Is Kozuki Oden Alive in One Piece? How Is It Possible?

Is Kozuki Oden Alive in One Piece? How Is It Possible?

Kozuki Oden was the Daimyo of Wano Country and the disowned son of former Shogun Kozuki Sukiyaki in Oda’s One Piece. He is also the husband of Toki, the father of Momonosuke and Hiyori. He was the leader of the nine Red Scabbards who were extremely loyal to him. He was also part of the Whitebeard Pirates as commander of the 2nd Division, as well as the Roger Pirates. Now, as far as we know, Oden died at the age of 39, but somehow people keep wondering whether Oden is alive in One Piece! In this article, we are going to tell you whether Kozuki Oden is alive in One Piece and how that could be possible.

Chapter 1007 of the One Piece manga seemingly brought Kozuki Oden back to life after 20 years, a thing that shocked fans. But, despite a number of various theories surrounding Oden’s supposed comeback, it was revealed that it was never Kozuki Oden but rather his retainer Kanjuro, who used his Devil Fruit powers to draw a perfect replica of Oden and bring the drawing to life.

The rest of this article is going to focus on the sudden reappearance of Kozuki Oden in Chapter 1007 and 1008 of the One Piece manga. We are going to give you all the details you need to know about this set of events and everything you’ll need to understand what actually happened to Oden and his resurrection in the series.

How did Kozuki Oden die?

Twenty years ago, Orochi visited Kuri demanding that Oden let him build factories in the region. Hearing that and about the massacre of the Hyogoro family, Oden couldn’t take it anymore and cried. Before his vassals and his family Oden decided to definitively attack Kaidou for their happiness. After that, Oden set out with his nine most important vassals to defeat the invading pirate.

Before leaving, Oden wrote a letter to his wife, where he asked her to use his powers to help defeat Kaidou in the future in case he died trying. Both factions met at Udon and began to fight. After recognizing Shinobu (who began to help them) and repelling dozens of Kaidou Oden’s subordinates, he managed to make a great cut to the pirate.


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Immediately after that, Oden heard a fake Momonosuke asking for help, which Kaidou took advantage of to defeat him with a single blow with his kanabo. After placating all of his enemies, the Beasts Pirates imprisoned Oden and his subordinates, sentencing them to death by being boiled in three days. During that time Oden saw Toki for the last time, to whom he entrusted the swords from him.

Three days later Oden and his vassals were about to be publicly executed, so Oden asked to be released. After discussing it with Kaidou, he agreed to endure an hour being boiled to be released. After speaking, Oden quickly entered the boiling pot and began to hold his subordinates with a board so they wouldn’t burn. As everyone saw his determination, Oden began to endure said execution minute by minute.

Oden Dies Smiling

Shortly after this and to the surprise of all present, Oden was able to resist the agreed time inside the oil. However, Orochi was not satisfied with this and decided to change the method of execution from boiling alive to firing squad at the last minute. Realizing the threat, Oden hurled the Nine Red Scabbards out of the cauldron with the last of his strength, telling them to do everything in their power to finally open Wano Country to the outside world.

After exchanging a few words with Kaidou, he shot an exhausted and very emaciated Oden in the head to end his suffering. Finally Oden’s body fell into the oil, and the samurai died with a wide smile.

Is Kozuki Oden alive again?

His death was deeply mourned throughout the country and his noble reputation was fully restored among those who no longer trusted him, causing thousands of people to take up their weapons and prepare to rebel against the Orochi regime and the Pirates of the Beasts in his name and the Kozuki family. His death in such an incredible way was transmitted and remembered through the years, being known as the Legendary Hour.

Following Oden’s execution, Kaidou attacked the rest of his family and their vassals and burned down Oden castle in an attempt to kill his heirs and prevent the Kozuki family from fulfilling Oden’s final wishes, an attempt ultimately thwarted by his wife, who sent Momonosuke and his remaining vassals twenty years into the future with her Toki Toki power.


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Inuarashi and Nekomamushi, who started arguing after the execution, were caught and not sent through time. They both escaped and returned to Zou alive, but they bittered at each other for the next twenty years until Momonosuke, who arrived through Toki’s power, convinced them to reconcile for Oden’s sake.

With Kaidou and his crew occupying the Wano Country, and with Kurozumi Orochi now the shogun of Wano, they both went to great lengths to undo Oden’s work within the country, with Orochi and his followers destroying the reputation of Oden and the entire Wano. the Kozuki family across the country, and with the Beasts Pirates, under the leadership of Jack of the “disasters” taking control of Kuri and all of its resources.

His dream of opening Wano to the rest of the world now resides with his son, Momonosuke, as well as his vassals, as they planned to recruit allies at home and abroad to overthrow Kurozumi Orochi and his ally, Kaidou. After meeting and befriending Monkey D. Luffy and Trafalgar D. Water Law, their respective crews as well as the entire mink tribe formed an alliance to achieve this goal, forming the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance as a result.

Oden Appears in the Present Day

Jibuemon, a former vassal of Oden’s father Sukiyaki, gathered people who still support his cause in the country, all in anticipation of the return of the missing members of the Kozuki family. A simple tomb with a wooden post bearing his name was made for him in the ruins of his old castle which was next to the “graves” of his son and vassals who are apparently presumed deceased by the Wano natives.

Ashura followed Oden due to the enormous respect he had for him, but that respect did not extend to the rest of the Kozuki family. In fact, once the daimyo of Kuri was executed, Ashura went back to being a criminal, rejecting Momonosuke’s call twenty years later because his loyalty was only to Oden.

Oden also gave his swords Enma and Ame no Habakiri to Momonosuke and Hiyori, with Tenguyama Hitetsu in charge of handing them over. Yamato, who greatly admired Oden before her death, was devastated when he was killed and, upon finding her diary, kept it lovingly as if it were a bible to her. Yamato is so devoted to Oden, that she is able to adopt clothing similar to his, and she intends to fulfill her dream of reopening Wano’s borders.

Twenty years after Oden’s execution, his vassal Kanjuro, who had unknowingly been operating as a spy for the Kurozumi family throughout their time together, used the powers granted by his devil fruit to draw a perfect replica of him and bring him to life. to the drawing. Kanjuro used this drawing of Oden to trick the other Pods into ambushing them, with “Oden” stating that he had survived due to being sent to the future by Toki.

The ruse fooled a good portion of the Scabbards, but Ashura Doji and Raizo, citing the nature of Toki’s powers, caught on immediately. Kanjuro had attached explosives to Oden’s drawing and tried to blow it up and kill all of his former teammates, but Ashura was able to separate him from his teammates and sacrificed himself in the blast to protect the rest. This cruel mockery of Oden caused the Scabbards to further increase their hatred for Kanjuro.

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