Jujutsu Kaisen: The Shibuya Incident Timeline Explained!

Jujutsu Kaisen: The Shibuya Incident Timeline Explained!

As it is with every anime and manga, the plot of Jujutsu Kaisen is divided into several narrative arcs, some of which are smaller and others are bigger. The manga has been published since March 5, 2018, and is still ongoing, with a total of 23 volumes as of the time of writing. There is also a prequel manga having been published between April 28, 2017, and July 28, 2017, under the title Jujutsu Kaisen 0. The prequel is considered a single arc, while the main Jujutsu Kaisen manga currently has 11 arcs, spanning 234 chapters of the manga.

Among these narrative arcs, several can be considered essential, and one of them is the large Shibuya Incident Arc, which lasted for a total of 58 chapters, from Chapter 79 to Chapter 136. Now, the Shibuya Incident Arc is going to be adapted in the second season of the anime, right after the Gojo’s Past Arc, and since it is a truly major event we are talking about, we have decided to explain it and what happened during the incident in order to prepare you for the upcoming episodes of the anime.

The incident takes place over just one day, October 31, but we are going to give you, first, a brief overview and then a more detailed, segmented rundown of the events that took place in Shibuya on October 31, 2018.

The Shibuya Incident – a summary

On October 19, 2018, Gojo dreamed of meeting Megumi for the first time and their conversation that day while he was sleeping. Gojo wakes up at the arrival of Yuji, Megumi, and Gojo and directs them to Utahime. When Utahime and the three of them finally connect, she informs them of the school mole and the plan for their investigation of Kokichi Muta. Miwa and Mechamaru discuss the notebook they must turn in at the Kyoto school. Mechamaru informs her that she is leaving him and will sleep for a while.

Miwa ponders the whereabouts of the actual Mechamaru when Mechamaru falls asleep. Utahime tells the protagonist trio about Kokichi’s capacity to use cursed energy elsewhere.


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They discover that Kochiki’s room is vacant and learn that he is somewhere else; he is actually meeting with Mahito and Pseudo-Geto in a different location. Geto responds to Kokichi’s remark that she had assumed they had forgotten about him by saying that they would never do such a thing because Kokichi is aware of the negative effects of the cursed constraint.

Mahito advises that they eliminate Kokichi since they have the necessary information, but Pseudo-Geto responds that due to the rules of their Binding Vow, they must first cure his condition. When Mahito suggests that Kokichi display some enthusiasm, Kokichi responds that he won’t until his business is concluded…

The Shibuya incident timeline explained

When did Shibuya Incident take place?

As we have said, the Shibuya Incident was a major event that took place on October 31, 2018. Still, in order to better explain the chronology to you, we have decided to divide the events into ten smaller narrative sections, which we are going to present to you here in this article.

This will make understanding all the events easier, and you will be able to follow the upcoming episodes without any problems. We have to warn you, though, that this section is going to be full of spoilers.

Part One: A traitor among us

image 2023 08 09 151015204

It is October 19, 2018, and Satoru Gojo wakes up from a nap, during which he had a dream about the first time he met Megumi, which was a reference to the Gojo’s Past Arc that preceded the Shibuya Incident Arc. He then sends the protagonist trio – Yuji, Megumi, and Nobara – to Utahime’s location, where she informs them that there is a traitor among them and that they are investigating Kokichi Muta, better known as Mechamaru.

At the same time, Miwa visits Mechamaru about a notebook, but Mechamaru tells her that he is going to sleep. Soon, Utahime and the trio arrive at the room he was supposed to be in but find it empty. In reality, Mechamaru, the traitor, meets with Mahito and Pseudo-Geto at a completely different location. It is revealed that Mechamaru made a Binding Vow with them – he provides them with information, and Mahito heals his condition.

After getting the information, Mahito proposes that they kill Mechamaru, but Pseudo-Geto reminds him of the conditions of the Binding Vow. As Mahito heals Mechamaru, the latter prepares to fight and kill the two.

