Jujutsu Kaisen: What Is Triple Domain Expanison & Who Has It?

Jujutsu Kaisen: What Is Triple Domain Expanison & Who Has It?

Jujutsu Kaisen is known for its amazing techniques, and among them, Domain Expansion is not only one of the best-known but also one of the most powerful ones. Only the most skilled sorcerers and cursed spirits can use Domain Expansion, which means that it is truly the most powerful technique and a pure demonstration of skill. We know what happens when two Domains clash, but what happens when we have three? Or more? If you want to learn more about Triple Domain Expansion, keep reading our article!

Triple Domain Expansion is a situation, a variant of Domain Clash, when three or more Domains are activated simultaneously against each other. When there are two Domains, the one activated before or the stronger one absorbs the other one, so the dominant one wins. But, when three are activated simultaneously, there are numerous conditions one has to consider because each of the Domains brings something new into the equation, so the situation is really not that simple. As far as we’ve seen, this situation with Triple Domain Expansion is too complex, and all the Domains simply end up being destroyed and ineffective.

The rest of this article will tell you a bit about Domain Expansions, as well as about Domain Clashes, which is a situation that happens when two Domains are activated at the same time. We will explain the mechanics behind these aspects and then finally explain everything you need to know about Domain Expansions and Triple Domain Expansions. This is fairly complex, so we’ll try to be as straightforward as possible. Of course, some spoilers might be present, so be careful how you approach certain portions of the article.

Triple Domain Expansion is a complex form of Domain Clashing that happens rarely and is highly unpredictable

Of course, since we’re talking about Domain Expansions, we first have to explain what a Domain Expanison is, how it works in the series, and just why it is considered such a powerful and important technique.

A Domain Expansion is a special and powerful technique that enables the users to materialize their innate domain by casting a barrier to create a separate space and using cursed energy to construct an environment within it. Only high-level Jujutsu Sorceres and Curses can claim to use this technique. Materializing a Domain requires a huge level of Cursed Energy, but it offers many advantages when used against opponents.

A domain with no spells attached to it is also seen as incomplete. Using a hand signal or symbol unique to the Domain holder seems necessary to use this strategy. A sphere of energy quickly encloses the user and their opponent(s) and traps them inside when a domain expansion is used.

According to legend, it is nearly impossible to leave the walls of the Domain by normal methods; nonetheless, entering an enemy’s Domain from the outside is useless, but doing so is rather simple. Due to the surroundings, the owner’s abilities are strengthened in a Domain, providing them access to new spells or improved versions of old ones.


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As you can see, domain expansion is the best move you can use against an opponent. It is potent, exceptionally tricky to defend against, and guarantees a certain hit for the user who manages to expand it. So, in a Domain, the uses are basically invincible. But, this is not always a completely failsafe mechanism, as there are ways to counter a Domain expansion, and one of them happens when we have a situation known as Domain Clash.

Domain Clashes happen when two Domains are expanded at the same moment or roughly at the same moment. This is why, if both opponents can use Domain Expansion, they often activate them simultaneously to counter them, which is quite effective, but it is also risky, as there is a mechanism that regulates Domain Clashes. Namely, if two domains are activated at (roughly) the same time, they will clash.

Now, if one Domain is stronger than the other, there is no issue, as the stronger one will consume and destroy the weaker one. It might happen instantly, as in the case of Gojo’s Domain simply eradicating Jogo’s, or it might take some time, as in the case of Dagon and Megumi.

The more complex the Domain, the longer it takes for it to be consumed. So, what happens then? Well, the stronger Domain prevails, and the user wins. But what if the Domains are of the same strength?

Well, then they are either both annulled, or the one that has been activated first (even if only, for example, 0.2 seconds before, as was seen in the battle between Sukuna and Gojo) will prevail. It is also possible that both of them will receive damage if the Domains don’t collapse, but whatever the outcome, no one will gain an advantage here.

But what happens when three Domains clash? This, called Triple Domain Expansion, is a fairly complex process as the rules that apply to two Domains cannot be applied to three ones in the same manner. Namely, all three (or more) Domains collide at the same time, and unless one is stronger than both, there will not be a clear winner. A Domain is much more than just pure strength, so when three Domains clash, there are numerous factors one has to consider, so it is basically impossible to conjure a proper explanation.


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It is quite difficult to explain, but from what we’ve seen in the manga, the resulting clash creates such an unstable environment that all three domains simply end up being destroyed. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is Triple Domain Expansion for you.

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