Who Is Allison in ‘Mayor of Kingstown’? Will She End Up with Mike?

Allison and Mike McLusky collage in Mayor of Kingstown

Allison (Callie Thorne) turned out to be the mystery woman in Mayor Of Kingstown’s second season, impacting the plot so heavily without even doing much. However, Apart from her super-cunning move that nearly got Mike killed, the show hasn’t given away much about her identity and intentions around Mike. Many fans are now wondering who Allison is and whether she is the woman that will finally win Mike McLusky’s heart.

Allison is the widow of a former correctional officer called Terry, and the two used to be good friends with Mike in the past. Allison’s husband was killed during the prison riots in the first season, and Allison blames the Crips and probably Mike for his death. Most COs at the prison were members of the Aryan Brotherhood, and Allison is probably a member or a sympathizer, as was her husband.

Despite being beautiful and a sweet talker, Allison has already proved that she can be very dangerous because she is one of the most cunning women Mike (Jeremy Renner) has met in the show. Her grieving widow act totally fooled Mike, who slept with her without realizing her sinister motives. Questions remain regarding what Mike does with her now that she is the piece of his past that has returned to haunt him.

What happened to Allison in Mayor of Kingstown?

Callie Thorn as Allison with Mike in Mayor of Kingstown

Allison’s husband was one of the 36 COs that died at the men’s prison during the riots in the show’s first season. The show had not identified him individually, but he was friends with Mike and probably drinking buddies.

It is unclear whether Allison and Terry were officially married, but they were in a relationship, and Allison loved him. His death left her angry, lonely, and vulnerable as she confessed to Mike.

She asked Mike whether he had seen Terry at the prison before he died, which means she still wonders how he died and what his final moments looked like. However, Mike didn’t have the opportunity to help any COs at the prison because P Dog started shooting at them and provoked indiscriminate firing from The National Guard.


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When Mike entered the pub where he met Allison, he found her seated alone and the seat that Terry would normally sit in empty. It proves that Mike knew the couple well and probably had drinks with them at the pub while Mike was alive.

Carney told Mike that most COs in Kingstown prisons are either AB members or sympathizers, and Terry might have also been a member. Allison also asked Mike whether he was still playing both sides, meaning she didn’t like the fact that he was friends with the Crips.

The Crips are arch-rivals of the AB, and provocation by the AB-affiliated guards at the prison on P Dog, who was the leader of the Crips in prison, was the main cause of the riots. As far as Allison is concerned, the inmates are to blame for Terry’s death; therefore, anyone who works with them is her enemy.

Is Allison working with Milo?

Milo and Allison in Mayor of Kingstown

Allison was talking to someone on the phone before Mike woke up and tried to get him to stay longer when he wanted to leave, which would clearly put him in more danger. When Mike left the house, he was followed by someone in a black car which turned out to be Davidson.

The show hasn’t revealed who Allison was speaking to, but it was definitely connected to the hit on Mike moments later. After Mike killed Davidson, his arch-nemesis Milo showed up.

Milo’s showing up was connected to the attempted hit on him because the brotherhood and the Russian mafia have close ties. Milo even gave Iris as a gift to them before Mike killed Duke.

If Allison was talking to Milo, then it means Mike is in more danger because Milo is manipulative and could use Allison to play with his feelings, just like he did with Iris. However, there is no direct confirmation from the episode that Allison is in contact with Milo.


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Why did Allison betray Mike?

P Dog in Mayor of Kingstown 2

The extent of Mike’s history with Allison hasn’t been explained in the show, but they shared some good moments in the past, judging by how quickly they connected at the pub. When Mike told Allison he was sorry about Terry’sdeath, she said he should feel sorry for her instead.

She was clearly lonely but, most importantly, very angry because of her partner’s death when Mike found her at the pub. She never expressed her reasons for being angry at Mike apart from not agreeing with him about his habit of playing both sides.

Allison’s biggest disappointment was that Terry left her to go to his job at the prison. Mike was responsible for maintaining the peace between the guards and the inmates. Allison could therefore blame Mike for failing to prevent the riots that led to Terry’s death.


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Davidson was the AB-affiliated CO at the prison that attacked Bunny, leading to Mike and Kyle attacking him in retaliation. Since Davidson showed up after Allison’s phone call, it is possible that he used Allison to keep track of Mike and plan his revenge.

Her affiliation with Davidson and possibly Milo would mean that Allison is a member of the brotherhood and connected to the highest-ranking members of the gangs. With all the gangs (except the Crips) angry with Mike, Allison is just as dangerous to Mike as Milo.

However, her betrayal was totally unexpected because she had such a good time with Mike since they met and even told him that she really needed him after they made out. To turn around and betray him afterward proves that she is cunning and cold-hearted.

Will Allison end up with Mike?

Mike and Allison in Mayor of Kingstown s02e08 2

Despite enjoying Mike’s company and having strong chemistry with him, there is no indication from the show that Allison and Mike will have a lasting relationship. The assistant DA Evelyn Foley is still the only person Mike has strong feelings for.

Sleeping with Mike was just a one-time thing that happened because they were both drunk, and Allison desperately needed company. It is not clear whether they had a similar encounter before, but they clearly didn’t have a plan for making their relationship long-term.

Mike will also figure out that Allison has a hand in the attempted hit on him eventually and definitely won’t risk his life to be with someone like her. Allison will still be a part of Mike’s life for the remaining part as Mayor of Kingstown and will likely play a big role in how the gang war in Kingstown ends.

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