Part Two: The Battle at the Dam

image 2023 08 09 151852385

The battle between Mahito and Mechamaru begins, and it is a truly epic clash. Mahito’s powers had been known already, but Mechamaru demonstrated some truly amazing abilities, especially when Ultimate Mechamaru Mode: Absolute soon appeared. At the same time, Pseudo-Geto activated a barrier that prevented Mechamaru from contacting Gojo, which was also a test run for them, as the two of them had some major plans up their sleeves.


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The battle, of course, ended with Mechamaru’s defeat and death, as Mahito and Pseudo-Geto left the scene, commenting on how things went well (although, we have to say that Mechamaru was very close to defeating Mahito). At the same time, as Mechamaru is about to die, Miwa talks to his sleeping body, saying that she would like to get to know him better.

Part Three: October 31, 2018, Shibuya

image 2023 08 09 152502337

On October 31, 2018, a barrier like the one we mentioned above appeared in Shibuya, trapping civilians inside. As the sorcerers are called to investigate, they find out that all communication with the barrier is impossible, but they do learn that the people inside are begging them to bring Satoru Gojo to Shibuya.

It is obviously a trap, as the people inside couldn’t possibly know about Gojo, but Gojo, of course, arrives. At the same time, Mei Mei, Ui Ui, and Yuji head to investigate another barrier in Shibuya.

When Gojo arrives, he is met by Hanami, Jogo, and Choso, who want to kill him. Choso is used as a distraction, while Hanami and Jogo try to defeat Gojo using their Domain Amplification technique, but this fails. Gojo seems to be running away, but he is actually not, and once he takes his blindfold off, he proceeds to kill Hanami and then prepares to face Jogo.

Part Four: The Meiji-Jingumae Station Incident

image 2023 08 09 153050619

At the same time, Yuji, Mei Mei, and Ui Ui are investigating the events at Meiji-Jingumae station, where another barrier has been erected, and the civilians are talking about mutated humans, which Yuji connects to Mahito. He at one point, reaches a curse that is protecting the barrier and defeats it, after which he reunites with Mei Mei, who compliments his skills and his abilities.


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At the same time, Gojo is chasing down Jogo among the civilians. Jogo is afraid for his life and begs Choso for help, but Choso’s attack is useless against Gojo. As Jogo keeps pondering about the Prison Realm, Pseudo-Geto, and Dagon are observing the fight from a distance.

Part Five: The Prison Realm

image 2023 08 09 154020568

As Gojo finally chases down Jogo, Mahito arrives, and the three of them battle it out. The curses believe that Gojo will not activate his domain and are surprised when he does so; he stuns them and then proceeds to kill Mahito’s humans first, but just as he is about to go at them, Pseudo-Geto arrives and activates the Prison Realm. Gojo tries to escape, but when he notices “Geto” in front of him, he is shocked, which allows the Prison Realm to grab him.

Gojo asks Pseudo-Geto who he is, and he then reveals his true form – a brain inside Geto’s corpse – and reveals that he can possess corpses and take their powers. As Gojo is being sealed, Yuji and his group are informed by Mechamaru, who had made a contingency plan in case he died, that Gojo has been sealed.

At the same time, as Pseudo-Geto explains how the Prison Realm will need to process Gojo and his powers, three groups of sorcerers enter the barrier simultaneously and prepare for a fight. In the meantime, Gojo comments on how he has messed up but how he believes in his allies.

Part Six: Operation: Rescue Satoru Gojo

image 2023 08 09 154600759

As the sorcerers enter the battle, Jogo and Mahito quarrel over what to do with Yuji. Mahito wants to kill him, regardless of Sukuna, while Jogo tells him that they need Sukuna and that, thus, they cannot kill Yuji. At the same time, the two sisters that the real Geto had saved, Mimiko and Nanako, arrive to Pseudo-Geto and demand Geto’s body back.

