Is Soldier Boy Coming Back For Season 4?

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Soldier Boy was one of the most important characters in season 3 of The Boys and played a role that was bigger than what Stormfront played back in season 2. Nevertheless, we did see near the end of the season 3 finale that he and Queen Maeve got caught in his nuclear blast and were presumed dead by Vought. However, Soldier Boy was still alive and was merely kept asleep by Grace Mallory. So, is Soldier Boy coming back for season 4?

There is a chance that Soldier Boy will return in season 4. We do know that Victoria Neuman will play the secondary antagonist role in season 4, and that leaves little room for a Soldier Boy return. Still, he might return in future seasons, depending on what happens in season 4.

Yes, Soldier Boy is still alive and could still be a threat if he could find a way to get himself out of the free-flowing Novichok that will keep him asleep for as long as possible. This means that The Boys could still bank on his character in the future, especially if the storyline demands his return and a proper death for his character. So, that said, let’s look at what we know about Soldier Boy and his possible return in season 4.

What Happened To Soldier Boy In The Season 3 Finale?

A good part of season 3 of The Boys revolved around Soldier Boy as he became one of the most important characters of the season. This was the same treatment that Stormfront got in season 2 when she became a one-season character so that she could serve as the secondary antagonist. However, Soldier Boy had a more interesting storyline due to the fact that he could have been the only one strong enough to kill Homelander—the very goal of Butcher and The Boys.

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With that said, Soldier Boy’s story first revolved around Butcher and The Boys learning more about what happened in 1984 when he was presumably killed by the Russians and taken back to Russia. In that regard, The Boys thought that there was a Russian superweapon that was strong enough to kill Soldier Boy and even Homelander.

But instead of finding a Russian superweapon, The Boys found Soldier Boy in the flesh as he was still alive after nearly 40 years. After he had escaped Russia, Soldier Boy found a way to return to America, as Butcher and Hughie were quick to pounce on the opportunity of teaming up with him so that they could kill Homelander once and for all because they found out that Soldier Boy was nuclear and probably had the power to kill the strongest supe in the world.

Soldier Boy agreed to team up with them on the condition that they help him find and kill all of the remaining members of Payback, his former team and the very same people that betrayed him and allowed the Russians to take him back in 1984. And after killing all of the members of Payback except for Black Noir, who was always in Vought Tower together with Homelander and the rest of The Seven, the only thing that Soldier Boy needed to do was to storm the tower and kill him and Homelander.


Did Soldier Boy Die In The Boys Season 3 Finale? What Happened To Him?

But the most surprising thing happened when Soldier Boy found out that it was his genetics that was used to create Homelander, and that meant that he was the biological father of the man that Butcher wanted him to kill. At first, he was conflicted by the idea of killing his own son but was eventually convinced to put Homelander down when he realized that his son was a disappointment.

When Soldier Boy attempted to kill Ryan, who is actually his own grandson, the circumstances changed, and that was when Butcher was forced to fight his own ally in an attempt to save the boy that he regarded as his own son. Butcher was losing to Soldier Boy before the rest of The Boys arrived in time to help him. And that was when they found an opening to make him inhale Novichok, a Russian nerve agent that could keep him asleep.

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But Soldier Boy was not willing to go down without a fight. He was able to charge up his nuclear blast after inhaling Novichok. That was when Queen Maeve grabbed him and pushed them both off of Vought Tower so that no one would get hit by his nuclear blast.

After the incident, Vought declared both Soldier Boy and Queen Maeve dead even though they both survived. As the episode was nearing its end, Soldier Boy was seen asleep and sedated under what we can presume to be a constant flow of Novichok. And it was Grace Mallory, who had a deep grudge against him, that overlooked the entire process of sedating and keeping him hidden away from the rest of the world.

Will Soldier Boy Return For Season 4?

As shown by the final moments of season 3, it was clear that Soldier Boy was still alive but was just heavily sedated. After all, it would take more than just his own nuclear energy blast to kill him as Soldier Boy was able to survive being in the epicenter of all of the radioactive energy blasts that he released throughout the entire season. So, considering that Soldier Boy is still alive, does that mean that he could return for season 4?

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There will always be a chance that Soldier Boy will return in season 4, as there was a good reason why the creators of The Boys kept him alive, even though there were people who thought that he would be just like Stormfront in the sense that he was only going to be a one-season character.

But we do believe that he won’t be returning in season 4 because The Boys will follow a different narrative that deviates from the Soldier Boy story. As hinted by the final scene of season 3, it was clear that Butcher and The Boys are now going to target Victoria Neuman, the dangerous Congresswoman that is secretly a supe that could pop people’s heads off with a look. Neuman is running for vice president, and that means that she would be in a bigger position of power that would allow her to do what she wants to do for the sake of the supes.


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We see little to no room for Soldier Boy to be included in that storyline, as it is possible that the creators will allow him to skip this season out so that the storyline could focus more on Neuman and her quest for power. And fans probably wouldn’t enjoy season 4 if the story once again heavily included Soldier Boy into the narrative because that was already the storyline in season 3.

But the fact that the creators kept Soldier Boy alive means that there is still a strong possibility of him returning to The Boys in the future. They merely opened the possibility up for his return by keeping him alive so that he could end up making things more interesting in the future storylines of The Boys, especially after season 4. If he appears in season 5, season 4 should open up the gates that could lead to a Soldier Boy return. After all, fans love surprises.

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