Is Hyoma Chigiri a Girl in Blue Lock? (& Why Does He Look Like One)

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Blue Lock is one of the most popular sports manga today and is currently being adapted into an anime as exciting as the original material. It follows a grand journey where many characters are competing to become the world’s strongest striker. One of these characters is someone called Hyoma Chigiri, and many fans are actually confused if Chigiri is supposed to be a girl in Blue Lock and, if not, why does he look like one?

Hyoma Chigiri from Blue Lock is not a girl and is confirmed to be a man. Only male characters are participating in the Blue Lock project in the series. Hyoma Chigiri is sometimes seen as a girl because of his signature long hair, which gives him a look that many people think belongs to females.

Even though Chigiri is, in fact, not a girl, it might be worth taking a deep dive into his character to fully understand who Hyoma Chigiri is and what his role is in Blue Lock.

Who Is Hyoma Chigiri from Blue Lock?

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A leg injury once held Hyoma Chigiri back, but while at Blue Lock, he overcame his worries and was able to play football with all of his heart. Chigiri was a member of Team Z when he initially arrived at Blue Lock. Chigiri spent the majority of the First Selection avoiding or limiting his participation, but after being inspired by the main character Isagi in Team Z’s third match, he made the decision to overcome his fear and play football in an effort to catch up to his opponents and become the finest striker in the world.

Chigiri has always believed that he is better than everyone else because he has naturally strong muscles, incredible soccer skills, and exceptional speed. Although he was primarily modest, he once looked down on anybody that appeared before him or bothered him. His feeling of superiority doesn’t begin to wane until after he tore his ACL, and as a result of the Wanima Brothers’ harassment, he developed a deep-seated fear of playing soccer. His fear of never playing soccer again causes him to prefer finding an excuse to give up to sticking with his passion.

Chigiri has proven to be a relentless and obstinate force when it comes to regaining control of his pride and ambition. He constantly aspires to make an influence on the field, which makes other players take notice of him and recognize his talent. Being a player who is continuously racing through confined places, between opponents, and even transitioning from passing to dribbling, Chigiri is demonstrated to have excellent focus. When Chigiri is motivated by Isagi and rediscovers his desire to play and win, he finally overcomes his fear and starts to play like the player he was in middle school, declaring he will one day be the best striker in the world. Chigiri acknowledges that he finds great joy in outpacing players with his speed.

Is Hyoma Chigiri a Girl?

Despite what many people initially think, no, Hyoma Chigiri is not a girl. Even though he has some female aspects to his appearance, Chigiri is indeed a man since he is treated as one and only guys were invited to participate in the Blue Lock project.


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Why Do People Think Hyoma Chigiri Is A Girl?

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Chigiri is a young man that has deep pink eyes and hair that is reddish pink. Chigiri has had a highly feminine face his entire life, as evidenced by his long lashes and gentle facial features. Because of his feminine appearance and ninja-like agility, he is frequently referred to as “Princess.” He shares a striking resemblance with his sister and mother. Before letting it grow to shoulder height sometime after starting high school, Chigiri’s hair was usually only neck long. With one lengthy bang that reaches the right part of his face, Chigiri’s hair extends past his shoulders. He often braids one side of his hair during games to keep it out of his face.

All these characteristics that Chigiri has are often described as female-looking, so many fans were actually confused and thought Chigiri could actually be a girl.

How Powerful Is Hyoma Chigiri?

Hyoma Chigiri’s ability resides in his legs since he is famous for his incredible speed, and that is what gives him so much power.

Chigiri can dash down the field at remarkable rates thanks to his naturally powerful legs and deft footwork. Although a few players can match his pace, none has yet been able to win in a head-to-head race. Even Aiku Oliver, the top defender for the Japan U-20, couldn’t keep up with Chigiri.

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He can identify the ideal opening in an opponent’s defense and quickly pass through it thanks to his quickness, perception, and awareness of his surroundings. Chigiri has additionally shown the capacity to immediately shoot the ball and pursue it, producing a wide move that can disrupt an adversary’s formation. Chigiri has one of Blue Lock’s finest breakthrough powers because of these factors.


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Now that we have clarified how good of a player Hyoma Chigiri really is and that he is not a girl, you know everything that there is to know about him. You can safely watch Blue Lock’s future episodes without any doubt in your mind.

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