James Gunn Unveils the Inspiration for Superman’s New Suit Design in Upcoming Film

James Gunn Unveils the Inspiration for Supermans New Suit Design in Upcoming Film

As the new year kicks off, we’re getting a fresh cinematic universe based on DC characters – the DCU. The DCEU wrapped up with ‘Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom’ doing okay, but let’s be honest, most of its movies didn’t do great. That’s why Gunn and Safran were brought in to lead the new DCU, promising lots of new projects. Among these, ‘Superman’ is getting the most buzz, setting the stage for the DCU even though ‘Creature Commandos’ will come out first.

After a lot of guessing and planning, Gunn happily shared that filming for ‘Superman’ started on February 29th, which just so happens to be Superman’s birthday. When asked about what inspired Superman’s new suit, which we’ve had a quick look at, Gunn pointed to Alex Ross, a famous comic book writer and artist, as his main inspiration.

gunn inspiration for the suit

Ross got noticed after he worked with Kurt Busiek on the ‘Marvels’ miniseries in 1994 for Marvel Comics. After that, they did several projects for both Marvel and DC Comics. An important project to mention is the ‘Kingdom Come’ miniseries from 1996, which Ross worked on with Mark Waid. What’s special about this is that Ross painted the series himself and came up with the concept and artwork using his own ideas.

Talking about ‘Kingdom Come,’ during a script read-through, they showed the Superman logo from the series. This made a lot of fans think the new movie will have a lot of elements from ‘Kingdom Come,’ especially in how it looks. But for the story, Gunn said at the DCU reveal that he’s taking inspiration from ‘All-Star Superman.’ It would be great if Gunn could combine elements from both.


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They’re going to start shooting the movie at Trilith Studios in Atlanta, aiming to finish in July. The movie will bring in the Authority and other superheroes, with Nathan Fillion playing Guy Gardner, a Green Lantern. They’re planning to release ‘Superman’ on July 11, 2025.

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