Son Goku vs Naruto: Who Would Win?

Son Goku vs Naruto: Who Would Win?

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It’s been a while since we’ve done a proper anime-based comparison and we thought it was time to do one. Today’s article is going to compare the main characters of the two most popular martial arts-based manga and anime series, Dragon Ball and Naruto, i.e., Son Goku, the protagonist of the former, and Naruto Uzumaki, the titular protagonist of the latter. Both of these characters are superheroes in their own right and undeniably the best fighters in their respective franchises. They are extremely powerful, even more skilled, and the combination of those two helped them save their worlds in more than one instance. But what would happen if they fought each other? You want to know whether Son Goku could beat Naruto or vice versa? Good, because we have the answer for you, so keep reading to find out!

Both Son Goku and Naruto are amazing fighters and the best in their respective universes. Still, due to his enormous potential and incredible feats, we are fairly certain that Son Goku would be able to defeat Naruto Uzumaki in a direct clash of these martial arts titans.

Today’s article is going to be all about comparing the protagonists of Dragon Ball and Naruto. You’re going to find out who Son Goku and Naruto Uzumaki are, as well as what their exact powers and abilities are. In the end, based on what we have presented earlier, we’re going to give our final verdict on who is stronger. It’s promising to be a fun story so keep reading until the end!

Son Goku

Son Goku is the protagonist and main hero of the whole Dragon Ball franchise. He is based on Sun Wukong, the main character in the classic Chinese novel Journey to the West, but his whole origin story can be compared to Superman’s origin story as presented in DC Comics issues.

Goku first made his debut in Dragon Ball chapter #1, titled Bulma and Son Goku in 1984, as an eccentric, monkey-tailed boy who practices martial arts and possesses superhuman strength. He meets Bulma and joins her on a journey to find the wish-granting Dragon Balls, which are used to summon the legendary dragon Shenlong.

Along the way, he finds new friends who follow him on his journey. Initially believed to have been born on Earth, Goku later learns that he is a member of an extra-terrestrial warrior race called the Saiyans, which is also the reason for his superhuman strength, and his birth name is Kakarot. As he grows up, he becomes the Earth’s mightiest warrior and protects his adopted home planet from those who seek to destroy it (there is a similarity with Superman).

Goku is depicted as carefree and cheerful when at ease, but quickly serious and strategic-minded when in battle and also enthusiastic to fight. He is able to concentrate his Ki and use it for devastatingly powerful energy-based attacks; the most prominent being his signature Kamehameha, in which Goku launches a blue energy blast from his palms.

Also pure of heart, Goku has frequently granted mercy to his enemies, which has often earned him additional allies in the process (though has also resulted in others taking advantage of his kindness), and he is one of the few who can ride the magic cloud called Kinto’un (“Somersault Cloud”); this is also an element adapted from the Chinese novel Journey to the West

As the protagonist, Goku appears in most of the episodes, films, television specials and OVAs of the manga’s anime adaptations (Dragon BallDragon Ball ZDragon Ball GTDragon Ball Super and Dragon Ball Heroes) as well as many of the franchise’s video games. Due to the series’ international popularity, Goku has become one of the most recognizable and iconic characters in the world.

Naruto Uzumaki

Naruto Uzumaki is the main protagonist of the anime and manga Naruto, created by Masashi Kishimoto. He is a young ninja from the fictional village of Konohagakure. The villagers ridicule Naruto on account of the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox—a malevolent creature that attacked Konohagakure during its history—that was sealed away in Naruto’s body.

Despite being ridiculed and ostracised, he aspires to become his village’s leader, the Hokage. He is carefree, optimistic and boisterous (sometimes described as “simple and stupid”), which enables him to befriend other Konohagakure ninja, as well as a ninja from other nearby villages.

Naruto appears in the series’ films and in other media related to the franchise, including video games and original video animations (OVA), as well as the sequel Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, where his son, Boruto Uzumaki, is the protagonist.

Comparing their powers and abilities

As we move forward, per our tradition, we are going to compare the powers and abilities of our two protagonists before we give our final verdict. These two guys are quite interesting so comparing their powers is certainly going to be a fun thing to do.

Son Goku’s powers

We’ll start off our analysis with Goku. In terms of pure powers, we can state that Son Goku has become a true saiyan god as the series progressed. He doesn’t have any superpowers like some other superheroes, but he can utilise his physique and his fighting skills in such a way that he truly does seem superhuman. He is a constantly evolving character that upgrades his skills and potential after each big challenge, becoming more powerful after every fight. In that aspect, his potential is practically unlimited and it is safe to assume – although, we have to reiterate that, there is no hard evidence for this – that his potential is night infinite.

