Jarhead Movies in Order: The Complete Watch Order

Jarhead movies in order

If you are a fan of war movies then you are in the right place. In this article, we will let you know how many Jarhead movies are there and what is the best way to watch Jarhead movies in order.

The first movie in the Jarhead franchise had some amazing casting, involving names like Jake Gyllenhaal, Jamie Foxx, Peter Sarsgaard, Lucas Black, and Chris Cooper. Unfortunately, it didn’t go so well at the box office. Still, it did spawn multiple sequels and we are here to find out how many exactly.

How Many Jarhead movies are there?

There are currently four Jarhead movies. The first movie, titled Jarhead, came out in 2005, followed by Jarhead 2: Field of Fire in 2014, Jarhead 3: The Siege in 2016, and Jarhead: Law of Return in 2019.

Let us find out in what order should you watch Jarhead movies and if is it really important.

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Jarhead movies in order at a glance

As we said earlier, there are four Jarhead movies, but, only the first one is based on U.S. Marine Anthony Swofford’s 2003 memoir of the same name. Later titles are completely fictional, and not connected at all to the original movie. Let’s take a look at Jarhead movies in order:

  • Jarhead (2005)
  • Jarhead 2: Field of Fire (2014)
  • Jarhead 3: The Siege (2016)
  • Jarhead: Law of Return (2019)

What is the best way to watch Jarhead movies?

The best way to watch Jarhead movies is in the order of release dates since the movies are not connected.

Jarhead movies in order by release date

Jarhead (2005)

Anthony Swofford (Jake Gyllenhaal) wants to serve his homeland, so he enlists in the Marines. He is not a prominent figure in the camp, but thanks to his colleague Troy (Peter Sarsgaard), he goes through training and becomes a sniper. The Gulf War begins, and a platoon of U.S. Marines goes to the desert of Saudi Arabia. The heat is unbearable, the Marines are bored, and the enemy is nowhere to be seen.

Jarhead 2: Field of Fire (2014)

Cole Hauser

Covered with scars from battles and disappointed by the war, Corporal Chris Merrimette is in charge of the unit on a mission to supply new supplies to a remote outpost on the edge of Taliban-controlled territory.

While driving through the enemy province of Helmand, a Marine stops their convoy and gives the unit a task of international importance: they must help an Afghan woman known for her resistance to the Taliban escape the country.

Without tanks or air support, Merrimette and his team will need all the courage and arsenal they can muster to break through the war-torn country and bring the woman to safety.

Jarhead 3: The Siege (2016)

Corporal Evan Albright joined the elite Marine Corps Security Guards to save the world and see some action-not necessarily in that order. But his first assignment, protecting a U. S. Embassy in a seemingly safe Middle Eastern capitol, relegates his unit to wrangling “gate groupies” protesting outside the compound and honing their marksmanship by playing video games.

So Albright and his team are caught off guard when well-armed and well-trained militants launch a surprise attack aimed at killing an informant in the embassy. Heavily out-gunned, they will have to muster all the courage and firepower they can as their once routine assignment spirals into an all-out war.

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Jarhead: Law of Return (2019)

Major Ronan Jackson (Devon Sawa), an accomplished fighter pilot for the Israel Defense Forces and son of a U.S. Senator (Robert Patrick), is shot down while flying through Syrian airspace. After miraculously surviving the crash, Jackson is taken captive by a group of Hezbollah militiamen.

A gripping and powerful story packed with hard-hitting action, Jarhead: Law of Return follows a squad of elite soldiers, led by Gunnery Sergeant Dave Torres (Amaury Nolasco), as they risk their own lives in the hopes of saving an ally they’ve never met.

Where to watch Jarhead movies?

You can stream the first three Jarhead movies on Hulu. The last movie, Jarhead: Law of Return (2019) can be found on Amazon Prime.

Do You Need to Watch Jarhead Movies in Order?

You don’t have to watch Jarhead movies in order. They are not connected, especially not the first one, with the other three, cause it was made by real-life events, while the other three movies are completely fictional.

Will There Be More Jarhead Movies?

Currently, there are no Jarhead movies announced. We can’t say for sure what the future holds, but we don’t see this franchise moving forward. That said, there are a lot of other action/war franchises that go under the radar and still get a lot of sequels.

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