Jujutsu Kaisen: Did Sukuna Tame Mahoraga? Here Is What Happened!

Jujustu Kaisen: Did Sukuna Tame Mahoraga? Here Is What Happened!

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We all know that Megumi can use the Ten Shadows Technique, one of the Jujutsu Kaisen’s most powerful techniques. But, instead of focusing on the technique in general, in this article, we will tell you more about Mahoraga, the technique’s most powerful Shikigami. Mahoraga is quite interesting, and we have already talked a bit about it, so this article will continue in that direction, as you will find out about Mahoraga’s power and relationship with Sukuna. Did Sukuna tame Mahoraga? If so – when? Keep reading to find out more!

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Mahoraga is the only non-animal shikigami and the only one that Megumi did not imagine, as it is the only shikigami that is naturally tied to the technique itself and was not created individually.
  • Due to its enormous power, Mahoraga has not been tamed by any user of the Ten Shadows Technique, not even the most powerful members of the Zenin Clan, who inherit this technique. The only two characters who are able to surpass him are Sukuna and Gojo.
  • As witnessed in the Shinjuku Showdown Arc, Sukuna was supposedly able to tame Mahoraga, although this was never shown on-screen, so we don’t have any details about it.

Mahoraga is so powerful that no user of the Ten Shadows Technique was able to tame it

Before we actually explain Sukuna’s situation with Mahoraga, allow us to explain something about the Ten Shadows Technique and Mahoraga itself, as it is exceptionally important to understand these facts before we properly explain why Mahoraga was so powerful, but also why Mahoraga was so important for the series, and why Sukuna wanted to get his hands on it and the whole technique.

The Ten Shadows Technique allows the user to summon ten distinct shikigami by using shadows and specific hand symbols. The Ten Shadows Technique is an inherited Zenin clan technique.

This ability is believed to have been possessed by Megumi Fushiguro and Keicho, the 16th-century leader of the Zenin clan during the Edo period. The process of making a shikigami is not well understood. It is implied that in order to create the shikigami, the user will have to mold their own cursed energy, and to do so, they will need to have an idea of what they want their creation to look like. Before the user may control the shikigami, it needs to go through a ceremony of purification or exorcism after being created.


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As said, there is a total of ten shikigami that can be created; most of them look like animals and have powers that are characteristic of their appearance, but among them, one stands out, and that is Mahoraga. Mahoraga is the strongest among the shikigami and does not look like an animal but rather like a demonic creature with a tail and a sword.

Mahoraga is exceptionally strong, and no Ten Shadows user was able to tame him, which is why Megumi used it so rarely; in fact, when he summoned Mahoraga, the shikigami almost killed him. But, if someone manages to tame it, they will get Mahoraga’s amazing adaptation ability, which enables Mahoraga to completely adapt to an attack after experiencing it, i.e., he can become immune to it, or he can surpass an opponent’s defense by adapting to it. This would make someone almost invincible.

Sukuna seems to have tamed Mahoraga, but there are no details available

So, having said all of this, did Sukuna manage to tame Mahoraga? Well, we know that he defeated him in Shibuya. Still, when he later took over Megumi’s body, we knew he could control Mahoraga until Gojo defeated it in Shinjuku. So, what happened? We know that to tame Mahoraga, one has to exorcise, but we never saw Sukuna do it, yet he could control the shikigami. So, what happened?

Well, strictly speaking, we do not know. Some fans assume that Sukuna tamed Mahoraga after defeating the Shikigami in Shibuya and that that was enough, but the majority just agrees that he tamed him by exorcising him off-screen sometime during the Culling Game Arc, and that is the general agreement among the fandom.

But, officially, we don’t really know what happened. We know that Sukuna was able to control Mahoraga in Shinjuku, but how he achieved it is, as of this moment, still unknown officially, as Akutami has not revealed any official information on how this happened.

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