Jujutsu Kaisen: What Is Mechamaru’s Giant Kaiju Robot & How Powerful Is It?

Jujutsu Kaisen: What is Mechamaru's Giant Kaiju Robot & How Powerful Is It?

Mechamaru, i.e., Kokichi Muta, was a Jujutsu sorcerer from Kyoto who turned out to be a traitor, but not a villain, at the same time, which speaks about the complexity of Akutami’s narrative in Jujutsu Kaisen. After fulfilling his part of the deal, he was healed and given a normal body by Mahito, whom he then engaged in a fight. During that fight, Mechamaru showed a powerful, gigantic robot that looked more like a kaiju than anything else. This is Ultimate Mechamaru – Mode: Absolute, and in this article, we are going to tell you all you need to know about it.

The giant kaiju-like robot that Mechamaru built is called Ultimate Mechamaru – Mode: Absolute, and it is undoubtedly his strongest weapon. It is a giant version of Muta’s Ultimate Mechamaru, which is a cursed corpse he operated while his real body had to be hidden. Ultimate Mechamaru – Mode: Absolute is an exceptionally powerful robot, and it is well-armored, which meant that Muta was provided with both a strong offensive output and a firm defense that helped him to almost defeat Mahito when they fought. Ultimate Mechamaru – Mode: Mahito’s Domain Expansion ultimately destroyed the Absolute, but it was nevertheless a powerful entity, which Kenjaku judged to be close to an S-Grade.

The rest of this article will provide you with more details about Mechamaru’s Ultimate Mechamaru – Mode: Absolute and Ultimate Mechamaru in general. We will also comment on the powers and abilities that Ultimate Mechamaru – Mode: Absolute has, as you will get the opportunity to fully understand just how powerful this entity was and why it was considered so dangerous. Of course, this means that the article will also contain a significant amount of spoilers, so be careful how you approach it.

Ultimate Mechamaru – Mode: Absolute was Mechamaru’s strongest weapon

Before we actually explain all of this, let us just quickly explain how the clash happened and how Mechamaru, i.e., Kokichi Muta, even ended up in such a predicament. Kokichi Muta, commonly known as Mechamaru, was born with a defect that barred him from facing any light; this was a very rare and quite extreme manifestation of a Heavenly Restriction, a phenomenon that is also associated with Maki Zenin and Toji Fushiguro.

He used cursed corpses to appear in the outside world while secretly hiding in a dim location away from everyone. He ached for a genuinely functional body. Knowing Mahito could provide one, he made a Binding Vow with the bad guys, promising to reveal information on the Jujutsu sorcerers in exchange for them providing him with a sound body. The villains also had to promise not to hurt his Kyoto Metropolitan Curse Technical College classmates.

This is how Mechamaru actually became the traitor in Jujutsu Kaisen, but as it turned out, he was not an actual villain. He simply wanted to see his friend and the girl he liked (Miwa), so he made a pact with the bad guys to get a functional body. He had a plan – after gaining his body, he would engage the villains and then summon Satoru Gojo to help him, hoping it would be enough to defeat Mahito and Pseudo-Geto.


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But, while the plan was good, Pseudo-Geto, actually Kenjaku, spoiled it by erecting a special barrier that blocked every signal, which prohibited Muta from contacting anyone outside the barrier. This meant that he was left to himself, and this is where Ultimate Mechamaru – Mode: Absolute comes in.

Initially, Muta started the fight by releasing a barrage of robotic dolls—which were actually there as a diversion—at Mahito. They would not respond to Mahito’s Innate Technique since they lacked souls, and they kept him from paying attention long enough for Mechamaru to appear to vanish.

The earth below Mahito and Geto began to collapse as Mahito prepared another attack while Mechamaru pretended to have escaped. The two of them found themselves in front of a massive robot—Mechamaru’s Mechmaru Mode: Absolute, a huge and strong robot whose weaponry was incredibly destructive—in front of a major dam.