As the sorcerers slowly meet up, they discover what exactly happened and then agree that saving Gojo is their primary goal, as Gojo’s importance cannot be overstated. After agreeing on that plan, they proceed to take down the barriers.

Part Seven: The barriers are going down

image 2023 08 09 155727398

Yuji deduces where the source could be inside the barrier and heads to Shibuya Tower, where they face a new group of enemies. At the same time, the vile Ogami uses her grandson to resurrect Toji Fushiguro, but that backfires, as Toji kills her and then proceeds to join the fight. Several groups are now engaging members of Pseudo-Geto’s group, as the fights in Shibuya rage on.


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At another location, Nobara Kugisaki is having her own major clash against Shigemo, but is soon assisted by Kento Nanami, who demonstrates his amazing powers by easily overpowering Shigemo and forcing him to reveal some information to him. While watching Nanami’s powers at work, Nobara Kugisaki is amazed to see how powerful a Grade 1 Sorcerer is and admires Nanami for his actions.

Part Eight: To the station

image 2023 08 09 160755282

The sorcerers can finally enter the station, where their new individual fights are starting. Mei Mei found Pseudo-Geto and was confused, knowing that Geto had died the year before. She suspects he is an imposter, but when Pseudo-Geto summons the powerful Smallpox Deity, she is once again confused, as this is Geto’s technique. She proceeds to fight the Smallpox Deity as Pseud-Geto leaves, and after a thrilling fight, she manages to exorcise it.

At the same time, Yuji is facing Choso, and the two are seemingly evenly matched until Choso manages to gain the upper hand, knocking Yuji out. But, as he was about to kill him, a memory he had seemingly not had before appeared in his head, and he just left. The two sisters Geto saved then found him and proceeded to feed him some more of Sukuna’s fingers.

After remembering Hanami’s death, another group meets Dagon, who sheds his skin and begins to fight them. Being powerful, he defeats them and traps some of the sorcerers in his Domain. Megumi manages to break into the Domain from the outside but is helpless until Toji arrives. Toji, despite being resurrected, retained all of his skills and easily exorcised Dagon, taking Megumi to another location. At that moment, Jogo arrives and prepares to avenge Dagon.

Part Nine: Sukuna’s arrival

image 2023 08 09 161557232

Jogo quickly interrupts his own fight as he senses Sukuna’s fingers and proceeds to where Yuji and the sisters are. As he defeats the sisters, Sukuna takes over Yuji’s body and first kills the two sisters, and then begins a fight with Jogo after the two of them couldn’t reach an agreement.

At the same time, Megumi is fighting Toji, but when Toji realizes that Megumi is not a Zenin and has not become part of the clan, he pierces his head and dies on the spot. Panda and Kusakabe also entered the fight, while Megumi faced Shigemo.

After killing Jogo, Sukuna rushed to Megumi’s fight as he sensed the activation of Megumi’s Mahoraga. He managed to defeat it using his own Domain Expansion, but seeing the potential in Megumi, he then took him to the medical tent to be healed. He then proceeded to show Yuji the destruction he caused, leaving the boy in shock, but with enough willpower to continue fighting.

Part Ten: Gooybe, Nanami…

image 2023 08 09 162359372

A tired and heavily wounded Nanami runs into Mahito, who quickly kills him in front of Itadori, which sends the boy into a fit of rage, and the two engage in a bitter fight. Mahito knows he cannot use his technique on Itadori, so he splits his body in two, and the second part meets Nobara.

Seeing how killing Nobara would break Yuji’s soul, he decides to kill her but only succeeds in transforming part of her face with his technique. This is enough, though, as Yuji is broken, and Mahito uses it to beat him, but Yuji is saved at the right time by Aoi Todo, which gives them both an advantage against him.


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But, the real villain – Pseudo-Geto – then comes and reveals himself to be the powerful Kenjaku. He absorbs Mahito and proceeds to fight but is temporarily stopped, thanks to Yuki Tsukumo’s arrival, as the Shibuya Incident is over when Kenjaku decides to postpone his plan for a while.

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