Is Jimmy Leaving Yellowstone After Season 4 Finale?

Is Jimmy Leaving Yellowstone After Season 4 Finale?

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When Yellowstone’s season 4 finale premiered, one of the things we saw was that Jimmy, one of the more popular characters of the show, proposed to his love interest while telling John that he would find a way to repay his debt to the family. However, when John told him that he was free to leave, Jimmy decided that he would go back to Texas. So, is Jimmy leaving Yellowstone after the season 4 finale?

Jimmy is leaving Yellowstone to go back to Texas to work for the Four Sixes Ranch and make a life there together with his soon-to-be wife. The reason why Jimmy decided to go back to Texas is that it is comparatively peaceful. This could possibly set up Jimmy as one of the leads of the 6666 spin-off.

So, with the end of season 4 of Yellowstone, it has become apparent that we are indeed saying goodbye to one of the most beloved characters of the series, as Jimmy is set to work for the Four Sixes Ranch in Texas. However, this probably isn’t goodbye for Jimmy in the entire Yellowstone universe because we are most probably going to see him as a lead in the 6666 series.

Is Jimmy Leaving Yellowstone For Good?

Yellowstone has become one of the most popular drama shows on television today because of how it was able to portray the emotional side of what it is to run a huge ranch in a location that is quite controversial. And as the series progressed and reached the fourth season, it has become apparent that we may be seeing the last appearance of one of the most popular characters on the show.

Jimmy, who is one of the original cast members working for the Dutton Ranch in Yellowstone, is quite popular among the fans of the show, even though he might not be one of the main characters of the story. However, because of the events that transpired during the season 4 finale, fans are wondering if they will ever see Jimmy again. So, is Jimmy leaving Yellowstone for good?

As far as the main Yellowstone series is concerned, yes, Jimmy is most likely leaving the show for good. This is one of the revelations we received in the final episode of season 4.

Earlier in the season, we saw that John sent Jimmy to the Four Sixes Ranch in Texas to work as a ranch hand there. Jimmy, who used to be in a relationship with Mia back in the Dutton Ranch, fell in love with a veterinarian named Emily.


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In the season 4 finale, Jimmy decided that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Emily, who accepted his proposal. The soon-to-be-married couple went back to the Dutton Ranch to tell John about their plans. Jimmy told John that he plans to find a way to repay his debt to the Dutton family while spending his life with Emily.

However, John told Jimmy that the ranch hand was free to leave the ranch without worrying about whether or not he had a debt to repay to the family. To that end, the decision was easy for Jimmy. He decided that it was better for him to go back to Texas to work for the Four Sixes Ranch and to live the rest of his life with Emily.

Nevertheless, this actually sets up a catfight between Emily and Mia. However, Jimmy ultimately decided that he had no regrets about leaving the ranch and Mia behind because he was indeed already decided on what he wanted to do with his life. This could mean that Jimmy is leaving Yellowstone for good.

Why Did Jimmy Leave The Dutton Ranch?

Dutton Ranch
Yellowstone / Facebook

As you already know, Jimmy is leaving the Dutton Ranch for good after he decides to spend the rest of his life with Emily. However, he originally decided to stay with the Dutton Ranch to find a way to pay back his debt to the family. But the benevolent head of the family told Jimmy that he was free to leave whenever he wanted.

It was easy for Jimmy to decide to leave the Dutton ranch after he was given a choice to do so by John Dutton. And the reason why Jimmy left the Dutton ranch is due to the fact that he wanted to live a more peaceful life with Emily.

The problem with staying with the Dutton family on the ranch was that, as you probably already know, there are a lot of issues and problems regarding the ranch itself. After all, that is what Yellowstone is all about. Different personalities and entities have been fighting over the ranch and its borders, and it has become quite violent to the point that it was not rare for people to get injured or even die due to the conflicts surrounding the ranch.

That said, Jimmy wanted to live a more peaceful life without all of the problems that came with working with the Dutton Ranch. As such, he decided that it was better for him to go back to Texas to work for the Four Sixes ranch instead. 

Are They Setting Up A Spin-Off Show With Jimmy?

6666 Ranch
(National Ranching Heritage Center)

We previously mentioned that Jimmy was leaving the main Yellowstone show for good. However, that doesn’t mean that he would be leaving the Yellowstone universe as well. That is because Taylor Sheridan, the creator of Yellowstone, is currently working on a spin-off that is focused on the Four Sixes ranch.

So, at this point, you probably know where this is going. Considering that Jimmy had decided to leave the Dutton Ranch to go back to the Four Sixes, it is rumored that he would be playing a bigger role in the upcoming spin-off series about the Four Sixes. As of now, the spin-off is called 6666, and we might see Jimmy in that show once again.

Who Will Replace Jefferson White In ‘Yellowstone’ Season 5?

The thing that you need to know is that Jefferson White, who plays Jimmy in Yellowstone, is not leaving the show in his capacity as an actor. This means that only Jimmy, the character on the show, will be leaving the series. That means that Jefferson White himself is not the one leaving the show.

So, will there be someone replacing Jefferson White’s character in season 5? Well, for starters, no other actor will be playing Jimmy in season 5 because Jimmy left the ranch for good. However, there is a possibility that a new character would be introduced to the story to replace Jimmy’s role on the ranch. But that is just a mere possibility as nothing is set in stone.

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