Who Does Denji End Up with in Chainsaw Man? Explained

who does denji end up with

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Although Chainsaw Man is mainly focused on insane abilities and violent battles, there is a range of characters with rather complex relationships. Being the main star of this incredible anime series, Denji’s relationships have piqued the interest of fans, leaving many wondering who Denji ends up with in Chainsaw Man.

Considering how many things have gone wrong in Denji’s love life, Kobeni seems to be the most likely candidate. However, this is primarily because she still has her memories and is still alive. Some Chainsaw Man fans believe that a new love interest may even be introduced since the series is still ongoing.

While there certainly isn’t a ton of romance in Chainsaw Man, there are shreds of evidence that indicate who this iconic anime character might end up with in the future. Stick around to find out everything you need to know about Denji’s love interests in Chainsaw Man, as well as who he is most likely to end up with toward the end of the Chainsaw Man storyline.

Denji’s Love Interests in Chainsaw Man

The Chainsaw Man series is not exactly a romantic anime, but the storyline does touch on quite a few aspects regarding Denji’s personal life, including his desire for love. He had not been shown care since he was young, and it’s made quite clear that Denji longs for someone who will accept him and love him – in a romantic way or otherwise.

DenjiCSM 1

Denji may be a pretty simple guy, but he is seen as a ladies’ man in Chainsaw Man. After gaining his new identity as Chainsaw Man, Denji began attracting the attention and adoration of many young women in the Chainsaw Man universe, meaning that there are plenty of characters who may become his partner in the future.

With all that being said, some of these potential love interests have far more room for growth than others. Below are all of Denji’s love interests in Chainsaw Man, with images thanks to the Chainsaw Man Wiki and Anime Mentor.


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Denji and Makima 

Makima has been seen as Denji’s main love interest for ages, with him even stating that he wished to be a mindless dog to her. However, Makima may have always been more of a coping mechanism for Denji, as he’d rather choose to not be hurt by losing the things and people he loved – particularly at the hands of Makima herself.


Denji shows Makima love no matter what, as she is the only one who’s shown affection despite killing many of his best friends. Makima gave Denji everything he wanted, in her own twisted way, including a home, a job, and a family – everything except real love.


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However, her care was always for Chainsaw Man, and she never really cared much about Denji. This proved vital in her defeat, as Denji eventually killed Makima by eating her body (which was technically becoming one with her instead of attacking her, thus bypassing the contract given by the Prime Minister of Japan).

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But, he still cares for her, now looking after her dogs and her reincarnation, Nayuta. Pochita had told Denji the Control Devil’s dream was to develop equal relationships with others, so Denji dedicated himself to raising Nayuta with love.

Denji and Himeno

The Tokyo Special Division 4’s mission to kill the Eternity Devil proved to be the very first-time Denji and Himeno would cross paths, after which they developed a rather complex relationship. Himeno promised to French kiss Denji if he successfully defeated the Eternity Devil.


However, the moment wasn’t as romantic as one might have expected, as seen when the group gathers in a bar to celebrate and become more familiar with each other. Himeno gets drunk and snatches Denji’s first kiss, but she pukes right in the middle of it.

denji himeno

With that being said, many Chainsaw Man fans believe that Himeno actually had her eyes set on Aki, offering Denji friendship in order to help each other’s love lives. However, things do get heated between the two in other cases as well – she even invites Denji to take the next step with her at her house.

Although, the moment was ruined when the lollipop that Makima gave Denji fell – but we still don’t know if Denji might have accepted the invite. In any case, the two never got the chance since Himeno was eventually killed off in the series.


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Denji and Power 

Power and Denji started off their journey as partners, and they became quite close the more time they spent with each other. They regarded each other as best friends, with Makima seeing her as Denji’s younger sister.


Denji bathed her, slept beside her, comforted her, and fed her after she was traumatized during the Darkness Devil arc, passing up the chance to go with Makima on vacation. There were plenty of chances to take things a step further, and the two have only shown a sibling-like relationship.

But, Power betrayed Denji by offering him as a human sacrifice to the Bat Devil – in order to reclaim her pet cat! She was killed by Makima, which was incredibly traumatic for Denji – it’s pretty clear he did truly love Power. Even if Power were to make a return, it’s unlikely the two would develop a romantic relationship.

Denji and Kobeni 

The Tokyo Special Division 4 team entrusted Denji and Kobeni with destroying the Eternity Devil, and Kobeni first tried to kill Denji to get out of the Eternity Devil’s trap. But, Kobeni quickly began feeling guilty after they successfully defeated the devil, instead choosing to help Denji as much as possible.


But, after a series of events that placed her in danger repeatedly, Kobeni decided to resign from her job as a public safety demon hunter. Kobeni did enter a rather complex situation since Chainsaw Man forced her to play the role of his temporary girlfriend. Denji and Kobeni share their concerns when he’s in human form, so there are still tons of questions surrounding their status.

Denji and Reze 

The two first met by means of a classic anime romantic encounter – it was raining, and Reze had to intrude on Denji’s personal space in a phone booth. Reze invited Denji to the café where she works, hoping that the two could have a casual coffee date.


Denji accepted her request since he did think she was nice and had nothing else to do, after which they became pretty close – spending tons of time together, getting comfortable, and even sharing private information. Denji showed a ton of interest in Reze, and he was willing to completely abandon everything and run away with Reze.


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However, in an unfortunate turn of events, Reze had a much more sinister plan up her sleeve – making that ‘classic romantic encounter’ quite suspicious in hindsight. Reze, who turns out to be the Bomb Devil, lured Denji and attempted his murder as she desires his hybrid heart, after which she was killed by Makima.

Who Does Denji End Up With in Chainsaw Man?

Considering how many things have gone wrong in Denji’s romantic relationships, Kobeni seems to be the most likely candidate. However, this is mainly due to the fact that she still has her memories and is still alive – there is no solid evidence that points to her being ‘the one”.

However, some Chainsaw Man fans believe there may be a new love interest on the way – primarily in the form of a complex arch-enemy. Asa has been recently introduced to the mix, with pure hatred for Chainsaw Man. The rivalry has shifted in Chainsaw Man before, so some fans believe Asa might be the unexpected and plot-twisting love interest we’ve been hoping for – only time will tell!

chainsaw man part 2 asa mitaka hombre motosierra.jpg 242310155

As of now, Denji has not ended up with anyone, although there have been quite a few romantic flings that haven’t ended too well. However, the Chainsaw Man manga is still ongoing, meaning there’s still time for Denji to end up with an awesome Chainsaw Man character and get the happy ending he’s always wanted.

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