Is Milo Dead or Alive? ‘Mayor of Kingstown’ Season 2 Ending Explained

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The season 2 finale of Mayor of Kingstown cut fans’ happiness short with a call between Milo and Tatiana moments after the Russian Mafia boss was supposed to have exploded with his bonds on the boat. The cliffhanger leaves many unanswered questions, with many fans wondering how he could have survived the explosion. The most burning question at the end of the show’s second season remains whether Milo Sunter is dead or still alive and what that phone call means for the show’s future.

There is no confirmation of Milo Sunter’s death at the end of the second season of Mayor of Kingstown, despite Mike’s (Jeremy Renner) plan of blowing him up in his boat seeming to work. Milo seems to have been prepared for the explosion and used it to fay his death. With the bonds in his possession and Tatiana on his side, Milo remains Mike Mclusky’s deadliest enemy in Mayor of Kingstown unless he decides to leave Mike and all of Kingstown behind him for good.

However, if Milo decides to stay and cause problems for Mike, then all of the Mcluskys are in big trouble, but that remains to be seen in the third season. Milo is the type of criminal that can raze the whole city to get what he wants, and people like him are the reason why Mike Mclusky is so important to Kingstown. Mike’s plan to blow Milo up was smart, but he likely underestimated the mafia boss, so let’s look at what went wrong and whether Milo will still be Mike’s problem in the future.

Did Milo die in the Mayor of Kingstown season 2 finale?

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Milo likely survived the explosion towards the end of the final episode of season 2 because he called Tatiana afterward and told her that everything had gone according to plan and that he was on his way. He had obviously planned to fake his death, and relying on Mike’s plan was his ultimate goal of making his death more believable. Having handed Iris over to Mike, he believes he still has control over him, which means his plans to use Mike as he does with Iris are not over.


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Some fans still feel that Milo might have died in the explosion and that the phone call with Tatiana is just a flashback introducing Tatiana as the Villain in the next season. While that theory could be true, Milo faking his death to enable him to escape Kingstown safely seems more likely because that was always his plan since he escaped prison.

His survival will not be a big surprise because he survived the deadly prison riots and took advantage of the chaos to cover up his escape for that long.

Milo is a true master of chaos because he always finds a way to twist a series of unfortunate events in his favor and doesn’t care who gets hurt in the process.

Who is Tatiana in Mayor of Kingstown?

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Tatiana (Gratiela Brancusi) is Milo Sunter’s unofficial pimp, employed at his strip club in Kingstown to manage stripers whom Milo treats as sex slaves.

Tatiana was one of Milo’s most trusted employees and possibly his lover until she slept with Joseph (his right-hand man) and had a baby with him while Milo was in prison.

She sees Iris as her biggest competitor because Milo gives her all the attention, and she seems to get favors from the boss despite always causing trouble.

She was always in touch with Milo after he escaped from prison and possibly planned to help him escape Kingstown after faking his death, as suggested by their phone call in the finale of Season 2.

Tatiana is played by Gratiela Brancusi, a Romanian-American actress that many Yellowstone fans will recognize because she played the role of Neomi (the Romanian widow in love with Thomas) in 1883.

What happened to Milo in Mayor of Kingstown?

Milo Sunter in Mayor of Kingstown

Milo was in prison for life without parole at the Kingstown Penitentiary after his arrest for robbing an armored truck and killing a police officer in the standoff. Despite being in prison, Milo continued to run his criminal empire on the outside with the help of his wife, Vera (Elizaveta Neretina), and right-hand man, Joseph.

He requested Mitch and Mike to dig up a bag containing his share of the money he stole and buried before he was sent to jail, which Mike and Kyle did at Mitch’s behest.

However, tragedy unfolded when Mitch was robbed and killed by a man that discovered the map to the money’s location in Vera’s possession. Milo insisted that the McLuskys pay his money which Mike refused, leading to Milo bringing in Iris to try and coarse Mike into agreeing with him.

After hurting Iris, Mike agreed to dig up the metal case containing Milo’s bearer bonds. Although he found a school bus full of dead bodies instead, but the bonds were later dug up by a bulldozer operator and found their way into Mike’s hands.

Milo took advantage of the prison riots in the first season to escape from prison and started hunting Mike in a bid to get his bonds back and get out of Kingstown.

After a series of disagreements back and forth, Mike agreed to trade the bearer bonds for Iris, who was back in Milo’s imprisonment.

While handing over the bonds, mike planted a bomb in the bag, trying to kill Milo on the boat he was escaping in, but a cliffhanger at the end of the Season 2 finale showed that Milo had anticipated Mike’s trick and likely used the explosion to fake his death.

Has Aidan Gillen left Mayor of Kingstown?

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Paramount hasn’t renewed Mayor of Kingstown for a third season yet, so there is no confirmation of any of the cast members being called up or dropped.

However, Hugh Dillon, who creates the show, was certain of its renewal in an interview in January 2023. The cliffhanger at the end of the second season only increases the chances of a third season.


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Milo’s role as Mike Mclusky’s archenemy in Kingstown has only taken shape by the end of the second season, and their rivalry is likely to play a huge role in the future of the show.

Milo is a smart criminal that thrives through causing chaos, while Mike is the exact opposite, trying to bring peace where it seems impossible, and there is no way Aidan Gillen will walk away from that.

Gillen loves the role of Milo as he compares the role of the smart criminal to that of Littlefinger in Game of Thrones, which means he won’t be leaving Mayor of Kingstown any time soon unless he gets a bigger role on another project.

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