Jiren vs Beerus: Who Would Win?

Jiren vs Beerus: Who Would Win?

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Dragon Ball is a franchise that relies heavily on martial arts and as such offers a lot of great comparison material. We have already done lots of Dragon Ball-based comparisons and in this article, we have decided to do yet another one, focusing on two very powerful characters. One of them is Jiren, a villain said to be stronger than a God of Destruction, and the other is Beerus, an actual God of Destruction. Let us see which one of them would win.

Beerus would certainly defeat Jiren, despite the fact that Jiren is supposed to be stronger than a God of Destruction. While Jiren may be physically stronger than Beerus, Beerus’ powers are on a grander level and we have never even seen him at his full potential, which is absolutely destructive.

Speaking of Jiren vs Beerus, there’s still a lot to be said. Throughout the rest of this article, we will look at their powers in more detail and see how the fight between Jiren and Beerus would play out.  

Jiren and his powers

Jiren, also known as Jiren the Grey, is known as a member of the Pride Troopers team, a team consisting of several Eleventh Universe warriors fighting for freedom and justice. He is the strongest warrior of the Eleventh Universe and the strongest warrior of all in the Tournament of Power.

The name “Jiren” itself is a wordplay on the Japanese word “renji”, which means stove. The character was created by Akira Toriyama himself and is part of the larger canon.

Jiren has no hair or body hair and has large black eyes and small nostrils. He’s a very muscular alien and like all his teammates he wears a red and black uniform, white boots, and gloves.

Jiren 1

Worldviews and personality traits

Jiren’s master, the great warrior Gicchin, who had introduced Jiren to the Pride Troopers in hopes that he could learn the value of cooperation, was killed by a criminal who according to the animated series had also killed Jiren’s parents.

Jiren is devoted to justice and the welfare of all, which he puts above all else, and never acts for selfish reasons, in fact, he refuses to kill even the wicked.

However, he considers strength as the only possible and valid means to obtain justice, and initially considers friendship as nothing more than a weakness, even if, after losing the Tournament of Power, he will learn to give more importance to teamwork and friendships. Despite this, though, Toppo considers him as his best friend.

Jiren is a very silent and cold-tempered warrior, and he is the only member of the Pride Troopers who does not perform artistic poses before fighting. The great confidence he has in himself sometimes leads him to be arrogant; this is due to his belief that he is the strongest, moreover he usually only intervenes in the clashes if the situation becomes critical.

Fighting skills

Jiren takes starts in the Tournament of Power with the sole purpose of winning the super dragon balls and resurrecting his master, although he does not appreciate the idea of ​​other universes being destroyed in the process.

During the Tournament of Power, Jiren eliminates Hit from the Sixth Universe and Vegeta also; in the anime, he also eliminates Maji Kayo from the Third Universe and Roshi in the manga.

He will fight several times against Goku, who will be able to overcome him in the strong power of the Ultra Instinct, which the Saiyan will unleash during the clash with Jiren, and in the end, Jiren during the clash with Goku and Frieza is beaten by falling from the ring of the Tournament together with the two opponents, making sure that the last remaining warrior in the Tournament of Power was C-17.


Jiren’s strength is said to surpass that of a God of Destruction (although that is not quite correct), and he is able to throw powerful punches hitting from a distance thanks to the air displacements generated, is extremely fast, boasts a very high physical resistance and is able to predict and parry with ease.

His Chi is so high that it creates impenetrable energy barriers around him with the mere presence of him. In the manga, he also uses a device that allows him to shrink his enemies, and is able to travel from one planet to another with ease making it faster than a spaceship.

Beerus and his powers

Beerus is best known as the God of Destruction of Universe 7. He first appears as the main antagonist in the film Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods and then, subsequently, becomes a major character in the Dragon Ball Super series, although not necessarily as a villain anymore.

He physically resembles a large anthropomorphic cat that is purple in color and with bunny ears. With a rather childish temperament, he can easily get angry and become very violent if he does not get what he wants.

beerus Cropped


Not being from planet Earth, he shares, with his master Whis, a fascination with the food that abounds on the planet, especially local desserts such as ice cream, flans, puddings, and strawberries. Despite everything, there is still someone lenient, being ready to pass the sponge for anyone who does something stupid.

Bulma is also the first Earth woman to hit him when the latter calls her a “horrible scoundrel”.

He tells Goku, in order to motivate him, to train for the tournament pitting him against his twin brother Champa, the God of Destruction of Universe 6. According to his master Whis, he was only using 70% of his power during their fight, and that other people would be even stronger in universes other than this one.

