When Does Luffy Fight Other One Piece Characters? (Episodes Revealed)

When Does Luffy Fight Other One Piece Characters? (Episodes Revealed)

Monkey D. Luffy, the famous protagonist of Oda’s One Piece manga, is one of the best fighters in the world of manga and anime. This quirky and elastic pirate is known for his exceptional skills, but also his unyielding determination to win in a fight. Over the years, Luffy has fought a plethora of colorful opponents. He won against most of them, but lost to some, only to come back again and then defeat them (or being on his way to do so).

In order to honor Luffy’s greatest fighting moments, we are going to give you a list of Luffy’s greatest fights in the One Piece anime series and tell you the episodes in which they happened. We have made a selection consisting of Luffy’s 12 greatest battles and, alongside the episode numbers, you’re also going to find out some details about each of the fights.

In what episode does Luffy fight Donquixote Doflamingo?

Luffy fights Donquioxote Doflamingo in episodes 721 to 728 , which aired between December 6, 2015 and January 31, 2016. This was their first fight. Their second fight happened in episodes 732 to 734, which aired between March 6, 2016 to March 27, 2016. Doflamingo stated that Luffy was in the way of his plans, causing Luffy to protest, stating that the atrocities of the Doflamingos are the cause of their fight. After Luffy used Gear Fourth, he attacked Doflamingo, but when he was about to land the final blow, his Haki ended.


Luffy vs Doflamingo: Who Is Stronger?

Luffy was forced to hide as Doflamingo angrily ransacked the island and decided to make the Straw Hat captain pay for his actions. When Luffy regained his Haki and faced Doflamingo again, Luffy reached his breaking point when he heard from Doflamingo that if everyone on Dressrosa remained alive, no one would have to die. Luffy told Doflamingo that he would save Dressrosa by defeating him with his Gomu Goma no Monkey King Cannon. Luffy defeated Doflamingo, thus ending his tyrannical rule.

In what episode does Luffy fight Charlotte Katakuri?


Luffy fights Charlotte Katakuri in episodes 850 to 871, which aired between August 19, 2018 and February 3, 2019. Luffy collides with Charlotte Katakuri in the mirror world after pinning him and dragging him there to protect his friends. After escaping from that dimension to regain his strength, Luffy decides to return to it in order to defeat Katakuri in order to become stronger and overcome him.


Luffy vs Katakuri: Who Is Stronger and Who Would Win?

When Luffy is hit by Katakuri due to Flambé’s intrusion, he does not attribute any blame to his opponent stating that in a duel between pirates there is no such thing as “playing dirty” and that instead it was his mistake not being able to dodge it. When Katakuri apologizes to him for the actions of his sister and states that he no longer considers him inferior to him, Luffy thanks him reiterating that however it is he who will win the fight.

After winning the fight, Luffy shows that he has respect for his opponent by covering Katakuri’s mouth with his second hat, who since he was a child he decided to cover to never show his weaknesses again.

In what episode does Luffy fight Kaidou?

Luffy fights Kaidou for the first time in episodes 914 and 915, which aired on December 15, 2019 and December 22, 2019. Their second fight still hasn’t been adapted in the anime. Luffy’s anger at Kaidou was discharged when he saw him destroy Oden’s castle while his crew was hiding there. Under the impression that he had killed his friends, he attacked the Emperor in a fit of rage. His hatred for Kaidou is so great that after defeating him, the emperor noticed that Luffy was still staring at him angrily, even though he was unconscious.


Luffy vs Kaido: Who Would Win?

After his defeat, his spirit is not dampened at all and he still firmly believes that he will defeat the Emperor. He uses the forced labor in prison as an opportunity to train to become stronger. After the liberation of Udon Prison, Luffy has been training non-stop for the rest of the time before the Fire Festival under Hyogoro’s supervision to develop his Busoshoku Haki to the point where he can defeat Kaidou, as Oden almost did in the past.

Before the rematch on the Skull Dome, Luffy angrily recalled all the cruelties that had befallen the Wano country, the Mink tribe, and the Kozuki family at the hands of Kaidou’s tyranny. He vented his pent-up rage with his improved Busoshoku-Haki attack on Kaidou, inflicting considerable damage on him, while Luffy declared his intention to surpass him and become Pirate King.

In what episode does Luffy fight Big Mom?

Luffy briefly clashes with Big Mom in episode 841, which aired on June 17, 2018, however, that was not a full-on fight, which is going to happen later in the plot. Nami, Chopper and Brook are horrified by the action of Luffy and Sanji. After the clash, Sanji quickly grabs Luffy and she and Reiju flee from Big Mom. She calls out to Luffy, reminding him that he promised to defeat her and wondering why he is running away.

