‘Mayor of Kingstown’ Season 2, Episode 9 Recap & Ending Explained: What Is the Deal Between Mike and Milo?


Welcome to the Recap and Ending Explained for Episode 9 of the second season of Mayor of Kingstown. This is episode 9 of the season, which means big things are about to happen, the story is reaching its climax, and in that sense, this episode doesn’t disappoint. Here, we will find a payoff for many of the storylines, and some others will become even more complicated after the events of this episode. The Mayor of Kingstown definitely deserves its place in the Yellowstone Universe, even if the connection to that universe is almost none.

Taylor Sheridan has always been famous for delivering gripping and violent tales, and this episode could be defined as one of the most violent in the series. There is a lot of death going around, and the escalation of the conflict between the police, the prison system, the inmates, and the criminals are reaching a boiling point that will result in a huge explosion. On top of this, Mike’s personal life is becoming quite a mess, and he receives the best advice from a very unexpected source.

The following paragraphs contain spoilers for Mayor of Kingstown, Season 2, Episode 9. Read at your own risk.

What Is The Deal Between Mike And Milo?

This week’s episode is titled “Peace in the Valley” and is very ironic, as you can expect from the show. In reality, there is nothing but peace in the valley. After taking a day off, Kingstown will soon become a war zone, and Mike will come crashing down with the realization that he might have been the catalyst for it. The episode begins with a meeting between Mike and Milo, the city’s biggest and most dangerous criminals. Milo has been lurking in the shadows for most of the season but has finally made his move.

During the meeting, Milo explains that Mike has something he wants, and he has something Mike wants. This means they can make a deal and reach a conclusion where everybody wins. Milo knows that his bonds are now in the hands of the police; he doesn’t know Kyle took them from the evidence room, and they are now in Mike’s possession. Mike asks why he would give the bonds to him, and Milo replies that he can give Iris back to Mike. He knows Mike cares for the girl. Then he advises Mike to leave with Iris somewhere far from Kingstown. No one wants to be in Kingstown.

Later, we meet with our friend Bunny. Fresh out of prison, Bunny walks into a gun store. He talks to the owner and looks at the goods, all polite and nice. However, this polite façade comes crashing down as a van bursts from the window display. Bunny and his men rob the gun store, taking almost everything with them. Doing this in the middle of the day is quite bold, especially after just being out of prison for a day. Bunny is getting ready for a war.


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Mike returns home and finds Kyle, who is very glad to see him. Mike picks up his phone and has a thousand missed calls. Kyle explains that everyone was worried that he could be dead somewhere. Mike also receives the news that Bunny is out, which he doesn’t know about. Miriam also calls him and tells him he needs to do something about Jacob, the young man being transferred from juvenile to general population. Taking just one day off seems to have released all hell loose in Kingstown. In the end, Jacob commits suicide.

What Does Bunny Want From Mike In Mayor Of Kingstown?

Mike took a day off, but now he must catch up with every plotline around him. So, this episode is more of a Mike check-in with everybody and seeing how awful things are. First, he is called by Ian to the gun store. There, Mike is informed that the police will stay away from Bunny but that if he doesn’t return the guns or tries something, the entire police force will grind him to the ground. Mike asks if he can talk to Bunny first. Mike also is informed that the DA’s investigation into Robert was dropped. Mike is baffled, and Ian talks about it as if the reason why is a mystery to him.

Mike calls Kareen on his way to Bunny, so he can check on Jacob, the young man from juvenile detention. Kareem agrees to help Mike because it is a favor for Miriam. Mike arrives at Bunny’s, and Bunny receives him well enough. Bunny explains that he and Mike are square and grateful that Mike kept his word and took him out of prison. However, Bunny says he is changed and getting ready for what he knows is coming. Mike doesn’t really understand what is going through Bunny’s head, but he warns him that this path can only end in death for him and his men.

Bunny explains to Mike that he wants Robert. Bunny will not let go of all the people that Robert killed during the riots. If Mike delivers Robert to Bunny, then Bunny will consider returning the guns to the police. Mike begins searching for Robert everywhere to warn him that he has an X on his back. Mike meets Robert in a bar with the rest of the police guys, and he gets offended when Mike asks if he killed the witness in the case that was against him. Robert leaves after assuring Mike that he didn’t do it.


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Mike receives a call from Iris, who wants to meet with him the next day. Mike accepts. Meanwhile, Miriam receives a call from a client. It is Joseph, Milo’s right hand. He gets really violent, and Iris has no option but to kill him, stabbing him in the neck with some glass. Mike keeps searching for Robert to warn him about the people that are coming to get him, but it is too late. Robert is attacked. Mike arrives, but Robert is in a bloody pulp. It is unclear if he is dead or alive, but he is probably still alive when Mike arrives. The episode ends with the police sirens ringing in the distance.

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