Jujutsu Kaisen: Mahito vs. Gojo – Who Is Stronger & Who Would Win in a Fight?

Jujutsu Kaisen: Mahito vs. Gojo - Who Is Stronger & Who Would Win?

Whenever you’re talking about Jujutsu Kaisen, the name Satoru Gojo will surely pop up sooner or later, as the extremely popular character is also the series’ trademark character as well. This is why Gojo will be featured in this comparison article as well, as we will compare his powers and abilities with those of Mahito, one of the most powerful cursed spirits in the series and one of the most dangerous members of Kenjaku’s group. Who would win? Keep reading to find out!

Satoru Gojo clearly wins against Mahito, but this is not because Mahito is Mahito, but because Gojo is Gojo. Satoru Gojo is the most powerful sorcerer in history, and even though he is not the only S-Grade sorcerer, he stands among even them, who are an extremely powerful and potent group. Mahito is strong, and his power is somewhat unique, but it probably wouldn’t have any proper effect on Gojo, that is, if Mahito could even succeed in touching Gojo. Gojo, especially when he uses some of his more complex techniques, is invincible (save for, potentially, Sukuna), so there is nothing Mahito could offer in this fight to even think about winning against Gojo.

Now that you have the short version of the answer, we are going to provide you with a detailed category-by-category analysis of the issue, presenting the characters in questions to you and giving you a point-by-point analysis that is going to help you understand why Mahito would ultimately lose to Satoru Gojo in a direct fight, despite both of them being exceptionally powerful characters from the Jujutsu Kaisen series.

Overall skills

Mahito is an unregistered S-Class Cursed Spirit. He defeated Grade 1 Exorcist Kento Nanami in a one-on-one confrontation by nullifying his spell. Mahito would have probably won the fight against Kento and the others if Sukuna hadn’t shown up there. Mahito was able to become stronger during this battle, which gave him the chance to develop skills like Domain Expansion.

Afterward, as part of the Shibuya Incident, Mahito fought on a level that was beyond his capabilities, mastering the manipulation of the soul while producing complete copies of himself that could not be distinguished from the original. During their battle, he sent many Dark Rays at both Yuji and Aoi Todo, which gave him enough insight into cursed energy and his own soul to further boost his power.

One of the series’ most powerful sorcerers, if not the most powerful, is Satoru Gojo, who also wields a possibly fatal technique in addition to vast amounts of cursed energy. When they were still in school, Satoru and Suguru were known as “the strongest,” able to defeat more senior and skilled Curses and Jujutsu Sorcerers.

After realizing the depth of his powers and developing them to the point that he could defeat Toji Fushiguro, who had previously been able to easily overwhelm both him and Suguru Geto while they were still Jujutsu High students, Satoru’s ability considerably increased.


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As he developed, he outgrew Suguru’s power, and the latter admitted that Satoru had really emerged as the “only strongest.” Suguru claimed that, in contrast to him, Satoru had the power to wipe out the entire human race on his own if he so desired. He also asserts that he can defeat Sukuna at his peak performance.

Well, in terms of observing just how powerful, in general, the two of them are, we can actually confirm that Satoru Gojo easily surpasses Mahito despite Mahito being a very serious threat. Gojo is simply above these trivialities, and that is why he wins this point.

Points: Mahito 0, Gojo 1


Mahito’s levels of cursed energy are simply amazing, especially because he is a cursed spirit; his levels have been described as immense, and even Kento Nanami realized how much cursed energy he has. He rarely wastes it, and Namami knew, back when they originally thought, that waiting for him to dry his supplies out wasn’t an option.

As the story progressed, Mahito’s powers grew even more. He can create barriers and even use the Black Flash. He also has a very powerful Domain, which further increases his Idle Transformation, an Innate Technique that evolved Mahito to reshape a person’s soul.

In the jujutsu world, Satoru is regarded as the most powerful sorcerer. Due to the enormous amounts of cursed energy and powerful skills he possesses, he chose this alias. Compared to other exorcists, Satoru’s cursed energy is sufficiently large to support several daily uses of Domain Expansion. He can instantly cast the inversion spell, open his Domain Extension, and mix good and bad cursed energy under his adept control.

The cursed Jujutsu of Gojo is referred to as Limitless. It is a skill that the Gojo Clan members have inherited. It has several forms, and as it advances in level depending on these forms, it can precisely manipulate space at the atomic level, producing a variety of results and following procedures that fall within the realm of broad applicability.

The manipulation of space, the technique’s fundamental level, comprises three standard forms and one “non-standard” form that goes beyond the infinite. Although his favorite manner of assault is typically from a distance, he is physically incredibly strong, making him stand out in close-quarters combat.

Sure, Idle Transformation and all of Mahito’s skills and abilities are amazing, but when it honestly comes down to “Gojo or them,” there is absolutely no chance that Gojo might lose. That is why the latter wins the second point so easily.

Points: Mahito 0, Gojo 2


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Fighting skills

Whether Mahito has any proper fighting skills is not known, but he is a powerful enemy. He has enhanced superhuman strength, which, when combined with his abilities, can be used to deal severe damage to his opponents; on top of that, his durability is also elevated, increasing his defensive capabilities. His speed and reflexes are also something very troublesome for his opponents, as Mahito is exceptionally fast.

Satoru is a fearsome master of the martial arts with incredible physical strength to go along with his abilities and his overwhelming supply of cursed energy. He could completely outmatch Jogo in a fight and deliver multiple precise blows on the Curse’s weak spots.

He could overwhelm Jogo and Hanami even in close quarters, easily thwarting their attempts and striking them with powerful punches that quickly knocked them to their knees. Once his full power was activated, he could also parry Toji, the opponent who had earlier defeated him.

And while Mahito is undoubtedly a powerful fighter, his skills are certainly not on the same level as Gojo’s, which is why Gojo also wins this point.

Points: Mahito 0, Gojo 3


Despite being a cursed spirit, Mahito is exceptionally intelligent and, alongside Kenjaku, often behaves like the brains of their whole group. His tactical skills are advanced, and he can also psychologically manipulate his opponents; on top of that, he is also great at reading his opponents’ moves. On the other hand, he can sometimes be tricked with relative ease.

With just the correct quantity of information, Satoru showed great tactical abilities and the capacity to determine an opponent’s plans. He has also shown an amazing aptitude for adaptation by being able to successfully counter and destroy nearly every foe he has faced thus far. He is undoubtedly one of the series’ most intelligent and perceptive characters.

Both of them are very intelligent, which cannot be denied, but here, it all comes down to the following – could Mahito outwit Gojo in a fight? He could not, and that is why Gojo won the final point as well.

Points: Mahito 0, Gojo 4

There is no scenario in which Gojo loses to Mahito

As you can see, the points are pretty clear on this one, and we can only agree – in every scenario imaginable, Satoru Gojo wins against Mahito. Sure, Mahito is quite strong, and he would win against any regular or even some above-average opponent, but Satoru Gojo is something else. He is a category, a level of his own.


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In that aspect, all of Mahito’s skills would be useless. We’re not even sure that Mahito’s powers would be strong enough to affect Gojo, as Mahito is probably not strong enough to manipulate Gojo’s soul. On top of that, the chances of Mahito even touching Gojo are so small, as he would probably fall Victim to Gojo’s techniques before he even gets the opportunity to use his powers on him. And that is why we had Gojo win this one easily.

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