How Old Is Denji in Chainsaw Man?

How Old Is Denji in Chainsaw Man?

Denji, whose last name is unknown, is the protagonist of the Chainsaw Man manga and anime. This quirky young man came back from the dead to become one of the most dreaded Hybrids in the series. Now, Denji’s story is still evolving, seeing how the Chainsaw Man manga is still ongoing, but that won’t stop us from discussing his story here. In this article, we are going to reveal just how old Denji is in the Chainsaw Man manga and anime, from its start to finish.

We know that Denji was 16 when the story of Chainsaw Man began. Now, as the story evolved, he grew older and since Chapter 79, he has been 17 years old. So, from Chapter 1 to Chapter 79, Denji was 16 years old on the pages of Chainsaw Man. As of Chapter 80, Denji has been 17 years old and that is his current age in the series.

The rest of the article will give you some more information on Denji’s evolution as a character in the series, as well as answers to some important questions regarding Denji’s age at some of the most important moments in his life. The article is, of course, going to contain spoilers, so we just wanted to warn you.

How old is Denji in Chainsaw Man?

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Denji’s age in Chainsaw Man: 16-17 years old

When we first meet Denji, he is 16 years old. This has been officially confirmed in the series. He remains 16 from Chapters 1 through 79, after which he turns 17 and is currently 17 years old in the manga. So, what happened to Denji during that period?

At the beginning of the series, Denji is forced to do odd jobs and kill Devils for the Yakuza to pay off his late mother’s medical bill debt that his father failed to pay before taking his own life. His best friend is a Devil dog named Pochita who Denji saved by giving the injured Devil some of his blood to heal, forming a contract with the Devil.

When the Yakuza betrays Denji and sacrifices him to his master, the Zombie Fiend, Pochita becomes Denji’s heart and revives him as the Chainsaw Devil, as he wanted to continue seeing Denji’s dreams; to then defeat the Zombie Devil and his zombie army. Denji, meeting Makima, gives him two options: kill him as a Devil or keep him as a human, but feed him as his pet; just knowing that they will feed him, Denji chooses this last option.

Denji realizes that he is in love with Makima with the slightest kindness that she gave him; After stopping to eat noodles and a civilian approaches to ask for help to save his daughter from a Devil, Makima orders Denji to take care of the matter, because if she doesn’t he will kill him. Denji, after running into the forest, realizes that Makima is crazy and regrets falling in love with her by treating him like a dog; At that moment, he finds the lord’s daughter and the Devil playing together, to which Denji asks them to flee.

However, the Muscle Devil was controlling the girl in order to trick and kill Denji, but Denji transforms and manages to kill the Devil and save the girl. After returning to Makima, Denji tells him how he became what he is, to which Makima confesses that his condition is not unknown but with a little history, in addition to confirming that he can smell Pochita inside his heart, so Denji is overjoyed to hear that.

Arriving at the Tokyo Devil Hunter Headquarters, Makima hands Denji his uniform and introduces him to his new co-worker, Aki Hayakawa, lamenting that he cannot work with Makima. Aki, annoyed by Denji’s romantic interest in Makima, hits him to convince him to leave his job; Denji, in response, punches Aki repeatedly in the testicles, ending up fighting the two.


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Returning to headquarters, Makima assigns Denji to Aki’s brigade, and he can be killed if he doesn’t follow orders; Denji goes to live in Aki’s apartment despite Aki’s refusal. Days later, Denji and Aki are called in for their first mission together to take on a Devil man, with the end result being that Denji chops off the Devil man’s head with an ax so he doesn’t stain the porn magazines and can take them away. with him.

After that moment, Denji begins to question if there is something more that he wanted to fulfill, to realize that his objective and motive are the tits. To end the day, Makima introduces Denji and Aki to her new co-worker, Power, a Devil woman, and Denji is charmed by her upon realizing that she has boobs.

