Is Wednesday Scary & Can Kids Watch It? Age Rating Explained


The Addams Family has always been a popular group of fictional characters, and Tim Burton and Netflix look to build on the popularity of the family through the Wednesday series that will be released on November 23, 2022. In that regard, there are a lot of people excited about this series, especially because they grew up with the Addams Family, regardless of whether it was the live-action versions or the animated ones. But Wednesday seems to be a darker take. So, is Wednesday scary, and can kids watch it?

Wednesday is classified as a comedy-mystery series, and that means that it is unlikely that it is going to be scary, despite the gothic and supernatural elements that can be seen in the series. But because there is mild violence in the series, it is rated TV-14 and probably isn’t suitable for children.

The thing about Wednesday is that it wasn’t supposed to be meant for children but for teenagers and young adults. As such, it is unlikely that children should find this series enjoyable due to how it might be too violent and probably scary for them. So, with that said, let’s take a better look at the TV rating of Wednesday to determine whether or not it is suitable for children.

Is Wednesday Scary?

When Netflix announced that Tim Burton was working on a Wednesday series that is based on Wednesday Addams of the Addams Family, people were excited as rooms were filled with childhood nostalgia about the Addams Family. After all, the Addams Family has always been a family classic that parents watched with their children for decades. In fact, there are different animated versions of the Addams Family, and all of these versions are great for children to watch.

Of course, the thing about the Addams Family is that this has always been a group of people that are related to the macabre and are quite gothic and traditional in the way they do things. In fact, the Addams Family mansion has always been full of bizarre mysteries that can be quite creepy. Let’s not forget that, in almost all of the portrayals of the Addams Family, they live close to the cemetery.


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In that regard, the Addams Family has always been known to be quite creepy but never to the point that they were scary or horrifying. After all, the entire Addams Family franchise has always been quite family-oriented and friendly for children and younger audience members. So, what does that mean for the Wednesday series? Is Wednesday scary?

wednesday series

According to the IMDB page of Wednesday, the series is classified as a comedy-mystery storyline, and that could mean that this isn’t a horror series. The possibility is that the series only has elements of creepiness and horror that have always been prevalent when it comes to a story related to the Addams Family. That means that the gloominess and the goth elements that have always been related to Wednesday 

Of course, there might still be a few elements of horror that can scare children and might be a bit too creepy for some of the younger audience members. But the fact is that this series was never made to be scary or horrifying. As such, it is likely that those who aren’t quite sensitive to gothic and mysterious themes won’t end up getting afraid of Wednesday.

Can Kids Watch Wednesday?

Of course, while Wednesday may be classified as a comedy-mystery series, that doesn’t mean that it is totally safe for children to watch. That’s because the best way to determine whether or not it is safe for kids to watch Wednesday is to look at the age rating of the series.

This is important to determine because of the fact that the Addams Family has always been a family-friendly franchise that parents often watch together with their children. Meanwhile, the animated Addams Family series and movie were made for kids, as there is no doubt that some children are quite fond and familiar with Addams Family. So, with that said, can kids watch Wednesday?

Wednesday is actually rated TV-14, and that means that it is recommended that only those who are 14 years old or older should be able to watch the series without parental guidance. And we have to go back to the fact that Wednesday is a comedy-mystery series that has gothic elements that can be quite violent and scary for kids.


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In that regard, those who are younger than 14 might not be able to enjoy Wednesday well enough because of how it can be somewhat dark compared to the other Addams Family adaptations. And because it isn’t even appropriate for minor audiences younger than 14, kids that are still quite young shouldn’t be able to watch this series without parental guidance.

At this point, we are not sure what to expect from Wednesday. But the trailer and the teasers do suggest that there are somewhat violent parts that are prevalent in the series, especially when the titular character scared off swimmers by putting piranhas in the swimming pool. In that scene, one of the swimmers got bitten by the piranhas, and blood can be seen in the pool. This isn’t necessarily something that’s friendly for children.

There is also the fact that there are going to be a few fights here and there on Wednesday, especially because the character kind of enjoys violence due to her nature as a goth girl. And the fact that the character herself is going to get engaged in a few fights can be enough reason for parents to make sure that their children shouldn’t be watching this series.

Of course, some kids aren’t necessarily used to watching TV shows and movies with elements of horror, mystery, and macabre. With that said, it is unlikely that those who are younger than 14 years old should be able to properly enjoy this series without getting scared by a few things here and there.