Is Lord Larys Strong in Love with Queen Alicent Hightower in House of the Dragon?

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One of the creepiest people in the entire House of the Dragon storyline is Lord Larys Strong, whose creepiness simply took the meaning of the word to another level because he just simply is so mysterious and so creepy when it comes to the way he does things. But the one thing that we’ve all noticed is how he’s always been around Queen Alicent Hightower and was even willing to kill his own family for her. So, is Lord Larys Strong in love with Queen Alicent?

Larys Strong isn’t necessarily in love with Queen Alicent Hightower but has a fetish when it comes to her feet. This is probably due to how he doesn’t have full use of his own feet. And this is why Larys has been doing anything for Alicent, as the queen allows him to pleasure himself to her feet.

Of course, Larys Strong has to have a weird fetish that goes perfectly well with his creepy aura. The fact that he has a foot fetish was one of the most surprising things that we saw in episode 9 of House of the Dragon, as it was clear that this was the reason why he had been doing the dirty work for the queen. Now, let’s get to know what makes Larys Strong tick.

Is Larys Strong In Love With Alicent?

Ever since House of the Dragon began, one of the more mysterious and enigmatic personalities that we’ve seen in the series was Larys Strong, who was born the second son of Lord Lyonel Strong. He was born with a rare deformity that made it difficult for him to walk properly. In that regard, he was never a fighter or a nobleman that amounted to anything.

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However, what was clear from the very start was that he always had a different way of looking at Queen Alicent Hightower. For some reason, he just had a weird and creepy way of looking at Alicent, and this immediately became one of the things that defined him as a person. Larys Strong basically gave the word “creepy” a new definition because of his seemingly lustful gazes at the queen.

After the ten-year time skip, the relationship between the two was brought to new heights as Larys often visited the queen in her own chambers so that they could dine together and share information with one another. In that regard, it was clear that there was something more than just mere friendship between the two, but it wasn’t exactly romantic. Then again, Larys would always tell the queen that he was always of service to her whenever she needed him. So, does that mean that Larys Strong is in love with Alicent?


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There is no indication that Larys Strong is in love with Alicent. In fact, Alicent herself said that Lord Larys Strong isn’t in love with her. This happened in episode 7 when the Targaryens went to Driftmark to attend the funeral of Laena Velaryon.

In that scene, Criston Cole noticed that Larys Strong was looking at Queen Alicent with desire in his eyes. However, the queen assured Criston that this was not a look of desire on the part of Lord Larys. In that regard, it was cleared up by the queen that Larys was not in love with her. Nevertheless, that didn’t diminish his creepiness because of the fact that he wanted something else from Alicent.

What Does Larys Strong Want?

Even though Larys Strong doesn’t necessarily love the queen or desire her in a romantic sense, it was always clear that he wanted something from her. He wouldn’t offer his services to the queen if he didn’t want anything in exchange for the dirty things that he did. In fact, he even killed his own family for the sake of the one thing that he wanted from Alicent. So, what does Larys Strong want from the queen?

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If you read the book, the one thing that you would notice is the fact that Larys Strong is such an enigma because his true purpose and desires were never explained. He did a lot of dirty things during his time in court, as he was even the prime suspect in the deaths of his father and his brother. But the one thing that has always been clear was that the book never actually explained his true motives.

That was the same in the earlier episodes when Larys Strong never said anything about what he wanted in exchange for helping Alicent. He didn’t even ask her for a position of power in court, as that would have been within the power of the queen to give him. Instead, he just simply did the things that the queen wanted him to do without even expressing what he wanted in exchange.

However, this was all cleared up in episode 9 of House of the Dragon when Larys was once again in Alicent’s chambers. This was something that even Otto Hightower questioned his own daughter about, as he also noticed that she had been hanging out with Larys quite frequently. But episode 9 revealed his true desires when he once again shared information with Alicent.


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In that scene, Larys told Alicent about how her father was using a network of different spies that allowed him to gain information and to always stay one step ahead of everyone. Of course, Alicent wanted to do something about this, and Larys was quick to oblige with her request. But, of course, there was a price that needed to be paid.

With that, Alicent took off her shoes and her stockings and revealed her feet to Lord Larys Strong as she faced sideways because she seemingly knew what was about to come. Larys, while looking at the queen’s feet, was pleasuring himself, all while Alicent seemed to have no care in the world on her face because she was probably used to it already.

It appears that Larys Strong has a foot fetish that he was satisfying using Alicent’s feet. This is what Alicent has been paying Larys every single time he did something for her. In that regard, he has been committing murder for the sake of satisfying his foot fetish, as that is as petty as it could get for anyone who has been giving off the creepiest vibes we have ever seen in House of the Dragon.

Larys’s foot fetish probably has something to do with the fact that he doesn’t have full use of his own feet due to the defect he was born with. Still, his birth defect and fetish aren’t excuses for committing heinous crimes. Nevertheless, this only adds a new dimension to Larys Strong’s character, as we don’t know how far he will go to satisfy his sexual needs and desires.

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