In response to her teasing, Luffy goes back and hits her once, despite Sanji’s pleas. He activates fourth gear and attacks Big Mom with Kong Gun, saying that he would become Pirate King, but she counters by simply covering her arms with Busoshoku Haki.

Luffy declares that he will defeat Big Mom after taking out Kaidou, while attacking Big Mom with a two-armed punch. Big Mom manages to fight him off and her punch causes Luffy to disable the fourth gear, forcing Sanji to grab him and run away.

In what episode does Luffy fight Crocodile?

Luffy fights Crocodile a total of three times. First, they fight in episodes 110 and 111, which aired on May 5, 2002 and May 12, 2002. Their second fight happened in episodes 121 to 123, which aired between August 11, 2002 and August 25, 2002. Finally, they fought in episodes 124 to 126, which aired between September 1, 2002 to September 15, 2002. In the first fight, Luffy first saved Vivi from Crocodile’s hook and stayed behind to fight him.

Crocodile was unaffected by Luffy’s attacks, but was easily upset by his confidence and demeanor. Crocodile attacked Luffy and dried up his arm with his power. Luffy started to panic but remembered the water Toto had given him and used it to give his arm back. He pulled out a new technique and engulfed the upper half of Crocodile’s sandy body, which infuriated him even more.

Crocodile told Luffy to die with Yuba and unleashed a sandstorm. Luffy was very upset to learn that the sandstorm would end up in Yuba, but when he tried to complain, he got impaled by Crocodile’s hook. Crocodile apparently stabbed the water bottle around Luffy’s neck on his way to his chest. When the water from Luffy’s bottle fell on Crocodile’s arm, Luffy suddenly grabbed the arm and squeezed it hard enough to crunch it a bit.

Crocodile was surprised that Luffy survived and threw him into the quicksand where he was quickly overwhelmed. During this fight, Luffy noticed that the water made Crocodile unable to turn into sand as he and the barrel of water Toto gave were pierced by Crocodile’s hook. Realizing this, he brought a huge barrel of water to aid him in his fight against the Shichibukai.

But as Luffy fought Crocodile again, he quickly realized that his water barrel could easily be compromised. Realizing this, Luffy decided to switch tactics by drinking all of his water and storing it within himself, essentially becoming what he referred to as “Aqua Luffy”. While this new tactic infuriated Crocodile, it proved to be very effective for Luffy.

Unfortunately, he’s taken enough advantage that Crocodile stops holding back. He then used his strongest technique to turn the entire area they occupied into sand. Although Luffy was able to escape Crocodile’s devastating eroding powers, he was caught by his opponent. As Crocodile’s hand held Luffy, he was severely dehydrated and was once again left for dead. Luckily, water bubbles that Luffy missed earlier fell on him, waking him up from his near-death state.

Crocodile was again confronted by Luffy. Luffy ran towards Crocodile and gave him a direct punch in the face. Crocodile was surprised at this since Luffy was no longer carrying water. He finally figured out that what allowed Luffy to hit him was the blood from his wounds.

Realizing he was facing someone he should no longer underestimate, he removed the top part of his hook, revealing a poisonous weapon. Luffy fought it off and got the upper hand but eventually got hit by the hook and was poisoned. However, his determination to defeat Crocodile easily overcame this, much to the latter’s frustration.

As the battle continued, Luffy kicked Crocodile into the air. While doing so, Luffy was blasted with one of Crocodile’s powerful techniques. Luffy however resisted the attack and prepared to fight back. Using a series of moves, Luffy propelled himself towards Crocodile to deliver the final blow. As a last resort, Crocodile tried to stop Luffy by turning his hand into blades of sand.

That didn’t stop Luffy from punching through the sand with his bare fists and unleashing a flurry of blows at his opponent. Luffy attacked Crocodile with such force that he penetrated a layer of pure bedrock and sent Crocodile flying. After being defeated, Crocodile’s Devil Fruit effect that prevented rain was broken and Alabasta’s rain returned.

In what episode does Luffy fight Blackbeard?


Luffy briefly fights Blackbeard in episode 447, which aired on April 18, 2010. Their full fight stil hasn’t happened and will take place at some later point in the manga. Luffy sends a jet pistol on Blackbeard who receives it head on, sending him flying on the wall behind him, the latter writhing in pain. As he gets up, Teach uses his black whirlwind (his power) to pull Luffy in who nullifies all of his powers.


