When and Where Does Wednesday Take Place? Explained


One of the upcoming Netflix shows that people are excited about is Wednesday, which is basically an adaptation of the Addams Family but focuses more on the problematic daughter named Wednesday. Of course, we know for a fact that Wednesday is still a young girl who has to go to school, and that means that, despite the weird tendencies of the Addams family, they still need to blend in with society. So, when and where does the Wednesday series take place?

Wednesday takes place in Nevermore Academy, which is the same school that her parents attended. The school, which is situated in the secluded woods of New England, is home to different supernatural teenagers as well. It is likely that Wednesday will take place in the modern era.

The fact that Wednesday is a retelling of the classic Addams Family storyline is a great way to engage the audience of today with a tale that has always been close to the heart of older audiences. Now, let’s look at the setting of Wednesday so that fans would already know what to expect about this upcoming Netflix original series.

When Does Wednesday Take Place?

We already know that the Addams Family storyline is one of the classics that older audiences love because of how nostalgic this fictional family is. In that regard, Tim Burton decided to take a crack at retelling the story from the eyes of one of the most popular characters from the Addams Family—Wednesday Addams—as the upcoming Wednesday series is looking to become one of the more promising storylines that people should watch when it finally hits the streaming giant’s library.

While we have seen the teaser and the trailer for Wednesday, the entire plotline is yet to be revealed because that is still something that should be left for us to see once the series hits Netflix near the end of November. But the thing that we aren’t sure about yet is when the series takes place.

It is likely that Wednesday takes place in modern times, although that wasn’t exactly clear in the teaser and the trailer due to the lack of any modern gadgets used in a series that’s supposed to portray a school that’s more on the traditional side of things. But we did see in the teaser that one of the girls in Wednesday’s former school was wearing a smartwatch. 

wednesday screenshot

As such, the series probably takes place in our current modern times as far as the timeline is concerned. But Wednesday’s new school, which is Nevermore Academy, seems to be on the more traditional side, just as how the entire Addams Family is also quite traditional in terms of how they live their lives. This could imply that, while the series does take place in modern times, both Wednesday and her new school are less likely to rely on modern gadgets compared to most people and most schools today.


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But the one thing that we also know, based on what the synopsis implies, is that Wednesday takes place 25 years after something weird happened to her parents while they were also attending Nevermore Academy. As such, it is possible that the series will take us 25 years into the past so that we would see what happened to Gomez and Morticia during the time when they were attending Nevermore.

Where Does Wednesday Take Place?

As mentioned, Wednesday enters a new school called Nevermore Academy in the Wednesday series. In fact, before she enters the school, she has been in eight schools in a span of five years due to the fact that neither she nor her family ever fits in with the people of conventional society. This means that it is likely that the series begins with Wednesday living in the usual suburban setting.


We know that the Addams Family was known to live in a suburban New Jersey settlement, and it is probably true that Wednesday starts out with the character living with her family in the New Jersey suburbs as she attends a conventional school made for conventional teenagers. But, of course, because of her abilities and her family’s weird background, she is forced to move out of her home to attend the aforementioned Nevermore Academy.

Nevermore Academy, as mentioned, was the very same school that Gomez and Morticia attended. In fact, they met in this very same academy 25 years ago. And the thing about Nevermore is that it was supposed to be a safe haven for the children of supernatural people that never really fit in well enough in modern society.


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Of course, that means that Nevermore Academy has to be located far away from cities and the usual urban and suburban settlements. In fact, the school is located in the secluded forests of New England as it was supposed to serve as a safe haven for the outcasts of society. These outcasts include vampires, werewolves, and sirens. 

As such, it is likely that we are going to see a series that is set in a place that is far away from modern society, given the fact that Nevermore Academy is 200 years old and has never been similar to the usual schools that we see in urban and suburban places. And it is probably the fact that this school is so secluded from the society that adds to the overall mystique behind whatever is wrong with this place, as Wednesday herself said in the trailer.