When Is ‘Miraculous Ladybug’ Season 5 Part 2 Coming to Disney+?

When Is Miraculous Ladybug Season 5 Coming to Disney+?

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Miraculous Ladybug is one of the most popular teenage animated shows on television. The adventures of Ladybug and Cat Noir attracted many young, but also older fans, which created a great following worldwide. The series is in the middle of season five, and many fans wonder where to watch this popular animated show. Of course, much different information is circulating online, so we decided to see when will Part 2 of Miraculous Ladybug Season 5 be on Disney+.

The entirety of Miraculous Ladybug Season 5 was released on Disney+ on July 19, 2023. Don’t fret, Miraculous Ladybug fans, because most countries in Europe, and recently in Japan, have season five of the popular animated series on Disney+ streaming platforms. For years, fans could watch the show on Netflix, but Disney’s acquisition of Miraculous Ladybug streaming rights pointed the popular show in the Disney+ direction.

We will discuss this topic by mentioning when the deal between Zagtoons and Disney occurred, what happened with Miraculous Ladybug on Netflix, and if all episodes of season five are available on Disney+ in regions worldwide.

Editor’s Note: This post is regularly updated to provide you with the latest information regarding the ‘Miraculous Ladybug’ franchise.

The new streaming rights deal between Zagtoon and Disney sparked some changes

Miraculous Ladybug attracted a loyal fanbase over the years, and even the airing of season five didn’t put “a dent” in the animated show’s popularity. Of course, European popularity was always visible since the show was developed in France, and eventually, that popularity spread worldwide. 

Originally the show was available for young children, but the older generations started liking the show. Miraculous Ladybug became watched worldwide, which surprised many critics, but this only showed how animated series are more than entertainment for children.

Nevertheless, we cannot emphasize the popularity of Miraculous Ladybug. Still, we can say that the biggest entertainment company in the world took notice of the French animated production and decided to make a deal with Zagtoon, the animated television studio division owned by ZAG Entertainment, who created and animated the Miraculous Ladybug show.

In February, the rumors of Miraculous Ladybug coming to Disney intensified. It came true when Disney bought the rights for the fourth, fifth, and future seasons of Miraculous Ladybug, meaning the popular French animated show will continue its tenure on Disney streaming platforms.


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What’s with the first three seasons of the Miraculous Ladybug? They are available on another notable streaming platform, Netflix. Besides the obvious reason Disney wants to stream Miraculous Ladybug on their platforms, Miraculous Ladybug fans have waited since 2019 for Netflix to new show episodes.

Of course, when the show airs on television weekly, the streaming platforms are usually behind unless one buys out the right to stream. Disney did just that.

Netflix was outbid or simply never showed interest in Miraculous Ladybug’s new content. February of this year marked the removal of the popular animated show from Netflix. Moreover, we know that Disney loves their animated projects. Still, the acquirement of Miraculous Ladybug seems as if it is part of the “anime wave” that has been happening in the last few months, with Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War being at the forefront of Disney’s business policy. 

Adventures of Parisian superheroes seem “childish” on the surface, but the more you watch it, the show becomes more mature it seems. Nevertheless, we can confirm that Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir season five will be available on Disney+ streaming platforms, but when? Let’s find out.

Season five of Miraculous Ladybug is available on Disney+ – but not everywhere

Keep in mind the shows never air at the same in different countries, and this information is based on rumors and official announcements that are usually in other languages. Thankfully, the Miraculous Ladybug fanbase is always on top of new information regarding their favorite show, and the availability of new content is always featured on the Miraculous Schedules Twitter account.

When Is Miraculous Ladybug Season 5 Coming to Disney+?
DisneyNow app has season five available in the USA.

Now, some would say, how can this be truthful and factual? Well, it seems that the fanbase has quite good and credible sources. This includes the release of season five on Disney+ streaming platforms worldwide. Interestingly enough, the DisneyNow online TV everywhere app and website/URL for Disney Channel, Disney Junior, and Disney XD have Miraculous Ladybug episodes from season five available on their platforms. 

At the moment of writing this article, DisneyNow has all episodes of season five on their platforms. Part 2 of Season 5 was released on July 19th. DisneyNow requires a participating TV provider for complete access, but it is available for everyone with regional access to the platform. Specifically, if you have access to TV providers like Verizon or YouTube TV, you can watch DisneyNow without additional pay.


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Disney+ US currently has 20 episodes of Miraculous Ladybug Season 5 in its library.

In which countries is Miraculous Ladybug season five available?

While American fans wait for all season five of Miraculous Ladybug to drop on their Disney+ library, international fans already have access to season five of the show. Miraculous Ladybug has several confirmed dates for season five episodes, and because the show didn’t air all of its episodes at once, we will have to wait a few months until the show concludes its season.

For example, Disney+ UK & Ireland has Miraculous Ladybug season five on their platforms, but they are releasing four episodes at once monthly, according to UK fans. They also confirmed there are season five episodes available on Disney+ UK, specifically on Reddit.

Disney+ Japan confirmed the release of season five in October of 2022 and regularly released new episodes of Miraculous Ladybug. Other countries include Italy, the Philippines, South Korea, and a big part of Latin America. Countries like Germany and Netherlands are airing a new season of Miraculous Ladybug on the Disney Channel and will probably release new episodes on Disney+ platforms soon.

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