Who Is Jemiah the Analyzer in Marvel’s Eternals?

Jemiah the Analyzer

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Marvel Cinematic Universe fans can barely wait for the newest installation in Phase 4 – the Eternals movie coming out in early November. We’ll get a great introduction to a whole new world of incredibly powerful Marvel characters, including Jemiah the Analyzer. So, who is Jemiah the Analyzer, what does he do, and what are his powers?

Jemiah the Analyzer is a Celestial, a primordial cosmic entity of extraordinary power. He is a member of the Fourth Host, a group of Celestials visiting planets and deciding their fate. Jemiah’s job is to analyze the progress of civilizations and report to his leader, Arishem the Judge.

If you haven’t read that many Marvel comics and rely on the MCU, you might not know much about the Celestials. Don’t worry; you’re in the right place to learn everything you need to know about Jemiah, the Celestials, and everything else to get you up to speed before the Eternals movie comes out.

Who Is Jemiah the Analyzer?

Jemiah the Analyzer is one of the Celestials, a race of powerful cosmic beings that have incredible cosmic powers. He first appeared in Eternals #7 comic in 1976, created by Jack Kirby. We don’t know the exact moment of his birth, but we know that he was there even before the First Host or the first visit of the Celestials to Earth.

Jemiah was a member of the First Host, where Celestials arrived on Earth around a million years ago. They started experimenting on human ancestors after deeming other life forms on Earth unworthy. They have done the same thing on many planets, creating Eternals and Deviants from lower life forms. 

Similarly, the Celestials created Earth Eternals and Deviants – the ones we’ll follow in the movie.

Fast forward to the Fourth Host, or the fourth visit of the Celestials on Earth, Jemiah the Analyzer is a member of at least nine Celestials in the group. Although, only four have been announced for the movie, Jemiah, Hargen the Measurer, Nezarr the Calculator, and their leader, Arishem the Judge.

What Does Jemiah The Analyzer Do?

Every member of the Celestial Hosts has a purpose and a distinct role that eventually leads to the Celestials destroying or preserving a civilization. As mentioned before, the Celestials perform experiments on lower life forms during their visits, and they had done the same when they visited Earth a million years ago during the First Host.

Jemiah the Analyzer was present during every Host visit to Earth because his role in the experiments was crucial. As his name suggests, he observes what’s happening and analyzes the results to see where the experiment is going. 

On top of that, he observes the activities and progress of a civilization and reports the results of his analysis to the leader, Arishem the Judge. His analysis, along with Nazarr’s calculations and Hargen’s measurements, gives Arishem all the insights he needs to decide whether the civilization should be allowed to continue living and progressing or get destroyed.

In the Silver Surfer Vol. 3 #5, we learn that Jemiah visited the Skrull planet as well after Emperor Kylor says to him: “Your analysis cannot fail to count us as your proudest achievement.” That means that the Skrulls are also a fruit of the Celestial experiments, which can make one wonder if the human race’s development was influenced by their experiments, too.

Apart from his analysis, Jemiah fought many battles with the Celestials, as he has all the powers they all have. If you’re unfamiliar with Celestial powers and abilities, jump to the next chapter.

Jemiah The Analyzer And His Powers

Apart from having a brilliant mind and the ability for unmistakable analysis, Jemiah the Analyzer has all the powers and abilities that the Celestial race possesses by default. They are beings of inconceivable cosmic energy and power, capable of manipulating all kinds of energy and matter to the molecular level.

That allows the Celestials unlimited powers, using cosmic energy to do anything they want – wipe out or create life, control energy and matter in every way they can imagine. After all, they are responsible for the creation of the entire universe.

Also, Jemiah and the Celestials have spectacular strength, stemming from their Celestial physiology. They are all at least 2000 feet tall, and their true form is encapsulated in a giant, almost-indestructible armor. The Celestials are nearly immortal – physical damage can’t harm them, and it takes a special kind of energy and weaponry to harm or kill them.

One particular ability that Jemiah uses more than any other (and there’s virtually an unlimited number of different abilities) is biophysical control. It gives Jemiah the power to control, manipulate, and alter the genetics of every living organism.

That results in the induction of new or altering previously-existing mutations, which Jemiah and the Celestials use for their experiments.

It’s still unclear what kind of a role the Celestials will play in the movie, but seeing that they don’t interfere with actions on Earth unless necessary, we’ll probably face a threat that’s way above Thanos’ level.

As the Celestials are the ones who created the Eternals and Deviants and tasked them to watch over the Earth, it’s not crazy to conclude that they’ll arrive to continue their experiments, upon which the Eternals might rebel.

Again, these are just my presumptions, but one thing is for certain – it will be an epic affair!

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