While on patrol with Power, Power gets into a lot of trouble due to her impulsive attitude towards combat, causing him a lot of trouble as well. Sometime later, Power tells him how she had a cat that was kidnapped by a Bat Devil which keeps it captive, and Denji agrees to help her on the condition that she let him touch her breasts.

However, Power betrays Denji and she offers him as trade between him and Nyako before the Devil, to later take her blood in order to recover and eat people. Denji, after seeing how the Bat Devil ate Power, enters into a fierce battle against him in which he ends up defeating the Devil, only to be attacked later by a Leech Devil, a partner of the Bat Devil, to which he cannot cope because he lost a lot of blood.

As he was about to be devoured, Aki appears with the rest of the division to save them. Once recovered, Power moves in with them and allows Denji to touch her breasts as a reward for saving Nyako, but Denji is left a little unsatisfied. As Denji’s joy at the experience slowly turns to melancholy, Makima tells him that if he manages to kill the Gun Devil, she will grant him any wish.

To find it, the Public Security Division has to collect pieces of the Gun Devil meat given to other Devils. During her victory celebration, her partner Himeno meets Denji before vomiting in her mouth during her first kiss and then offers to sleep with him, rejecting her but becoming friends with her. Denji along with Aki, Power, and Himeno are eating in a restaurant, the group hears a loud noise but they just ignore it.

A stranger next door starts talking about the poor quality of the ramen, Denji tells him that it tastes good to him, and the man comments that they have bad taste and starts talking about his yakuza grandfather proceeding to show a picture of him next to the ramen. Mob leader, Denji immediately recognizes him as the man tells him that the Gun Devil wants his heart and shoots Denji in the head.

Denji is knocked unconscious as a battle between Aki and the Katana Man rages. The Phantom Devil manages to pull Denji’s rope turning him into Chainsaw Man, Denji tells Katana Man that he loves bad guys since when they die no one will miss them proceeding to jump on Katana Man. As Denji and Katana Man fight, two backup agents arrive and start shooting at Denji.

Though he is shot at, he is able to take them both down, and takes one hostage. Enraged, Katana Man slashes through both of them, slicing them in half at a speed Denji couldn’t register. They pick up Denji’s half and escape. While carrying Denji’s half, several mercenaries are crushed to death by Makima’s unknown ability.


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As Katana Man and Akane Sawatari try to process what happened, Kobeni arrives and quickly incapacitates Katana Man as he uses Denji’s metal head as a shield to block Akane’s shots, letting them both escape. Kobeni apologizes to Denji for trying to kill him earlier. Denji and Power are in the hospital while Aki is recovering, they both get into an argument over an apple and leave because Makima summoned them.

Denji turned to retrieve the sleeve from him but notices that Aki is crying. Denji walks away, before suddenly realizing that despite his attachment to Himeno, his death has made him feel no real sadness, he finds himself thinking that even if Aki, Power, or even Makima died he wouldn’t feel too sad. He wonders if giving his heart to the Devil has really robbed him of his humanity.

Denji decides to stop thinking about such depressing things and leaves with Power. Denji and Power arrive with Makima and she introduces them to Kishibe, who immediately starts intense training for them. Kishibe looks for Power and Denji to be able to defeat him, since he is the strongest Devil hunter, and he will not stop killing them until they succeed.

In order to defeat Kishibe, Power and Denji initiate the “Super-Genius Strategy”, which consisted of an elaborate plan to attack Kishibe once he arrived at the apartment, through strategically placed Power blood spears and a direct attack. by Denji, trying to catch him off guard; but even so, it all ended with an anemic Power and a Denji with a knife to the head.

After a while Denji and Power manage to scratch Kishibe, who tells them their training will become weekly and incidentally tells them that tomorrow they will attack Katana Man’s lair and Akane Sawatari will be the debut of the “New 4th Division” and in case of If they fail, he will be forced to kill them. Denji cheerfully comments that if they were to fight, he would spare Kishibe as thanks for making him stronger and bringing him closer to dating Makima.

