Jujutsu Kaisen: Here’s How Sukuna Unlocked His Fire Technique & Used Fire Arrow!

Jujutsu Kaisen: Here's How Sukuna Unlocked his Fire Technique and Used Fire Arrow!

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Alongside Kenjaku, Sukuna is the big baddie in Jujutsu Kaisen. That is a fact that basically everyone who is following the series knows. Sukuna is a cursed spirit and is said to be the King of Curses, which speaks enough about his powers and abilities. And while the manga has yet to reveal his ultimate moves, the anime has recently shown us that Sukuna is able to manipulate fire, which shocked Jogo, a natural fire user, as Sukuna supposedly shouldn’t have been able to manipulate such attacks. So, how did Sukuna manipulate fire and use the fire arrow? Keep reading to find out!

  • Article Breakdown:
  • During his fight with Jogo in Shibuya, Sukuna was able to use a fire-based technique and even attacked Jogo with a powerful Fire Arrow that ultimately killed the special grade.
  • As far as it is known, Sukuna is not a natural fire-type user, so his use of fire-based moves was a surprise, as even Jogo was clearly shocked by such developments, as he did not expect it.
  • While no explanation has been provided, it is known that Sukuna was able to use Fire Arrow thanks to his mysterious ■, “Black Box” ability, which has yet to be explained properly.

Sukuna’s ■ seemingly allows him to use various types of attacks

Now, suppose you’ve seen the most recent episode of Jujutsu Kaisen. In that case, you’ll know that Sukuna, out of nowhere, started manipulating fire and that he used a powerful Fire Arrow on Jogo, which ultimately killed the special grade, even though Jogo himself had exceptional pyrokinetic abilities and was a specialist in using fire. When Sukuna manifested these abilities, Jogo was shocked, as no one knew that Sukuna could manipulate fire.

From what we can understand, he cannot do it naturally but rather relies on his ■ technique, a secret technique whose name has yet to be revealed and the fans dubbed the “Black Box” technique. So, what is it?

We assume it has to do with Sukuna’s Innate Technique, which has yet to be identified, or that it even is Sukuna’s Innate Technique. It is, though, unknown whether this is Sukuna’s Innate Technique or only a manifestation of it at this time, as this ■, “Black Box” is frequently related to the invisible slashes that he is capable of making in the series. The ■, “Black Box” is activated by saying “Open!” (Fūga in Japanese), and when he first showed it to us, he unleashed a powerful fire-based strike on Jogo.


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As previously said, we have insufficient information to determine if the ■, “Black Box”, simply mimics existing technique or is genuinely fire-based. It could be both of these things, either one or the other, or literally both. The ■, “Black Box” could be Sukuna’s Innate Technique, which allows him to manifest and/or replicate a variety of attacks that he keeps stored inside, but it could also be a manifestation of a far more hazardous Innate Technique that Akutami has yet to reveal in the series.

Be that as it may, the ■, “Black Box” is a very interesting technique that ultimately allowed Sukuna to defeat Jogo. As said, he has used it so little that we don’t know what it does, as it could really be that it just mimics something or that it is a powerful storage unit that would, theoretically, make Sukuna invincible. With no proper opponents and with such power, Sukuna would literally become invincible.

Based on a theory we have explained in another article, it is quite possible that the ■, “Black Box” is a storage technique and that Sukuna has numerous weapons and techniques there, but seeing how he has needed some outside assistance in the recent manga chapters, this might also turn out to be a theory. Be that as it may, the ■, “Black Box” is still a big mystery, and Akutami has yet to reveal anything relevant about it, save for the fact that Sukuna doesn’t want to reveal it yet and that this is the technique that allowed him to use Fire Arrow on Jogo.

And that is all we know about this issue. Sadly, there are no additional facts that we can add to this article, as this is absolutely everything that Akutami has revealed so far. We can only hope that the guy remembers that he still owes us an explanation and that the mystery of ■, “Black Box” will be revealed before the manga actually ends its run.

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