When it comes to speed, well, we don’t actually know how fast Goku is. We know he’s fast. His reflexes are brilliant and he can, indeed, move really fast. But how fast is he, exactly? We haven’t a clue. If we consult Dragon Ball Super, where Goku’s powers have become almost absurdly big, and compare his speed to the general speed of the Dragon Ball Z characters, we could assume that he’s become the fastest character in the series. The sad thing is – we have absolutely no proof of this and this brings us to the verifiability issue mentioned above. This is one of such unverified (or even unverifiable) assumptions that you can freely interpret.

In terms of endurance, Son Goku is an exceptional fighter who doesn’t get tired and gets better after every fight. Son Goku is a trained martial artist so he is automatically exceptional in hand-to-hand combat; he doesn’t actually rely on his strength and on his powers, but rather on his skills and complex fighting techniques. His Saiyan physique also enables him to last very long in a fight, so long that it is questionable whether he can get tired at all, but this is also one of the unproven assumptions open to interpretation. He also grows after each battle and becomes stronger, which also makes him more durable after each fight. He is not immortal, though, which is something we thought was worth mentioning at this point.

Finally, we’d like to confirm that Goku doesn’t really have any known weaknesses in the classical sense. Sure, he can be beaten, but there is no secret weapon you could use in a fight against him. If you’re a better fighter, you’ll win; if not, there’s really no “cheat code” you could use.

Naruto’s powers

Now for Naruto Uzumaki, who is the second character in our analysis. He is quite an interesting character, as he started off as a very inept and weak ninja (shinobi), only being able to master the completely useless Sexy Technique. On the other hand, with time, Naruto not only mastered more complex techniques but also became – as most think – the most powerful shinobi in history.

At the height of his abilities, he was able to face and defeat some of the most powerful fighters in the franchise. He also has massive reserves of very strong chakra, which are activated gradually as the anime progresses. As for his jinchūriki transformations, Naruto also gradually enhanced his skills, but for most of the time, he only used half of Kurama (the Nine-Tailed Beast) during his transformations, meaning that he only used half of his full potential. Now let us see how the official databooks list his powers:

DatabookNinjutsuTaijutsuGenjutsuIntelligenceStrengthSpeedStaminaHand sealsTotal

If looking exclusively at the numbers, Naruto isn’t the strongest character in Naruto; in fact, even Sasuke’s numbers are higher than his as per the official databooks. Yet, Naruto was able to defeat not only Sasuke, but every other foe that appeared throughout the franchise, thereby showing just how powerful he really was. Naruto is certainly the most powerful and most skilled shinobi from the whole franchise and there is certainly no doubt that he has grown since his debut to become a formidable foe for anyone who faces him.

Son Goku vs Naruto: Who Would Win?

Now, Naruto and Son Goku have never fought each other and since the manga writers aren’t all that keen on inter-universe crossovers, they probably never will (perhaps in a video game, since they’re known to have such events, but that’s not really credible). The problem here is that the worlds of Dragon Ball and Naruto are still quite different when it comes to the execution of some fundamental concepts, which makes it difficult to fully compare these two in a completely objective way. It is rather difficult to compare Naruto’s numbers (see above) with Goku’s skills, and not just because a lot of Goku’s skills are just interpretations of what he could do, rather than actual demonstrations of the limitless potential he has.

So, how to compare them properly? Well, if we analyze the three groups we did with Goku and compare them to Naruto’s numbers, we can clearly see that Naruto doesn’t really do all that well against Goku, save for their endurance. Goku’s powers are a couple of levels above Naruto’s, despite Naruto’s command over the Nine-Tailed Beast. The Nine-Tailed Beast is Naruto’s strongest weapon, but even it couldn’t do much against Goku’s Saiyan powers. Goku was able to defeat actual gods in the recent iterations of the manga, despite not being a god himself, and even earlier he was able to defeat the likes of Piccolo and Frieza, both of which were more powerful than any other character. It is worth mentioning that Goku was not even close to his full potential at the time.

Their techniques, which is a related issue, are on a high level and both are masters when it comes to their respective worlds. The only issue is that Goku’s techniques seem to be far superior to Naruto’s.

The speed is also an interesting factor, but Naruto wasn’t really the fastest character in his world, while we have some indications that Goku became the fastest one in his world. This is why we think that Goku triumphs in terms of speed as well. Their endurance, though, is something they share and we believe that they could both last equally long in a fight. The only issue Naruto would have here is that Son Goku gets stronger as the fight progresses, which means – the longer the fight, the less chance he has to win.

And with this, we can conclude our brief analysis. Based on the four most important categories, we have concluded that Goku would be able to defeat Naruto in a fight. It would not be an easy fight, for sure, and it would probably last long, but in the end, due to his superiority in practically every category, Son Goku would be declared winner in this ultimate clash of the two best martial artists in the world of manga and anime.

And that’s it for today. We hope you had fun reading this and that we helped solve this dilemma for you. See you next time and don’t forget to follow us!

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