Denji, already inside Katana Man’s lair, is going up the elevator with Power and Power criticizes him that it is wrong to eat zombie meat and that it is not the same as animal meat. The duo part ways and Denji meets up with Katana Man along with a couple of agents. Katana Man asks him to pause so he can ask some questions.

He explains to him the group’s desire to receive compensation for the old man’s death, and Denji explains in frustration that the old man was zombified when he killed him. Katana asks if Denji didn’t really feel anything killing the zombies, reminding her that they were human before, Denji repeats that he didn’t feel anything.

Katana then reveals that despite giving his heart to the Devil he still feels guilt for killing zombies, explaining that Denji is the only mindless hybrid of human consciousness. He asks Denji to accept death as a form of mercy killing, but Denji casually replies that he “doesn’t want to”. An irritated Katana Man transforms.

The two, now transformed, burst through a wall together and begin to fall into the streets below, swords clashing in combat. Denji falls on top of a train and Katana falls on top of him breaking the roof of the train. A rush of passengers flee, Denji notices that one of the remaining passengers, an injured young woman, is lying on the ground.

When the Katana Man launches an attack, Denji blocks it, protecting the woman but losing an arm. Katana Man attacks again, cutting off Denji’s other arm. He demands that since Denji can no longer fight, he apologize for killing the old man and accept death. Denji refuses, stating that as long as he has the chainsaw to his head, he can keep fighting.

The two collide again, but the impact causes Denji’s head saw blade to break. Katana Man again demands an apology in exchange for a quick death, however Denji reveals that Katana Man was so distracted that he didn’t notice being cut in half by Denji. Denji repeats Kishibe’s words to him: “Prey must never trust what a hunter says.”


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Denji catches Katana Man by leaving him tied up with some ropes, Denji is surprised by his quick regeneration. Katana Man starts insulting and threatening him, Denji calls him a loser and can’t accept the fact that he killed such a pretty girl like Himeno realizing that he is still not satisfied with his revenge. Just then Aki arrives, and Denji tells her that he is planning a “tournament” as revenge.

Denji asks Aki if he would like to participate in the tournament since he was the one who shot Himeno. He then reveals the rules of his “tournament”: Take turns kicking Katana Man in the balls, and whoever manages to make him scream the loudest before the police arrive will be crowned the winner. Aki is very hesitant to participate since that’s not your job.

However, after looking at the cigarette the Ghost Fiend gave him, he asks for the reward for the winner, Denji replies that they will keep what is left of his testicles. Denji and Aki enthusiastically begin punching him in the testicles as Katana Man agonizes with pain. Makima checks on Power and it seems that she took a lot of blood during the battle against the zombies, Makima asks Denji if she can take her, and Denji agrees.

In return, Makima brought him Beam who was very much looking forward to seeing Denji as well as obeying everything he said. Makima notices that Denji is in a bad mood so he asks him out on a date tomorrow. Denji eagerly awaits his arrival, which comes several hours earlier. Makima shows up and reveals that they are having a movie marathon at a local movie theater, non-stop until midnight.

During the first movie, Denji notices that he is not laughing with the rest of the audience. Looking at Makima, he sees that she is not laughing either. The pair attend the next movie, and Denji again notes that he and Makima are the only ones who don’t react to the movie. This cycle continues throughout the day, and Denji grows increasingly bored.

Before entering the final movie, Denji comments that none of the movies have hit him, commenting that he maybe “just doesn’t like movies”. Makima replies that she feels the same way, but the few he reacted to “changed her life.” While watching the next movie, Denji is shocked to see him cry at a seemingly “trivial” scene.

Looking at Makima, he sees that she is also crying silently. The two leave the theater in good spirits, talking about how they enjoyed the latest movie. Denji asks Makima if he thinks he has a heart. In response, she leans in and listens to his heartbeat, before telling him that she does. She smiles and walks away from her, leaving a blushing Denji in the middle of the street.

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