Is Uno Cross-Platform on PC, PS, Xbox, & Switch? (Crossplay Guide)

Is Uno Cross-Platform on PC, PS, Xbox, & Switch? (Crossplay Guide)

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Many of us grew up playing iconic games like Uno, and it’s safe to say that there’s nothing quite like playing Uno with friends. Crossplay has been a pretty hot topic in recent times, with many of the most well-loved games being transformed into digital variants. As a result, plenty of Uno-lovers are wondering if this classic game is crossplay supportive.

Uno is not cross-platform supportive at all, and the developers have stated that their reasoning revolves around ensuring a fair and convenient gameplay experience for each player. However, crossplay in Uno may be enabled sometime in the future.

Any Uno player will know that playing this game solo just doesn’t feel possible at all, and while you can play with others on the same platform, it would certainly be better with more competitive options. Stick around to find out about Uno’s crossplay position, and if the situation may change anytime soon.

Uno Overview

The classic Uno card game doesn’t need much introduction. It has been a fan favorite for countless gamers for countless years making it one of the most iconic tabletop games to date.


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But, this game has been made available to just about anyone through the digital version, initially created by Merle Robbins. Players can now enjoy Uno on platforms like PC and mobile or even consoles like Xbox and PS, meaning players can now enjoy Uno with their friends from long distances.

This Uno digital version is free for anyone to play. There’s a ton of fun awaiting anyone who plays Uno at all, but the digital version is certainly exciting as is, with the addition of tournaments and much more – topped with plenty of new opponents!

playstation vs xbox

Although, the gameplay does vary depending on the system and platform that players choose. At the time of writing, the digital version of Uno is available for the following platforms:

  • PC
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox 360
  • PSP
  • PS3
  • PS4
  • Google Stadia
  • Mobile
  • Nintendo Switch

Is Uno Cross-Platform Supportive?

Unfortunately, cross-platform play is not supported at all with the digital variant of Uno. None of the available platforms have the ability to enable crossplay with players on different platforms.

uno crossplay

This means that players cannot crossplay at all, irrespective of the platform that they choose to play Uno on. Uno players are currently restricted to only playing Uno online with players on the same platform or console.

Players do feel quite disappointed by this design, as Uno is the type of game where ‘there more the merrier’ is truly accurate. Playing Uno with limited access to opponents and fellow players is quite dismal, although it’s still possible to have a great experience if you can play with friends on the same platform.

Why Isn’t Uno Crossplay?

There are plenty of questions surrounding why Uno has not been made cross-platform supportive in 2022. This is especially considering that crossplay seems to be becoming increasingly essential in the modern gaming world.


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With so many different platforms supporting Uno’s digital version, quite a few players feel that the restrictions in crossplay are unacceptable. But, the developers have been fairly open about their reasons for the decision.

The main cause for not making Uno crossplay seems to revolve around a guaranteed positive experience for all Uno players. The game has been developed in a way that will ensure each Uno player gets a fair, enjoyable, and lag-free experience around the clock.

Will Uno Become Crossplay?

Uno’s absence of practical and functional cross-platform support makes the entire design of the digital variant somewhat questionable, as the main aim was to connect fellow Uno players. This would surely be far more effective if players were actually allowed to connect with each other irrespective of their chosen or preferred gaming platforms and devices.

Naturally, Uno players have flocked to forums and threads to find out if there is any way to work around the absence of crossplay in Uno – but, to no avail. Steam is currently littered with Uno fans seeking methods to play with friends on the platforms.

uno not crossplay

All of the devs have responded to the negative each and every time a player has made this query online. There may be hope, however, as the following response was posted by a developer on Steam back in June 2020:

Hey all!

Cross-play has not been enabled at this time.

We understand that this is a sought feature and we have submitted this suggestion to the dev team. If we learn of anything new, we will make sure to make players aware!

– Ubisoft Support

While this statement was by no means a confirmation, it was at least good to see that the developers have acknowledged the community’s request. But, since this was 2 years ago at the time of writing with no further feedback or updates, it’s uncertain if this will ever come to pass.

In addition, fellow Uno fans have started a petition to make Uno cross-platform supportive so that the community can enjoy this classic game together using crossplay. The petition was started by Colby Carlson around 3 years ago, set up with the following description:

“Having Uno be cross platform wouldn’t be that big of a task just incorporate a Uno friends list and Uno game chat and for companies to agree such as Sony. Uno isn’t that big of a game compared to Fortnite so having Uno be cross platform wouldn’t be that big a deal.”

The current goal of the petition is to reach 2,500 signatures, and the petition has amounted to a total of 1,871 signatures to date. It is still unknown if the Uno developers will indeed make Uno crossplay purely as the result of this petition reaching higher signature numbers, in addition to the overwhelming number of requests from players.

But, there may be no harm in trying! Fans can head over to the petition page and show their support if they’d like to join the group of Uno players seeking the crossplay feature.

Uno is an age-old and classic game that seems to be immortal in the gaming world – despite the absence of crossplay in the digital variant. While this game can still be a ton of fun for any player without the support of cross-platform play, let’s hope that the developers bring this well-loved feature to this beloved card game sometime soon!

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