Is Nefertari Cobra Really Dead?

Is Nefertari Cobra Really Dead?

Nefertari Cobra is the twelfth king of Alabasta, husband of Nefertari Titi, and father of Nefertari Vivi in Eiichiro Oda’s One Piece. Although Nefertari Cobra is a relatively minor character in the One Piece series, people are still wondering about him and his fate in the series. It’s been a while since the King of Alabasta played a major role in the series, but why is that? Is Nefertari Cobra dead in One Piece? If so, who killed him? If not, what’s going on with him? In this article, we are going to give you all the narrative details about Nefertari Cobra and tell you everything you need to know about his fate in the series.

Nefertari Cobra is alive in One Piece. The King of Alabasta is simply a minor character and the lack of appearances after the Alabasta Arc is due to that, not because he is dead, like many people thought. The last we saw of him was in the Levely Arc, when he convinced the other royals to officially disband the Seven Warlords of the Sea.

The rest of this article is going to tell you all you need to know about Nefertari Cobra and his fate in the plot of One Piece. We are going to give you all the known details about his story, thereby telling you everything you need to know. This also means that the article is going to contain a lot of spoilers, so be wary of how you approach the article.

Is Nefertari Cobra dead in One Piece? What happened to him?

After the execution of the infamous “Pirate King”, Gol D. Roger, in Loguetown, Cobra is seen reading in the newspaper that this event has heralded the beginning of a terrible era. He was seen alongside Igaram and Vivi’s mother, Nefertari Titi. Several years prior to the beginning of the story, Cobra is seen responding to a drought that affected the village of Kohza, as he did not rain, but he was able to allow the citizens to reside in Alubarna.

Around this time, Kohza befriended Vivi, and during a kidnapping attempt by Vivi, Cobra defeated the last remaining kidnapper before Chaka and Pell could arrive. He had treated Kohza for the eye injury, and asked him if he liked the country, to which Kohza replied that he did. Igaram, hearing that Vivi was worried about the possibility of her new friends sacrificing themselves for her or what might happen to her.

Igaram told Vivi that she had a good heart for a ruler, but Cobra insisted that the situation was fine. Six years before the beginning of the story, Cobra was at a meeting of the Council of Kings to discuss Monkey D. Dragon, the person who threatens the stability of the world. When Wapol brushed him off, saying that he didn’t care, Cobra berated him for his irresponsible attitude. Wapol attempted to provoke a war by clashing with Vivi, but the plan backfired when Vivi, knowing the consequences of the situation, does not get upset after the hit as Wapol had expected.

Three years before the beginning of the story, a drought spread throughout the kingdom, and due to the plans of Baroque Works, the citizens of Alabasta began to believe that Cobra had accumulated Dance Powder in Alubarna. About a year after the start of the drought, Kohza confronted the king and asked him to use Dance Powder to save Yuba, but Cobra refused, stating that other cities needed the water.

Crocodile y Cobran hablan sobre el Plut3Fn

Kohza then vowed to take over the rain by force. Sometime around this time, Vivi along with Igaram infiltrate the Baroque Works, behind the backs of Cobra and the rest of Alabasta, to manipulate the situation to start a rebellion. Cobra is first seen expressing his gratitude to Crocodile for defeating some pirates who tried to conquer Nanohana, not knowing anything about the Sea Warrior’s true plans.

Shortly after, Vivi sent him a letter, revealing the truth about the rebellion. Cobra made the decision to send Pell and Chaka to Erumalu to rule over the royal army in order to protect it from the Baroque Works and the Rebel Army. However, Cobra is kidnapped by Mr. 4 and Miss Merry Christmas. Mr. 2 went to Nanohana disguised as Cobra, to falsely confess that he used the Dance Powder and ordered them to destroy the city in order to incite the rebellion, so that the attack begins.

Crocodile had taken Cobra away and demanded that he tell him the location of Pluto. Cobra had to lead Crocodile and Miss All-Sunday to the Alabasta Poneglyphs to gather information on Pluto. To his surprise the Poneglyph once deciphered showed mere historical records of Alabasta. When Luffy arrived there and fought Crocodile one last time, Cobra witnessed the battle, and was surprised by Luffy’s final attack which knocked Crocodile through bedrock.

After the battle, Robin gave Luffy the antidote to cure the crocodile poison. Cobra told Robin that he knew that what he had told Crocodile was wrong, as the Poneglyph truly revealed the location of the weapon. Cobra was surprised to hear of the “Empty Century” that Robin had been looking for. Luffy then got up and managed to carry Cobra and Robin out of the tomb, but he lost consciousness shortly after escaping, requiring Cobra to carry him the rest of the way.

Cobra’s innocence is proven when Kappa, having regained consciousness and the ability to speak, reveals that the King seen in Nanohana was an impostor. After Kohza said that what he and the rebels had done was unforgivable, Cobra replied that the nation had lost much, but gained nothing from the conflict, and that now they had to come together and move on.

Cobra allowed the Straw Hat Pirates to stay in the palace while they recovered from their injuries, and throws a big party to celebrate their victory. Cobra had intended for it to be a quiet party, but he knew that with the Straw Hats, it would turn into one big party. They then went to the palace baths, and Cobra showed Sanji where Vivi and Nami bathed, before he and the others were overwhelmed by Nami’s “Stroke of Happiness”.

Cobra thanked the Straw Hat Pirates for helping Vivi, as a father, rather than as a king. The next morning, Cobra tries to look in Vivi’s dressing room, but Terracotta avoids him, hitting him on the head as he tries to look. After Vivi gets dressed, Cobra tells his daughter that she looks just like her mother, and he, Vivi, and Igaram tell them that he has something important to tell them.


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After Vivi’s speech, in which Igaram serves as Vivi’s surrogate, Cobra thinks it’s hard for a father that his daughter doesn’t call him “Daddy” anymore. After the events at Enies Lobby, Cobra was surprised to see Nico Robin, as part of the Straw Hat crew, noting that she is “unpredictable”, while Vivi is not surprised by the revelation.

Weeks after the Battle of Marineford, Cobra is informed by Chaka and Pell that a group of pirates has been driven out of the country without much harm. Cobra then wishes that all pirates in the world were like the Straw Hats. He also read a newspaper article about Luffy. Two years later, Cobra is seen sitting up in bed and reading the newspaper, while Vivi brings him some flowers and food which is placed in her room.

Cobra left Alabasta with his daughter, Chaka, Pell, Carue, and Igaram and traveled to Mary Geoise for the next Levely. Despite being in poor health, Cobra intended to ask the World Government about the poneglyphs. While conversing with Vivi, he stressed that she must find a suitor. Arriving at Mary Geoise with her companions, Cobra received an invitation from Admiral Fujitora to speak with Riku Doldo III.

After finishing the debate, he went with the other participating kings to the main room of the Levely, to begin the meeting. During the meeting, along with Riku Doldo III, he suggested the total abolition of the Seven Warlords of the Sea due to the suffering caused by two of them in Alabasta and Dressrosa, which was accepted.

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