Jujutsu Kaisen: Did Mechamaru Kill Mahito? What Happened?

Jujutsu Kaisen: Did Mechamaru Kill Mahito? What Happened?

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The Shibuya Incident Arc was one of the most important arcs in the Jujutsu Kaisen series, with a lot of events taking place and a lot of changes in its aftermath. But, the whole event started with a small, basically behind-the-scenes skirmish between Mahito and Kokichi Muta, better known as Mechamaru. The two of them clashed because Mechamaru wanted to kill the villains he had been working for, but did he do it? Did Mechamaru kill Mahito? Keep reading to find out!

Mechamaru was unable to defeat Mahito in their fight. Mechamaru had a really good plan to battle the powerful curse. He used all the cursed energy he had to force Mahito into a defensive position while, at the same time, using his robot’s armor to shield himself against Mahito’s fatal touch. While it initially seemed as if Mechamaru was gaining the upper hand here, Mahito, at one point, activated his Domain and trapped Mechamaru inside it, seemingly defeating him. Mechamaru countered with Simple Domain and was able to seriously injure Mahito, which led him to believe that he had won. He then let his guard down, a fact that Mahito used to his own advantage to kill Mechamaru.

The rest of this article will give you an overview of the battle between Mechamaru and Mahito, as it happened at the beginning of the Shibuya Incident Arc. It was a great and ultimately heartbreaking battle that saw Mechamaru dying; which some might think of it as poetic justice, while others might think of it as unfair. Be that as it may, we will provide you with the necessary details about the fact so that you know everything you need to know about it. Of course, this article will have numerous spoilers, so be careful how you approach it.

Sadly, Mechamaru was unable to defeat Mahito, and that battle was his ultimate downfall

The story of how Mechamaru and Mahito clashed actually begins with the fact that a traitor was discovered during the Goodwill Event. Now, the investigation undertaken by Utahime led to the only possible conclusion, which also proved to be the correct one, and that was that Mechamaru, a.k.a. Kokichi Muta, was the traitor who was giving valuable information to the enemies, i.e., the villainous group led by Kenjaku (Pseudo-Geto). So, why did Mechamaru actually do it? Why did he become a traitor?

When Mahito and Pseudo-Get arrive at a covert place in Chapter 79, Mechamaru welcomes them and says that he thought that they had betrayed him. After a lengthy conversation, the two decide that in exchange for the knowledge Mechamaru has given them, they will use Mahito’s Idle Transfiguration technique to cure his original body, which was part of the Binding Vow made between the three of them.

In particular, Kikichi Muta, also known as Mechamaru, was born with a specific condition that prevented him from facing any light (this was a very extreme manifestation of a Heavenly Restriction). As a result, he exploited cursed puppets to be in the outer world while he himself was hiding in a dark place, away from everyone. He yearned for a physique that could actually work.

Knowing Mahito could give him one, he entered into a Binding Vow with the villains, agreeing to give them knowledge about the Jujutsu sorcerers in exchange for giving him a healthy body. Another requirement was that the villains not harm his fellow students at the Kyoto Metropolitan Curse Technical College.


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Both sides respected all of this, but when Mahito fulfilled his end of the deal, a fight ensued between the two. Namely, it was revealed at that moment that Mechamaru was never a villain, nor did he ever really join the villains. Sure, he became a traitor, but this was due to personal reasons. And while he was an ass towards the guys from Tokyo, he still cared enough for his Kyoto Metropolitan Curse Technical College classmates, so he ensured they were safe.

Not the best possible way to act, but it gave us enough to ultimately not judge him. Now, with that in mind, you will surely not be surprised by the fact that Mechamaru immediately attacked Mahito right after gaining a functional body.

First, he sent a series of robotic dolls at Mechamaru, which were actually a distraction. Sure, Mahito’s Innate Technique did not work on them as they had no souls, but they distracted him long enough for Mechamaru to seemingly disappear. And while Mahito thought that Mechamaru had fled, he prepared another attack as the ground below Mahito and Geto started crumbling. The two of them suddenly found themselves at a large dam in front of a gigantic robot, which was actually Mechamaru’s Mechmaru Mode: Absolute, a gigantic and powerful robot whose firepower was exceptionally destructive.

While Mahito and Mechamaru fought, Pseudo-Geto activated a veil that also prevented Mechamaru from contacting the outside, particularly Gojo, whom Mechamaru planned on calling to assist him in the fight.

But, despite that, Mechamaru still had a plan to destroy at least Mahito. Both of them looked forward to the fight. Mechamaru started with his powerful Absolute Cannon, which did not kill Mahito but injured him severely; Mahito transformed his feet to avoid the whole blast. But, both of them were aware that these cursed energy attacks would not be enough to defeat Mahito, which means they were also aware that each had a trump card.

Mahito needed to penetrate the robot to kill Mechamaru, while Mechamaru needed to slay Mahito’s soul, as his body could always regenerate. So, what happened? Well, Mechamaru launched a series of attacks that Mahito could either avoid or defend against while using his body-morphing abilities to damage the robot. At one point, Mahito managed to activate his Domain, which trapped Mechamaru inside the robot, and since the Domain allowed him a sure hit, he could hit his opponent.

But this was actually a trick. Just when Mahito was about to retreat, thinking that he had won, the robot stood up and pierced his torso with a heavy blow.

It was discovered that Mechamaru had used a Simple Domain to negate the effects of Mahito’s Domain, which allowed him to avoid being killed. But Mechamaru then made a fatal mistake – he let his guard down. Thinking that he had killed Mahito, Mechamaru was pleased but unbeknownst to him, Mahito was not dead, and he morphed, getting ready for a new attack.


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Mechamaru noticed it, but his ultimate attempt at killing his opponent was unsuccessful, and Mahito managed to hit him, which ultimately led to both his death and the death of his mechanic puppet, which was in Kyoto. And that is how the battle between the two of them ended.

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