Jujutsu Kaisen: 10 Best Yūta Okkotsu Quotes

Jujutsu Kaisen: 10 Best Yūta Okkkotsu Quotes

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The protagonist of the Jujutsu Kaisen 0, Yūta Okkotsu, is a character that certainly attracted the attention of many people. Ultimately, people wonder why Yūta Okkotsu was absent from the anime series. We have already provided you with many articles about Yūta Okkotsu, and this one will be a continuation of that trend, as we are going to dig into Yūta Okkotsu’s personality and his overall role in the Jujutsu Kaisen manga and anime series. He is an exceptionally interesting character and in that aspect, he certainly deserves to be analyzed and explored.

This list will include a total of the best 10 Yūta Okkotsu quotes you need to know from the Jujutsu Kaisen anime and manga. The quotes are taken from various contexts and situations, and we have decided to list them here for you and also explain the context and the meaning a bit.

1. “I want to have a connection with someone. I want to be needed by someone. I want the confidence to feel like it’s okay to live.”

Fans of Jujutsu Kaisen will probably know that Yūta Okkotsu was the original protagonist of the Jujutsu Kaisen series but was replaced with Itadori when the series was continued and revised later. In that aspect, he was significantly different than Itadori and had a completely different personality than him, which is why he is so authentic and greatly written.

Yūta Okkotsu was a lonely boy, a boy who lost it all at one moment and was forced to live in his own solitude in a world that would not tolerate either his uniqueness or his pain. This is why he wanted a goal in life, he wanted… no, he needed a reason to stay alive in a world that took everything from him, and this quote perfectly illustrates the pain and loneliness of this young boy.

2. “I’ll give you my future, heart, and body… I love you Rika… This is pure love.”

As far as we’ve come to understand, the thing that Yūta Okkotsu and Rika had was real, palpable, and true. They loved each other, and although they were quite young when Rika was killed, it seemed like Akutami wanted to portray it as the real thing. This is why Rika remained attached to Yūta, i.e., why he did what he did to keep her by his side.


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Rika was, until her release, his whole world, and while he lived with the pain and loneliness, he still had Rika having Rika by his side made his life easier, and it helped him, if only a bit, to survive the everyday perils of his – from his perspective – miserable existence.

3. “I’m starting to think Rika didn’t curse me after all. I think I might have been the one who cursed Rika.”

This was actually a horrid realization that everyone had to face and swallow, especially because it is usually the other way around. Curses tend to stick to people because they’ve cursed them or the people have been cursed by someone else, but in Rika’s case, she was tied to Yūta Okkotsu because he “cursed” her.

He did not do it intentionally or because he was evil, he simply did not want to lose her ever, so he connected her demonic form to him and lived with her presence, even though she was a monster at that point, a proper one. And when this was revealed, it was a shock for everyone, but Yūta Okkotsu would end up doing the right thing here.

4. “I won’t help people who insult my friends!”

Although Yūta Okkotsu was lonely and had no friends, he knew what friendship was and why loyalty mattered so much. He met some new friends when Satoru brought him to the school, and despite all the differences that existed between them, as well as his solitary personality, Yūta Okkotsu knew that the three of them were his friends and he was willing to do whatever it took to protect them, which is why he ultimately stood up to Suguru and refused to join him, as he could not join someone who was mean and vile to his friends.

These friends were everything he had, and he could and would not lose them.

5. “I just, don’t want to see anyone getting hurt again.”

Like loneliness, pain was also vital to Yūta Okkotsu’s life. He had experienced emotional pain after Rika’s death, and since he was bullied, he also experienced psychological and physical pain throughout his life.

And while some people who experience pain also inflict pain upon others, Yūta Okkotsu was not that kind of person; he did not want to see anyone in pain or suffering, which is why he behaved as he did. He wanted to protect those he cared about and, even more, wanted to not be the one who would inflict pain on others. This was probably because, deep down, he knew what he had done to Rika, so the constant guilt significantly influenced his behavior and his perception of pain.

6. “I was planning to disappear from circulation, only… When the teacher told me that I was going to feel alone, I did not know what to answer. I would like to have friends, to be useful to someone! I wish I had enough confidence to be able to say that my life is worth it!”

This one is very similar to several others on this list, and it illustrates further, as we have said, how complex and deep he was as a character. Yūta Okkotsu’s pain was really well-executed, and Akutami made it feel authentic and real, and not like something that is there just for show.

It influenced Yūta’s actions, behavior, and relationships with other characters, which is why we can only praise the author’s commitment when Yūta’s portrayal is concerned. This was evident in his replicas as well, and we can only reiterate that this quote is one of the better examples of Yūta Okkotsu’s depths and complexity, which is why it is on this list in the first place.

7. “Sir, I will become an exorcist to free Rika from her curse!”

Yūta Okkotsu’s commitment to Rika and her wellbeing, even after her death, was impressive and even motivated him to become a Jujutsu Sorcerer, which he was not really open to doing initially.

But, Yūta Okkotsu, as we’ve said, knew the value of friendship, loyalty, and, especially, love, so this shouldn’t really surprise those who knew what Yūta Okkotsu was like as a character. He would do anything for Rika, even completely change his plans and goals, as long as it was enough to save her and make her feel good, and freeing her from the curse was certainly one such thing.

8. “I do not understand!! I don’t know about any sorcerers outside this school, so I don’t know what other people think… And I’m in no position to judge you.”

Yūta Okkotsu had a very interesting relationship with Suguru, who both admired him and wanted to submit to him. Suguru, as someone who was near Satoru’s level of power, knew how valuable Yūta Okkotsu was, and he wanted him by his side, but what he did not know was how determined Yūta Okkotsu was to protect his friends and how firm his moral code actually was.

He could not be swayed, and while Suguru certainly tried, Yūta Okkotsu remained firm in his beliefs, although he did admit he lacked the experience to properly judge his position.

9. “I just decided I was going to change, here and now!”

Well, this one was… interesting if you consider Yūta Okkotsu’s perspective on life and other things. Namely, Yūta Okkotsu was going through a lot in his life, and from that perspective, change was something to be expected, but Yūta seemed to lack the initiative to do it. Still, with everything that happened to him, he simply decided to become stronger and a better friend to everyone, someone they could rely on. This quote illustrates how it happened, and how he decided to become that better and stronger version of himself.


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10. “But in order to remain with all my friends… In order for me to believe it’s okay that I’m alive… I have to kill you!”

And the final quote is reserved for that important moment during Yūta Okkotsu’s fight against Suguru when he finally decided he would not join him and properly started the fight.

This shows how determined Yūta Okkotsu was to change and be stronger. This shows just how much he cared for his friends and how much they’ve changed him. This shows just how much he loved Rika and wanted to be the one to release her from her curse. Suguru was ultimately defeated, and while Yūta did not kill him (Satoru did), he certainly contributed to his demise.

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