Is Pochita Dead in Chainsaw Man? Here’s What Happened

is pochita dead

The Chainsaw Man universe flaunts a massive spread of fascinating characters, from bombshell devils to teenagers with sinister abilities and motives. Pochita has been seen as one of the most adorable yet perplexing characters in Chainsaw Man so far, but the events that have transpired have left many anime fans wondering if Pochita is dead in Chainsaw Man.

Pochita is not dead in Chainsaw Man, although he sacrificed his individual form in order to save Denji from a violent attack. Pochita became one with Denji, taking over his body and becoming his heart, ultimately creating the Chainsaw Man fans know and love. However, it was confirmed that Pochita can still subconsciously communicate with Denji, meaning he is still very much alive.

Despite the fact that Pochita is not exactly alive and well in its typical form, this devilish being is still around and active in the Chainsaw Man storyline. Stick around to find out everything you need to know about Pochita, why this creature is not dead, as well as what exactly happened to Pochita in Chainsaw Man.

Pochita & Denji in Chainsaw Man

Fans quickly fell in love with Pochita upon the Chainsaw Man characters‘ introductions and premise, and there’s really no question as to why – this creature, although it’s a devil, is undeniably adorable! Pochita, with the appearance of an orange, friendly, and loveable pup (although with a chainsaw sticking out of its head), made its debut when meeting Denji for the first time.

denji pochita 2

Pochita is introduced as Denji’s faithfully fluffy and semi-metallic companion, who has been acting as a sidekick to Denji throughout all his adventures as a devil hunter – his primary job as he was searching for food and a reasonable income. Denji and Pochita take on odd jobs here and there as a tag team, hoping to earn enough money to get by, and also to help pay off Denji’s father’s debt.

Life was really tough for the two when we were first introduced to Pochita, as they barely made enough money to get food. They were shown to have only been eating about a slice of bread per day due to having such a low income. However, it was also primarily due to Denji giving so much of himself to help his father pay off the debt – going so far as to sell some of his body parts just to lessen the burden.


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But, despite all of Denji’s efforts to help his father, the debt still weighed heavily on the two companions. Pochita was shown to be an incredibly faithful and loyal friend to Denji through thick and thin, and they kept each other warm in their cold run-down house each night. Many believe this was only due to Pochita being in debt to Denji for rescuing him, but it appears that Pochita does genuinely have a bond stronger than one might expect – dogs are man’s best friends after all.

Pochita’s Forms & Abilities

Fans also get a glimpse into the background and origins of Pochita in the same episode, and it appears that Denji had rescued the little creature who had been suffering from an injury at the time. Although, this helping hand came at a cost since Denji allowed Pochita to drink his blood in order to regain some strength – creating a bond that is essentially unbreakable, and bonding the two together no matter what.


As it turns out, Pochita is in fact the Chainsaw Devil, who embodies the manifestation and fear of chainsaws – and is feared by some of the strongest devils in Chainsaw Man. Pochita’s true appearance is not as cute and cuddly as its pup-like form, which is actually the weakened form. Pochita’s true form flaunts a menacing build and snarling teeth, topped with a bunch of protruding chainsaws that are similar to what we now know as Denji in “Chainsaw Man” form.

While Pochita is still quite handy in dog form, being able to be used as a melee weapon of sorts, he is pretty weak on his own. On the other hand, Pochita’s full form is insanely powerful and brutish – capable of completely obliterating pretty much any devil in existence.

chainsaw devil

Pochita also has a hybrid form as well, a human with two legs, four chainsaw arms, and a chainsaw on its head (plus some gnarly intestines wrapped around its neck). If the contract between Denji and Pochita were ever broken, or if Denji was unconscious in a dire situation, Pochita would be allowed to take over Denji’s body and transform into the Chainsaw Devil.

Is Pochita Dead in Chainsaw Man?

Pochita’s existence in the Chainsaw Man saga seems to have started and ended in the very same episode – with many fans wondering if Pochita is actually dead. Pochita, being in its little puppy form, ends up saving Denji after he was violently attacked and slashed by Devils.


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This was certainly necessary, as Denji was not only attacked but was also cut into pieces after he was captured by the Zombie Devil. When Denji was about to die, Pochita remembered a conversation they had previously, where Denji stated that Pochita could eat the remains of his body if he were to ever die, considering Denji was already on the road to death due to a heart illness that was passed down from his mother.

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Based on the abovementioned contract terms, Pochita was allowed to enter and take over Denji’s heart – ultimately saving Denji and creating the Chainsaw Man that we know and love. Denji retains some of Pochita’s classic Devil abilities in this new form, including self-healing (provided that he consumes blood), intense body durability making him capable of sustaining huge explosions and attacks, as well as extreme physical speed and brute strength. And, he does get the chance to slaughter the zombies soon after the transformation.

What Happened to Pochita?

Much like with other devils in the Chainsaw Man universe, the rules of Pochita taking over Denji’s body also apply. However, the idea of Pochita simply vanishing has led fans to believe that the creature is dead, and Denji has simply taken the devil’s powers. It seemed as if Pochita had simply sacrificed itself to save Denji, especially since Pochita showed extreme devotion to Denji, eager to hear more about his dreams and help Denji fulfill them.

denji pochita 1

That being said, things are pretty complicated in Chainsaw Man considering all of the unique powers and abilities that devils have – such as how Makima was killed and resurrected in the form of a young girl. So, there’s more than enough room to suggest that Pochita is still around in a more supernatural sense.

Pochita is actually still very much alive and well, although he is unseen. Toward the end of the Public Safety Arc in the Chainsaw Man manga, the creators confirmed that Pochita is able to get in touch with Denji through subconscious communication, which indicates that the Chainsaw Devil has only altered its physical shape in order to become one with Denji, and is now consciously taking the role of as Denji’s heart.

pochita denji heart

Although fans may have been incredibly concerned at the thought of this cuddly and faithful pooch being killed off, Pochita is actually doing just fine – possibly far better than he was in his weakened state. While fans may not connect with Pochita in its cutest and most adorable physical state, the Devil is still very much alive and well.

That’s all there is to know about Pochita and what happened to him in Chainsaw Man, with all images thanks to the Chainsaw Man Wiki and We Got This Covered. Pochita may no longer be hitting fans’ screens with that adorable puppy face and bright-eyed smile, but he is still helping Denji on various missions as he was when we first met him.

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