Divine traits

As the God of Destruction, he remains neutral in the conflicts of his universe, as is the case during the clash between Golden Frieza and Son Goku, taking sides neither for one nor the other. When Frieza destroys Earth, Beerus points out to Son Goku that all of this is the result of his excessive mercy and that he should have eliminated Frieza when he was at his mercy.

Beerus, who is quite adamant about time travel, lets Whis go back in time so that Son Goku can undo his mistake and eliminate the tyrant before he destroys Earth. Beerus is somewhat troubled that he is partly responsible for saving Earth, when in theory he is rather supposed to destroy it.

He doesn’t hesitate to investigate Zamasu’s true intentions with Whis, and destroys him after discovering that the latter was planning Gowasu’s murder. Although he is a god, he still shows certain respect towards others, he will even congratulate Ten Shin Han and Master Roshi for their combativeness during the Tournament of Power.

He is very worried that Son Goku will be appreciated by Zeno, who has the power to destroy entire universes, convinced that Universe 7 risks being wiped out if Son Goku makes an irreparable blunder that could upset Zeno.

He seems to have a dispute with Quitela, the God of Destruction of Universe 4. The rivalry between the two characters is palpable during the Tournament of Power, the two gods not hesitating to challenge each other following a disagreement over the use of the mafūba by Master Roshi.


He is Son Goku’s most powerful opponent, surpassing him on every level and announcing that he was only the second in the universe to stand up to him, another person having already given Beerus a hard time; it is clear that this is his master Whis, the only being in the universe capable of standing up to him.


His main technique is called Destruction (Hakai) and gives him the ability to destroy absolutely anything he wants, even a soul. He even destroys a ghost of Dr. Mashirito, a character from the manga Dr. Slump, who makes a cameo appearance in Dragon Ball Super.

He nevertheless believes that Son Goku and Vegeta could become threats in the certain future, without knowing why or against whom.

Comparing the powers of Jiren and Beerus

Our third section will contain a comparison of the two characters’ powers. This section will be a direct comparison and not as much as a listing of their powers abilities, as we have done before, and is going to serve as a basis for our analysis in section three of our article. Now, let us begin.


xenoverse 2 jiren full power

In terms of pure physical strength, Beerus doesn’t really have much to offer. He’s a very slim, scarecrow-looking cat and while he does have some muscles, that’s just silly on a general level. Luckily for him that looks are deceiving, but based on this – Beerus would be a laughing stock.

On the other hand, Jiren looks like a bodybuilder even without activating any additional powers. He is well built, strong, and muscular all over, and that is why he is considered to be one of the strongest characters in the whole franchise.

And that is also why he takes the points in this category.

Fighting skills


This category is quite simple, as the winner is more than obvious. Sure, Jiren is a great fighter and he has demonstrated abilities that are superior to a lot of Goku’s forms, but ultimately, he was defeated by one of the weaker Saiyan forms and that speaks for itself.

On the other hand, Beerus was never actually defeated and – interestingly enough – the guy never even unleashed his full powers and skills. Goku did land some punches, but that wasn’t even nearly enough to defeat Beerus, who is just an amazing fighter.

This is why these points go to Beerus.

Energy manipulation

Jiren is a fighter and his energy manipulation skills are limited at best. The guy focuses on his skills, his chi, and his fighting techniques, which is only natural for such an imposing powerhouse character, but it’s not nearly sufficient in this aspect.

As for Beerus, as an actual god, he has energy manipulation skills that are on a very high level, even without the use of the Hakai technique, which destroys everything and anything. Jiren would not stand a chance against a lot of Beerus’ weaker techniques, let alone the Hakai, which would simply erase him.

This is why the winner here is also Beerus.

Jiren vs Beerus: Who would win?

And now for the most important and interesting section of our article – the analysis. Here, we are going to use what we have found out about these two characters and analyze how all these facts would (or would not) help them in a fight against each other. Let us continue.


Had it not been for the “Jiren is stronger than a God of Destruction” quote, we probably wouldn’t have written this article at all, but we thought it would be opportune to explain things to you. Now, Jirern was described to be stronger than a God of Destruction but that information was proven to be an exaggeration. Jiren couldn’t even defeat Broly, and Broly is certainly not stronger than Beerus.

As far as Beerus is concerned, the guy’s absolutely incredible. Sure, he may look like a weakling, but he has so many magical and energy manipulation abilities that you simply have to admire his skills. The guy never even unleashed his full potential at any point in the saga, and yet he trashed every opponent that came at him. He is quite probably the strongest God of Destruction ever.


And this is why we have Beerus as the winner here. Namely, Jiren’s supposed “stronger than a god of destruction” status was proven to be an exaggeration of the character’s powers, and where he is weaker than even Broly, Beerus is quite possibly the strongest God of Destruction of them all, making him the clear winner here.

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