Ultimate Mechamaru – Mode: Absolute is a giant mechanical mecha-like cursed corpse, an upgraded form of his Ultimate Mechamaru. This armored one is listed as prototype number 0. The user can sit in the cockpit of the puppet. When the network permits it, the latter can connect with the outside world while monitoring the puppet’s growth and vitality. This Mechamaru variant has tremendous strength as well as excellent defense.

The user may create extraordinarily massive and violent energy discharges because of the cursed energy he has amassed over the years. Additionally, the more energy Mechamaru can store, the longer the accumulation period is. However, his available energy will eventually run out. Another unique feature of this puppet is that it has a feature called Jujutsu Technique Charge that enables it to charge spells that have been sealed in tubes. Once Mechamaru has the tubes implanted, they can be unleashed to affect either the user or their foe.

So, as you can see, Mechamaru basically created a kaiju-level robot and used it to fight Mahito at the dam. How did all of that play out for him? Mahito was seriously hurt when Mechamaru first used Absolute Cannon; he changed into his feet to escape the blast. The fact that they both knew that Mahito would survive these cursed energy strikes also means that they both knew that they each had a secret weapon. As Mechamaru’s robot body could always block his attempts, since it had no soul, Mahito needed to enter the robot to kill him, while Mechamaru needed to destroy Mahito’s soul.


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What happened, then? Well, Mechamaru launched a series of assaults that Mahito could deflect or protect against while harming the robot with his body-morphing skills. Mahito eventually activated his Domain, trapping Mechamaru inside the robot. Because the Domain gave him a definite hit, he could strike his opponent. However, this was a ruse.

The robot rose to his feet and delivered a powerful strike to Mahito’s midsection just as he was about to retreat, believing that he had triumphed. It was determined that Mechamaru had avoided death by using a Simple Domain to counteract Mahito’s Domain’s effects.

However, Mechamaru then made a catastrophic error and lowered his guard. Mechamaru felt happy after killing Mahito, but he was mistaken; Mahito had changed into a different form and prepared for a fresh attack. The two immediately clashed, but Mahito was ultimately able to hit Mechamaru first, which ultimately killed the young sorcerer.

By the time, Ultimate Mechamaru – Mode: Absolute had already been half-destroyed, and with Muta’s death, Ultimate Mechamaru, the cursed corpse he usually used, also shut itself down, thus confirming the boy’s death. Before we wrap this up, we’ll just explain the techniques used by Ultimate Mechamaru – Mode: Absolute in the series.

Kenjaku judged that Ultimate Mechamaru – Mode: Absolute could produce S-Grade attacks

Powered by Kokichi’s cursed energy and his skills at operating cursed corpses, Ultimate Mechamaru – Mode: Absolute was a very powerful weapon that could, as we’ve seen, produce attacks of enormous power. It also had a lot of strength, as seen in the series, as its punches and kicks could do devastating damage. But, while it is difficult to objectively evaluate that aspect (although a punch was able to destroy part of a dam), we can tell you a bit about the Jujutsu Technique Charge, which was Ultimate Mechamaru – Mode: Absolute’s main attack.

These moves were called Extension Techniques, and there were three of them. Mechamaru had a counter, and he would charge a predetermined amount of cursed energy (a year’s amount or more), and then use the charged energy to launch an attack. In total, he used three such attacks:

  • One-Year Charge – Ultra Cannon: Mechamaru charges a year’s amount of cursed energy to amplify Ultimate Mechamaru’s regular Ultra Cannon. It creates a large, powerful beam that burns the target and also has a large amount of destructive power as well.
  • Two-Year Charge – Miracle Cannon: This attack consists of Mechamaru using a two-year’s amount of cursed energy to fire two beams from each of the robot’s hands; the beams are powerful, he has better control over them, and they have high destructive power.
  • Five-Year Charge – Pigeon Viola: This attack uses a five-years amount of cursed energy to fire five condensed beams at the opponent. These beams can follow the opponent, and their power is enormous, as they can completely obliterate a target.

On top of that, the robot was able to use the Technique Charge – New Shadow Style: Simple Domain, which was Mechamaru’s trump card in the battle.

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