Is Denki Really Dead in Boruto? (& What Happened to Him?)

Is Denki Really Dead in Boruto? (& What Happened to Him?)

Denki Kaminarimon is a chūnin from Konohagakure, best-known as the heir to the Kaminarimon Company. He is also a member of Team 5. Denki is one of those fan-favorite secondary characters from Boruto; Naruto also had a lot of these, but the ones in Boruto are quite interesting. Denki has a good story behind him and that is why fans are worried about his fate after the recent events in the Boruto anime. In this article, we are going to tell you whether Denki is really dead in Boruto and what actually happened to him.

As far as it is known at this moment, Denki is not dead in Boruto, only captured. Denki and Iwabee have been captured by the Funato pirates and are currently in their custody, with their fates unknown. Still, since it’s quite unusual for major secondary characters to die off-screen, it is presumed that both Denki and Iwabee are alive at this point.

The rest of the article is going to be dedicated solely to Denki Kaminarimon and his fate in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. You’re going to find out whether Denki actually died, what happened to him, and when the events we are talking about actually took place. Denki Kaminarimon is a character with a great story, which is why the events surrounding his death are certainly of interest to fans. Beware, this article is going to be full of spoilers.

Is Denki really dead in Boruto?

Officially, Denki’s fate in Boruto is, as of this moment, unknown, but we highly doubt that he is dead at this moment. There is not much to tell, really, at this moment. We know that Denki and Iwabee have been caught and imprisoned by the Funato pirates, but not much has been revealed as of this moment. Still, the fact is that Boruto‘s characters – and anime characters in general – rarely die off-screen; in fact, there is an unofficial rule that if you do not see an anime character die (explicitly), they are most likely not dead and are going to come back at some point. This is not always true, but it is in the vast majority of cases.

This is why we do not think that Denki is actually dead. His uncertain fate is a cliffhanger (or clickbait, however you want to look at it), but we don’t really think that they would simply kill Denki off-screen like that. What will happen later – we do not know, but we’re almost certain that Denki is currently alive.

What happened to Denki in Boruto?

So, if he’s not dead, whatever happened to Denki in the first place? In this section, we are going to give you a detailed overview of the events that have led to Denki being captured and fans worrying about his and Iwabee’s fate.

Denki and his team were given their first B-rank mission, tasked with delivering brand new automated puppets to help with gold mining on Dotō Island in the Land of Water. They were also tweaking the setting of the puppets until their creators met up with them. Denki spent the night before the mission and the trip to the island learning about the puppets’ abilities and the geological structure of the island complex.

On the island, during the installation of the dolls, bandits showed up among the miners, stole gold, and locked everyone up. Thanks to his research, Denki used the dolls to dig an exit without collapsing the mine. He recalled Katasuke’s words about coping with the situation and used the puppets to track the bandits through the stolen gold and prevent them from escaping.

The mining chief praised his performance. Later, the Funato Clan attacked the island and captured all of its inhabitants and the Konoha Search Party. Team 5 had to retreat and wait for an action of opportunity. With the help of her doll, Denki was able to lead Sarada and Mitsuki, who had already been on a mission to help Team 5, to them.

They caught up and devised a plan to rescue the hostages, with Team 5 being tasked to secure a ship for their escape. Denki knocked out the guards in the control room with a smoke flash bomb, but struggled to short out the ship and successfully used his Lightning Release. On the way back to the rendezvous with Kagura and the others, Iwabee warned them of a huge chakra cannon from the enemy fortress ship.

Denki steered the ship to avoid the first shot. However, Kagura’s team saved all of them after sending the chakra cannon back to the fortress. After Team 5 retrieved Kagura and the others, they were horrified to see the New Seven Ninja Swordsmen members. However, Sarada assured them that they were now technically allies before they all returned to Kirigakure.

The next morning, it was discovered that Taiki had been killed. Suspicion immeditately fell on Kyohō, who was found cleaning up Kabutowari’s blood and had recently gone through a rage he couldn’t remember. He claimed his innocence. Denki teamed up with Kawaki to search the ship. A witness came out with a scathing testimony, but Kawaki noticed inconsistencies and, having already been suspicious of how quickly news of the murder had spread, faked Kyohō’s death to set a trap.

This exposed Kobasoza, who was then chased into the engine room, where he committed suicide by damaging the ship’s engine. Despite all efforts, Denki was unable to fix it. Eventually, they were found by the master shipbuilder Kajiki. He commended Denki’s ability to keep the ship running for so long, much to his delight. Unable to repair the engine as well, Kajiki decoded to tow the ship back to port for proper repairs.

While in the port, Denki really wanted to help with repairs, since he wanted to know as much as possible about it, in case the ship ran into any further problems in the future. Halfway through, they learned that Kajiki’s apprentice, Ikada, had neglected to stock up on a crucial part of the engine. Boruto was then sent with Ikada to get it, while Denki continued to help with any other available repairs and served food to the islanders.

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Later during the night, the Funato clan attacked the island and used leeches to control various people. Denki acted quickly and saved himself and his teammates by treating them with bug spray. As Metal focused on more controlled citizens, Denki joined Iwabee in protecting the repaired ship. By morning Funato’s attack had been foiled, and Denki and Kagura retrieved an encrypted message from which one of the fights occurred.

Denki struggled to decipher the message with Sarada and Kagura until Iwabee made an origami-related comment that inspired Kagura to fold the paper and reveal its contents. The Funato wanted to use the sea battle as a distraction for a sneak attack on Kirigakure when most of their forces had been gone.

Kagura took them to her childhood village, which was on the route the Funato took, hoping to intercept them. Denki was assigned to help destroy the villages to lead the Funato into a ravine, which caused problems for them. The day after, Denki and Iwabee spied on the Funato when they reached the destroyed bridges. Seeing that the scouts had been sent ahead, the two rushed to the village to warn everyone.

Since there was nothing suspicious in the village, they had to trick the scouts and started evacuating the villagers. One of them had a baby who started crying, but Denki covered up the sound by making it sound like a cat. Team 5 was sent to defend the village after setting traps in the ravine, but rushed in after being alerted to complications by a snake sent by Mitsuki.

They arrived just in time to fend off Funamushi’s attack with a landslide. All retreated to the village, where non-combatants were evacuated, and water sources were blocked to deter Funamushi’s jutsu. When the Funato arrived, Denki fought them. Undeterred, Funamushi drained the blood of his own men to use his jutsu.

As Kagura was weakened, cutting off Funamushi’s attack, he was taken hostage by Funamushi, which caused everyone to drop their weapons. Everyone watched in shock as he stabbed Kagura in the chest. Angry with Funamushi, everyone retaliated. With his water release, he first knocked them back, but Boruto activated his kāma and landed a Rasengan, triggering a Funato retreat.

Kagura’s injury was too bad, and he died after begging all of them to protect the village. After Kagura’s burial, everyone agreed to follow Sarada’s orders, who decided to wait for the village as Funamushi would surely return and still wanted revenge, choosing to respect Kagura’s last wish. As they recovered from the attack, they discovered that the food storage facility had been destroyed, so Team 5 volunteered to scavenge for food, allowing them to capture and capture the Funato movement near the Report village.

However, it wasn’t much, and the village had to ration food. The villagers give up food so the shinobi have a better chance of defending them, but they let the villagers eat instead. Some children told Kawaki about fruit trees beyond the mountains, leading Denki and Iwabee there. When they arrived, they encountered several members of the Funato clan who outnumbered them and captured them.

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