Is Mahito Really Dead in Jujutsu Kaisen?

Is Mahito Really Dead in Jujutsu Kaisen?

Mahito is a major villain in the Jujutsu Kaisen manga and anime. An important member of Pseudo-Geto’s team of villains, Mahito caused trouble for the Jujutsu Sorcerers and is infamously known for causing the death of Nanami, which is why a lot of fans hate him. But, during the infamous Shibuya Incident, which changed so much in the world of Jujutsu Kaisen, Mahito seemingly meets his own demise after he’s absorbed by Pseudo-Geto. In this article, we are going to tell you whether he really died or not.

During the final moments of the Shibuya Incident Arc, Mahito is absorbed by Pseudo-Geto after being defeated by Itadori and Todo. Mahito wanted to avoid being absorbed by Pseudo-Geto, which suggests that that process means death. We still have to wait out to see the long-term consequences of this event, but Mahito is, indeed, permanently dead from this point of view.

The rest of the article is going to be dedicated solely to Mahito and his death in Jujutsu Kaisen. You’re going to find out how Mahito supposedly died, who “killed” him, and when the events we are talking about actually took place. Although Mahito was despised by many, the circumstances surrounding his supposed death are certainly of interest to fans. Beware, this article is going to be full of spoilers.

Who and when “killed” Mahito in Jujutsu Kaisen?

In order to explain the circumstances of Mahito’s death, we have to go back to the Shibuya Incident arc, which is – undoubtedly – the manga’s most important narrative event to date. The primary goal was to seal away Gojo, which the villains have succeeded in doing, but a lot of other things happened during the incident, and Mahito played a large role in that aspect. How? Let us revise a bit!

On October 31 in Shibuya, Mahito created several altered humans and placed them in the curtain of the Meiji Shrine station. After exorcists raise the curtain, Mahito alters other humans and takes them to Shibuya Station by subway. Once they arrive at the station, Mahito greets Jogo while the altered humans attack the other humans present.

Jogo then informs him of Hanami’s death, much to his surprise. As more humans make their way to their location, Mahito, Jogo, and Choso combine their attacks on Satoru. The latter then activates his Territory Extension for 0.2 seconds, freezing all the people present in the subway, and then Satoru begins to kill all the altered humans, namely a thousand.

Yuji using Black Flash to defeat Mahito 1

After Mahito recovers from the effects of the Territory, he sees Satoru sealed away by Suguru (who turns out to be an impostor). When the real Suguru Geto’s body arm tries to regain control, he tells Mahito that the memory of the body must exist in the soul and body. Mahito replies that this might be a unique case and would not apply to his own fate since they are not from the same world, which Suguru appreciates. After that, the two watch as Satoru gets completely sealed.

However, after his teammates wake up, Mahito watches the Edge of Torment sink into the ground. The would-be Suguru then informs them that they will have to wait until the relic has completely subdued Satoru.

However, all learn that other exorcists will come to their location and decide to go into action. While Jogo tries to wake up Sukuna, Mahito and Choso want to kill Yuji, one out of envy and the other to avenge his brothers. Mahito then leaves to find him. After all the humans in their location have been eliminated, Mahito blocks the way for his allies with a double himself to find Yuji.

Later in the evening, Mahito watches an injured Kento pass by while hiding in a photo booth. After Kento takes care of some altered humans, Mahito places his hand on his chest and has a short conversation. When Yuji suddenly arrives, Mahito kills Kento before his eyes and turns his attention to the teenager. Yuji charges, but Mahito counters him. Yuji then asks Mahito why he can kill so easily.

Mahito replies that he is him and that until he accepts it, Yuji cannot win. Mahito then attempts to pierce Yuji’s heart, but the latter dodges and counterattacks. Mahito remembers and congratulates Yuji saying it’s now time for round two. As the two continue to fight, Yuji pursues Mahito while the latter attacks from a distance.


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As Mahito escapes around a corner, Yuji follows him but finds two individuals. As Yuji tells them to get to safety, Mahito suddenly attacks one of them and uses the other to create a sword. Elsewhere, Mahito’s double encounters Nobara Kugisaki and then the two prepare to fight. Mahito receives several nails on it, but he dodges them. Using a fallen nail, Nobara uses the Hairpin on the flail. Annoyed, Mahito gets Nobara’s Resonance which acts directly on his soul, causing him to suffer heavy damage.

As both the original body and Mahito’s duplicate are pierced by nails, leaving them misunderstood, Mahito’s vulnerability allows Yuji to unleash a flurry of blows, but the flail splits. Mahito takes the opportunity to flee at the same time as his double while Yuji and Nobara pursue them. As the Original meets the Double, the two Mahitos cross paths, and the Original touches Nobara’s face.

Yuji smashes the second Mahito against the wall and runs to check Nobara’s status. After the latter falls, Yuji is completely wiped out. As Yuji remains frozen, Mahito arrives and fires a Dark Beam at him. Mahito overwhelms him with blows while shouting that his naivety will lose him and claiming that this battle is a fight between two incompatible species and truths.

Before he can kill the teenager, Aoi Todo shows up and uses Boogie Woogie to save Yuji. Afterward, as Aoi and Yuji are talking, Mahito charges at the two exorcists but is teleported away by Aoi’s spell before getting hit by the latter. Mahito then resumes his fight against Aoi, and as he prepares to attack him again, it is Yuji who stands in front of him and releases a Dark Ray.

Their fight continues, and at one point, MMahito uses Dismemberment, forcing his opponents out of the station. He then uses Soul Abomination to separate Aoi from Yuji as he confronts Sukuna’s Vessel. Unfortunately for him, Mahito’s creations are easily defeated by Aoi, who joins Yuji. Cornered, Mahito decides to use the Orb of Isolation for 0.2 seconds.

The plague then quickly appears in Sukuna’s mind and tells him to just watch what it will do to Yuji. Mahito thus cuts off Aoi’s hand, but the latter subsequently claps Mahito’s hand and swaps places with Yuji. Sukuna’s receptacle then manages to fire a Black Ray at Mahito. The flail rises and then transforms with Grim Astral Body.

Mahito tries to touch Pseudo Geto

Mahito then declares to have understood the true essence of his soul, and the battle between the two fighters resumes. His overwhelming power and impenetrable skin put Mahito on a whole new level. As he is hammered through the ground, Yuji seeks to use the Dark Beam but instead performs the Interval Technique, disabling Mahito. Aoi gets up and distracts Mahito, which allows Yuji to release a Ray Noiro.

Yuji then explains to Mahito that they are both the same, but he will seek to kill the plague by any means. Mahito then tries to run away but comes across Suguru who offers to help him. While the latter easily pushes Yuji away, Mahito attacks his ally but without success. The blight then tells Suguru that he always knew he was born of humans before he got absorbed into the Curse Master’s spell.

Why was Mahito killed?

Moments before being sealed and absorbed by Pseudo-Geto, Mahito told his former ally that he had known his plan from him from the very beginning. Being the asshole he is, Pseudo-Geto used the Curses around him just like he used his other victims, so Mahito was not an exception. Since we still don’t know the endgame of Jujutsu Kaisen, we’re still not sure what exactly Mahito meant when he said what he did, but as far as we can deduce, it seems that Mahito had anticipated his death at the hands of Pseudo-Geto. We’ll just have to wait it out for more details.