our analysis.

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