Who Is Nezarr the Calculator in Marvel’s Eternals?

Nezarr The Calculator

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The upcoming MCU movie The Eternals, coming out in early November 2021, will introduce us to a whole new universe of power and cosmic entities, namely, the Celestials. The movie trailer showed us glimpses of the cosmic giants, and one of them was Nezarr the Calculator. So, who is Nezarr, and what does he do?

Nezarr the Calculator is one of the four Celestial Hosts visiting the Earth and ruling its worthiness of survival. They also instruct the Earth’s Eternals on what to do (or not do), as they are tasked to keep the Earth safe.

Nezarr is an incredibly powerful cosmic being with unfathomable physical, mental, psionic, and telepathic powers. As he’s a member of the fourth Host now with three other Celestials, he was the member of the First Host, too, responsible for creating Earth’s Eternals. Let’s explore Nezarr’s origins, partnerships, and the role he might play in the movie.

Nezarr The Calculator Origin & Role

Nezarr the Calculator is a fictional character created by Jack Kirby, first appearing in Eternals #9 in 1976. He is a Celestial, a primordial omnipotent cosmic being responsible for the creation of the universe itself. His race had existed for as long as time – when the First Firmament (or the first universe ever) had been made.

The First Firmament was the first universe created by the One Above All, and the universe itself had a consciousness. He created the Celestials and their counterparts, the Aspirant, who went to war over philosophical disputes. The war eventually shattered the First Firmament, creating the first multiverse, or the Second Cosmos.

It’s unclear when Nezarr the Calculator came to be, but we know that he had been around at least since the First Host visited Earth (a group of Celestials believed to create Earth’s Eternals, the ones we’ll see in the upcoming movie).

Nezarr has Celestial physiology – he’s a 2000-foot tall giant in dark blue armor, with his true form hidden within. He’s extremely powerful and one of the four members of the Fourth Host, a group of Celestials visiting Earth today and instructing the Eternals to keep the planet safe. All Celestials have a mental connection, meaning they can communicate at all times.

The other three members of the Fourth Host are Jemiah the analyzer, Hargen the Measurer, and their leader, Arishem the Judge. Together, the four Celestial Hosts visit other planets, judging and ruling whether the planet is worthy of life and saving. If not, they destroy it.

Nezarr’s role in the group lies in his name – he’s the Calculator, a mathematician of incredible intelligence who explores probabilities and variables to help determine a planet’s fate. He doesn’t have the final say, though – Arishem the Judge decides whether to destroy or preserve a planet.

When he first appeared on Earth as a member of the Fourth Host, Nezarr manifested somewhere in the Soviet Union. Scared, the Soviets and General Greshkov send a nuclear missile to hit Nezarr, unaware that they can’t harm him that way.

Nezarr displays his incredible telepathic skills, implanting an illusion of the missile coming back and hitting them in the Soviet’s minds. It drives many insane and puts them in a coma, while some die from cardiac arrest – and that was just a playful act Nezarr had done and not nearly a presentation of his full power potential.

The Calculator also participated in a battle against the Asgardians, where he fought an artificial being named the Destroyer. Using the Odinsword, the Destroyer sliced Nezarr’s arm off, but the Celestial grew it back almost instantly, showing that you can’t harm their physical bodies with brute force.

Nezarr The Calculator And His Powers

It’s already clear that the Celestials – including Nezarr the Calculator – are at the top of the hierarchy of the cosmic power ladder. So, what powers does Nezarr have that make him and other Celestials so indestructible?

First, no one knows what their true form even looks like, so it’s almost impossible to kill the Celestials (highlighting “almost,” as there were instances of Celestials being killed). When Nazarr lost his arm, he grew it right back in seconds because he had complete molecular control of matter and energy, especially his body.

That control over cosmic energy and matter allows the Celestials to perform virtually any task they can imagine, expending almost none of their own energy. That’s why they can battle almost any being in the universe and win without ever getting tired. They have the power to create and destroy life at will – after all, they are the ones who created the Eternals.

Being 2000-foot tall giants grants the Celestials incredible strength and the durability to withstand a planet shattering in their presence without any harm. Apart from their physical strength, the Celestials can also use mental powers such as telepathy, telekinesis, etc.

One of Nazarr the Calculator’s greatest powers are his incredible mental abilities. He can project powerful illusions to almost an unlimited number of minds at the same time. Also, his incredible intellect is almost indescribable to humans, as his mind is faster than any calculator in the world. 

That allows him to wage odds, probabilities and basically calculate whether a civilization should be allowed survival or not.

Nazarr and the other Celestial Hosts will play some role in the movie, but it’s uncertain how big the role will be and if we’ll see more of the cosmic entities in the future of the MCU. However, if they end up with a significant role, get ready for threats way beyond Thanos, Ego, or any other supervillain we’ve seen in the MCU so far.

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