James Gunn Provides Update on the Current State of DCU Projects Scripts

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In early 2023, James Gunn and Peter Safran introduced their own rebooted universe called DCU, presenting a full lineup of projects. The latest movie in the DCEU was ‘Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom,’ which achieved some success compared to most MCU movies released that year, which faced criticism and struggled at the box office. In January, Gunn and Safran revealed the initial projects of the DCU slate, along with the team of writers: Drew Goddard, Jeremy Slater, Christina Hodson, Christal Henry, and Tom King.

They outlined a plan spanning eight to ten years, divided into chapters, with potential for expansion. The first chapter, ‘Gods and Monsters,’ included films like ‘Superman’ (originally ‘Superman: Legacy’), ‘The Authority,’ ‘The Brave and the Bold,’ ‘Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow,’ and ‘Swamp Thing,’ as well as television series like ‘Creature Commandos,’ ‘Waller,’ ‘Lanterns,’ ‘Paradise Lost,’ and ‘Booster Gold.’

Recently, James Gunn confirmed that the script for ‘The Authority’ movie is still in progress, hence no casting decisions have been made yet. He emphasized his practice of greenlighting projects and casting actors only after completing the script, prioritizing quality. This led fans to inquire about the status of other scripts in the DCU. It’s confirmed that scripts for ‘Superman,’ ‘Creature Commandos,’ ‘Peacemaker’ Season 2, and ‘Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow’ are complete.

Although some other scripts are also finished, Gunn didn’t provide details on those projects. Additionally, Gunn clarified that he didn’t work on all the completed scripts. You can find the full conversation in the screenshot below.

james gunn confirms scripts. jpg

The only project with a confirmed release date is ‘Superman,’ scheduled for July 11, 2025. Creature Commandos is expected to be released before that, but details are scarce. Gunn also confirmed that ‘Peacemaker’ Season 2 and ‘Waller’ will be filmed consecutively. Got something to add? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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