Is Steven Krueger Gay in Real Life? Relationships of Yellowjackets Star Explained

Is Steven Krueger Gay

Steven Krueger’s Yellowjackets character – Coach Ben quickly became a fan favorite, and as the episodes pass, we keep learning more and more about his personal life and who he was before he got stranded in the wilderness with the rest of the Yellowjackets. In Episode 3 of Season 2, we’ve seen several flashbacks related to him and his boyfriend, and it was heartbreaking to learn that he had many regrets. One thing that stands out when it comes to Coach Ben is the fact that he is a gay man, due to this, many fans of the show – and the actor himself wonder whether Steven Krueger is gay in real life as well. 

Steven Krueger is not gay in real life, he is a straight man. His sexuality has come into question several times because he masterfully played the roles of gay men in the past like its the case with his role in The Originals. Steven Krueger is straight but keeps his personal life private. It’s unknown whether he is currently dating anyone. 

Now that we’ve covered Steven Kruege’s sexual orientation, it’s time to analyze his character in a bit more detail. 

Coach Ben is a closeted gay man with lots of regrets 

Coach Ben quickly became my favorite character in the series in the last few episodes because he was the only one that refused to eat Jackie’s body, and against all odds, he demonstrated a superhuman level of humanity and restraint. 

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The odds of him surviving are the smallest when it comes to the whole group due to his injuries that he somehow miraculously survived, and yet, he decided to make those chances even small by refusing to eat Jackie’s remains. 

Coach Ben was the guiding light, the one that wanted to bring some reason to the group. He was the one that taught them to hunt. And over the course of the first season, we’ve learned that he is gay. 

Now in the second season, we’ve seen flashbacks to the life he has left behind. He was in a relationship with another man, and due to his fear and some kind of internalized homophobia, he decided to remain closeted and refused to move in with his partner. Instead of moving with his partner, he got on that plane with Yellowjackets, and the fateful crash happened. 


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Now, in the cabin, with winter setting around them, Coach Ben is in pain, starving, and imagining what life would be like if he only said yes, if he decided to move with his boyfriend, tell the world who he is, and never got on that plane with Yellowjackets. 

Steven Krueger played gay men before 

Coach Ben is portrayed masterfully by Steven Krueger. Fans might know him from playing Josh in The Originals. Josh was such a special and popular character because he was openly gay. He is a vampire who is in a romantic relationship with another male vampire named Aiden. Josh was a recurring character throughout the series, and his storyline often focused on his relationship and the challenges they would face as a gay couple in the supernatural world.

Now Krueger plays a gay man yet again, and many fans wonder whether he is gay in real life as well. He isn’t however, Steven Krueger is straight, and while we don’t have much information about his private life and his relationship status, we can assume that he is single for now. There is also not a lot said about his past relationship, even though the actor is active on Twitter

Krueger’s sexuality ultimately doesn’t matter since his portrayal of Ben is brilliant.