Is There Nudity in The Witcher? 5 Hottest Scenes

Witcher Nudity

This article, much like the game and the show, is for adults only! The Witcher is one of the most brutal storylines and it does not shy away from all the raw humanity but shows it completely – metaphorically and literally. The books might be your go-to if you like to imagine more than watch, the show does allow you to sneak a peek into the bedrooms of the characters, and the game lets you control Geralt – imagine which medium is the most interesting?

Of course, there is nudity in The Witcher! Just like many other shows, it is set in a time when people were much more liberal when it comes to romantic expressions, they were showing their bodies a lot more as we see in many many shows and movies. We even list the 5 hottest scenes from The Witcher.

By combining the best scenes from the show and the game, we will make a ranking of Geralt’s favorite romantic moments. No matter if you enjoy watching the raw scenes that reject the idea of nudity as being taboo, or you wish to skip them because you have children who are begging you to buy them the game – here is all you need to know!

Why is there so much nudity in The Witcher?

The Witcher is based on the novels created by a Polish writer. To put it simply: The Witcher is not a Disney show for children. It is not a fairytale, it is not a children’s story, and due to the amount of violence we witnessed, nudity is just another concept that is still somehow taboo. Why is that the problem, while violence is not? 

The main discussion is mostly centered around women who are often seen naked in movies and TV shows, while men are often more covered or shown half-naked. However, we need to keep in mind that the novels are based on continental writing tradition. 

If you consider other Slavic literary works, you will find descriptions of violence, hate crimes, misogyny, and racism. The point of those works is not to celebrate them, but to simply show they did, or do exist. It would not be fair to deem a story badly written or just bad because it follows the life of a serial killer, a rapist, or a psychopath. And we can find those in The Witcher as well.


The Witcher: Differences Between Show, Games & Books

Nudity by itself is just something very normal while romantic scenes are a bit different. It is difficult to show an intimate relationship and capture the important moments without the intimate scenes right? Part of the reason for showing one’s body has to be the public – many people like to see them. Some people might be triggered by them and not enjoy them.

However, if you wish to present the imaginary world based on mythology, it just cannot be innocent. If you wish to show freedom and raw humanity, you can’t censor the most prominent aspects which are definitely: desire, passion, selfishness, and greed. 

The Witcher also uses carnality to show the characters’ personalities. Characters who organized fornicating events were either supposed to be understood as free and confident, or egoistic and insane. Making love was also a business, so in the game, you can visit a brothel, spend some coins, and enjoy your chosen company.

It could be used as a means to describe a character and to serve as a metaphor for the free and corrupted world. You can’t have freedom without a lack of ethics and a sprinkle of ego. On the other hand, maybe sex was not just a metaphor – maybe it was just shown simply because it happens. And we have the same opportunity to witness nudity as we have to witness a character’s need to sleep, eat, or fight.

While the show mostly focuses on carnal scenes as a reflection on the characters, in the game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, you are met with many choices that determine the course of the game. Among others, if you play your cards right, you get your romance. If not, well, there are always brothels you can visit out of curiosity. Maybe you became so connected to Geralt and see him as a real-life person – and you want him to have a good time.

The 5 hottest scenes in The Witcher

5.  The love scene with Keira Metz (The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt)

Our 5th hottest scene is from the third Witcher game. If you choose to visit Keira’s house, you need to complete the quest A Towerful of Mice. In the quest, Geralt needs to help her lift a curse. After that, the quest Favor for a Friend requires Geralt to find the missing parcels. If you complete both, you get an invitation to Keira’s home. 

Keira is a sorceress who likes to have fun and play games. She uses her magic to turn them both into Cinderella characters and Geralt has to find her in the forest. there, she waits for him with dinner after which your Geralt can choose to make love to her – say yes when she asks to play friends with benefits if you want to proceed. 

There is no such scene if Geralt declines and the two remain friends and meet again. So if you wish to skip such scenes, most of them require additional choices to which you can always say no. And the game knows no means no.

4. Triss and Yennefer trick Geralt (The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt)

In this cut scene, we can see Triss Merigold and Yennefer trying to convince Geralt they have something special prepared for him. Geralt, undecided and possibly drunk, takes an opportunity to court both of them. 

The scene does not end happily for Geralt, however. The girls tie him to bed half-naked, laugh, and toast each other with some wine. They leave the room and Geralt gets an unexpected guest to visit him in his bedroom.

3. Yennefer and Geralt’s romance (The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt)

This is one of the longest scenes like this in the game. You see most of the parts but it still might be different since it is animation instead of real people. However, Yennefer and Geralt are made so beautifully in the game that it is difficult to even imagine two humans looking like them.


Do Geralt And Yennefer End Up Together In The Books (& Will They In The Show)

Yennefer clearly has something on her mind while Geralt is trying to woo her, but once you get to the part with the unicorn… you’ll understand why it is so high on our list. Maybe you find the scene hilarious and maybe you get some ideas. It is up to you.

2. Geralt and Shani (The Witcher 3: Heart of Stone)

Another very long romance scene – not only nudity but the decisions and Shani’s responses to your Geralt play a crucial role. You grow to like her and so does he. This is a whole romance – drinks under the moonlight, looking at the stars, strolling like any other happy couple, and sneaking around not to get caught.

Geralt spends a lot of time with Shani and if you play Geralt like a good guy who really does care about her, you get to the romantic scene on a boat.

1. A Magical Revel (Season 1 Episode 1)

Is There Nudity in The Witcher 5 Hottest Scenes 02

Geralt needs help and visits Yennefer dragging Jaskier along. Literally. They walk right into a room full of people wearing masks. And nothing else. The scene becomes funny when Geralt awkwardly offers Yennefer apple juice while standing in the middle of naked people.

However, it is an unexpected scene, a masquerade Yennefer is controlling while showing her need for control and display of her power. This is the only scene with real people on our list. And why? Because the show is still more PG than the game. 

Still, in this scene much more is visible than in almost any scene in the game. If you have seen this episode, you must have asked yourself – was that a 50 Shades of Gray crossover?

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