Is Noah Galvin a Transgender Actor? What Does He Identify As?

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With the uprise of violence against the trans community and the stripping away of their basic human rights in the US and the rest of the world, many actors, musicians, and celebrities have come out to support the community as their influence might affect change positively. Noah Galvin has recently found himself in the spotlight, with people questioning whether or not he is part of the trans community. Whether or not it’s moral to question this is up for debate but is Noah Galvin, a transgender actor?

Noah Galvin is part of the LQBTQ+ community but is not transgender and doesn’t identify as trans. He is a cis male actor whose pronouns are he/him, and he has recently announced his engagement to another actor – Ben Glatt.

Now that we know what Noah’s pronouns are and whether or not he is transgender let’s dive into the morals of this question and why, no matter the answer, we shouldn’t publicly be questioning someone’s sexuality, gender, or gender identity. I’d also like to dive into why some people might have thought that Noah Galvin was transgender.

Noah Galvin’s involvement with RuPaul’s Drag Race

Drag queens and kings have been a part of the LGBTQ community ever since the fight for LGBTQ+ right first drew the attention of the public eye. Although drag queens don’t strictly belong to the LGBTQ culture, the movement is rooted in the community. Drag is gender inclusive, and you’ll find the most accepting people in it, regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation.

Still, some people still confuse people who perform as drag queens or kings as part of the transgender community. I’m not saying that a transgender person can’t do drag, but for the most part, drag queens and kings usually identify as cis males or females. They don’t even have to be necessarily gay or lesbian to participate.


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So what does Noah Galvin have to do with any of this? Noah was a judge on season 9, episode 9 of the show, and as I said, many people view being included in drag being a drag performer as being part of the transgender community, which is not the case and so people might have assumed that Noah was a trans man.

Early childhood

Although we can’t confirm with absolute certainty whether or not Noah is trans, his throwback Thursday photos he posts fairly frequently on his Instagram lead me to believe that he isn’t trans. Noah was always masculine, presenting and featuring characteristics of a biological male.

Sexual orientation

Noah Galvin lives as an openly gay man and announced his engagement to Ben Platt in November 2022. He came out as gay at 14, and even though it’s not mentioned anywhere, I guess he has a good relationship with his family, even though his father is catholic and his mother is Jewish.

Gay men are a target of being misgendered and confused with transgender people since they break out of gender norms and are not afraid to show their feminine side. Masculine-presenting lesbians face the same problem, but let’s not confuse how we present and the clothes we wear with gender identity.

Stereotypes are problematic

The thing we keep circling back to when looking at the bigger picture is the gender norms that society forces upon us and the stereotypes that surround the LGBTQ+ community, specifically the trans community in this case. Let’s look at why one might have assumed that Noah is transgender and comment on why these imposed stereotypes are harmful in the long run.

Theather kid

Noah’s early acting career appears to reside in the theater, so it’s easy to conclude that Noah was a theater kid. Noah appeared in off-broadway productions and even replaced Ben Platt in Dear Evan Hansen.

It’s no secret that theater kids are often portrayed as outcasts, so they find comfort and get a sense of belonging with other theater kids. This fact might have made people assume that Noah is more than just a man that just happened to find his calling and has a passion for theater.


There isn’t much to say about Noah’s physique. A thousand people could all have very different physiques, and Noah is a man that doesn’t exactly fit in with the stereotypical ‘macho’ vibe that men are often expected to give off. It doesn’t make him any less of a man, but this might have contributed to people confusing him for a trans man.


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The bottom line

In today’s day and age, it’s getting harder and harder for people, especially celebrities, to keep to themselves. We all have a right to privacy, but people often assume that just because someone is in the public eye, they must share anything and everything with their fans and the world.

This is not the case, and it feels wrong speculating about whether or not a person is or isn’t transgender. The only people with the right to this information are the people Noah decides to tell. We are not entitled to know anything about him if he so chooses.

Even though my original answer was that he lives life as a cisgender gay man, I might be wrong, and the only thing that should matter is the fact that Noah is an incredible actor that has a bright future ahead of him, no matter his gender, sexual orientation, race, or background.