Luffy vs Blackbeard: Who Is Stronger and Who Would Win?

Blackbeard grabs him and throws him to the ground violently. Luffy started bleeding and writhing in pain, which surprised Crocodile and Luffy himself. This is how Blackbeard began to explain to him the powers of the Yami Yami no Mi, and the reason for Ace’s defeat. Luffy still wanting to continue rushed at Teach to end it, but Jinbe stopped him, reminding him that the most important thing was to save his brother.

In what episode does Luffy fight Lucci?


Luffy’s rematch against Lucci takes place in episodes 294 to 309, which aired between January 21, 2007 and May 13, 2007. During the later part of the Enies Lobby Arc, Luffy continues his fight against Lucci outside on the Navy warship. After using his Gear 3 for about a minute, Luffy becomes tiny and is forced to go into hiding.

Once found he becomes easy prey for Lucci. This form annoys Lucci as he decides to corner Luffy and give him the final blow; he gains momentum and begins to run while preparing his attack, when his leg, injured from the attack in Gear 3 earlier, forces him to stop. Once back to normal, Luffy continues his fight against Lucci.

The soldiers start attacking the crew as Luffy tries to finish off Lucci. The captain of the Straw Hat Crew is about to lose, at which point Sniperking takes off his mask and calls Luffy, yelling at him that if his captain can’t beat Lucci no one can beat him. It is at the end of his tether that the Straw Hat will find the will to get up, activate his Gear 2 and try once again to put the CP9 assassin out of the race.

Wanting to end it once and for all, Lucci will use his most powerful technique against Luffy, but in the face of his determination and the encouragement of his friends, it will not prove as effective as he hoped. Rob Lucci is finally beaten by Luffy, although he collapses on the ground, immobilized by an abuse of the use of Gear 2, just after beating him.

In what episode does Luffy fight Usopp?

Luffy fights Usopp in episode 236, which aired on June 19, 2005. Usopp challenges Luffy in order to decide who keeps the Going Merry. Even though he is injured, Usopp makes the fight harder than they have ever fought before. Luffy doesn’t really seem to pose a threat, but at the same time he’s fighting, he remembers what great friends they used to be, sailing together in the same boat. Even after taking a hard hit, Luffy defeats Usopp. Leaving Usopp and the ship behind.

In what episode does Luffy fight Gecko Moria?


Luffy fights and defeats Gecko Moria in episode 374, which aired on October 12, 2008; this was just the culmination of a series of clashes between the two and Moria’s ultimate defeat at the hands of Luffy. In the episode, Luffy begins the fight against Moria, using Gear Second in the process of the battle, but the blows are not enough to force him to release the shadows.

Moria attacks Luffy with a devastating blow, but he manages to keep fighting, and uses Gear Third while Gear Second remains active. With a new technique, the Gomu Gomu no Gigant Jet Shell, he manages to defeat Moria and throw him into Thriller Bark’s mast, forcing him to release all the shadows, as dawn breaks. However, the ones who had stolen their shadows begin to disappear. As they do, Moria is finally defeated.

In what episode does Luffy fight Shanks?

Shanks vs Luffy: Who Is Stronger and Who Would Win?

Luffy never actually fights Shanks. The two of them are allies and friends, with Shanks having a very protective stance towards Luffy. There is simply no reason for them to fight and this probably won’t be happening in the manga.

In what episode does Luffy fight Enel?

Luffy fights Enel in episodes 182 to 192, which aired between February 22, 2004 and May 9, 2004. On Skypiea, Luffy made himself an enemy of Enel’s (who is not a pirate) and his priests, breaking their laws. During the survival game, Luffy was mad at Enel for beating up his friends and vowed to defeat him. As a rubber man, Luffy proved to be completely immune to his electrical attacks, making him Enel’s natural enemy. Eventually, Luffy defeated him and put an end to his evil plans.

In what episode does Luffy fight Hody?


Luffy fights Hody Jones in episodes 557 to 566, which aired between July 29, 2012 and September 30, 2012. After Luffy’s massive attack, Hody Jones is in very bad shape and crashes into the arch bridge. Luffy enters the bubble and directly prepares his Gear Third.

The locals then compare Luffy to Whitebeard, who had also protected the island. After dodging Hody’s Murasame, he fires his huge Haki-charged fist, “Elephant Gun”. Luffy does it again and again and therefore performs an Elephant Gatling in order to attempt to destroy the ark before it crashes. Hody is defeated.

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