Jujutsu Kaisen: Here’s How & Why Gojo Knocked Out Sukuna!

Jujutsu Kaisen: Here’s How & Why Gojo Knocked Out Sukuna!

If you’ve actually been following the most recent manga chapters of Jujutsu Kaisen, you’ll know that Sukuna’s and Gojo’s fight has now reached a completely new level and that Gojo finally has something up his sleeve. But while that is certainly interesting, we are not going to predict the future here. But rather, we are going to tell you about an event from Chapter 232, in which Gojo managed to knock out Sukuna and seemingly gain an advantage in the fight.

Satoru Gojo was able to knock out Sukuna thanks to a combination of his Cursed Technique Reversal: Red and a Black Flash, which rendered Sukuna unconscious, even for a moment. Sukuna thought that Red had been done, but it had not been activated at the time, so when Red actually hit Sukuna and wounded him, Gojo was free to use Black Flash to try to knock him out. While he seemingly succeeded for a moment, it turned out that it wasn’t enough, as the fight between the two of them continued in Chapter 233, and it actually seemed that Sukuna gained the upper hand, but that is a completely different story.

The rest of this article will tell you some details from the fight involving Sukuna and Gojo, as it is currently happening on the pages of the Jujutsu Kaisen manga. We will reveal all the necessary details to you, as you will find out everything you need to know about the specific moment that happened in Chapter 232 of the manga that raised a lot of questions, as the sequence of events wasn’t all that clear. Of course, this article will be filled with spoilers, so those of you who are not reading the manga will have to be very careful how you approach this text.

Gojo managed to knock out Sukuna thanks to a unique combination of a delayed Red and the Black Flash

As of the time of writing this article, the Jujutsu Kaisen manga is going through its probably most important event as Gojo and Sukuna are finally fighting it off to see who among them is the strongest.

The two of them openly disobey all known jujutsu rules during their brutal fight, which can potentially be one of the greatest in manga history and the best in the entire series. According to the plot, the struggle may end soon because it appears to be entering its final phase, but since the conflict has already provided so many shocks, we have yet to know what Akutami has in store for us.

Be that as it may, as of the time of writing, the manga is on Chapter 233, but the events we are about to discuss here happened in Chapter 232, and they confused fans significantly, which is why we have decided to explain them.

Namely, if you remember what happened so far… Gojo and Sukuna finally started their epic fight, and initially, as if they were testing each other, they operated on a stalemate for several chapters while, at the same time, breaking all known rules and laws of the jujutsu world, as Gojo’s friends and allies observe.


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Sukuna is now in Megumi’s body and can use Megumi’s techniques as well, while Gojo has recovered from being in the Prison Realm, where his powers have grown even more. Initially, neither of them could do much; whenever it seemed that either would gain the upper hand, the other would pull some amazing trick, and the fight would land back right where it started.

But, at one point, Gojo gained a slight advantage over Sukuna, who then used Megumi’s Mahoraga to counter it. Now, Mahoraga has a spinning disc above its head. It was established in the manga that if the disc spins four times, Mahoraga and Sukuna will have adapted to Gojo’s technique, rendering it useless in that fight. Gojo immediately rushed at Sukuna, but the curse was quick to evade. And just when it seemed that Gojo would lose, as the disc was finishing its final spin, Gojo reminded Sukuna that his Red had not exploded. Before we continue, let us quickly remind you what Red is.

Cursed Technique Reversal: Red is Limitless’s reversed form, producing a repelling force. The user is infused with positive energy thanks to a reverse spell. Thus, the latter can produce Red, which produces a strong repulsion force. The magic manifests as a crimson orb.

Red’s target and everything nearby are violently thrown back when it comes into touch with the Limitless. The shock wave produced has enough force to temporarily paralyze and hurt an opponent. The minimum strength of the inverted spell is also twice as strong as the minimum power of Blue, the original spell. It is, therefore, a powerful attack, but it is not without risk because the user can injure people around him.

So, Sukuna thought that Red missed and exploded, but Satoru Gojo fired it in a circle so it would come back and hit Sukuna when he did not expect it, which is exactly what happened. As Sukuna was boasting about how he had won, Gojo reminded him that Red hadn’t exploded, and just at that moment, Red hit Sukuna from the back and dealt some serious damage. But that wasn’t all that Gojo had to offer. Quickly, he jumped in front of Sukuna and punched him with a strong Black Flash, which shocked everyone present.


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Black Flash is an offensive technique that greatly amplifies the force of the user’s blow when it mismatches their cursed energy within a millionth of a second. A 0.000001-second delay between the impact of cursed energy and the blow is what causes Black Flash, a space warp. Then, the sorcerer’s or curse’s power is increased by itself by 2.5 times. Space twists, and the cursed energy darkens precisely at the instant when the energy impact finds itself a millionth of a second out of rhythm with the blow.

Even the most resilient S-classes can be affected by this powerful method. It takes exceptional talent or luck for someone to successfully use this strategy for the first time. The Black Flash hasn’t been mastered by anyone who can utilize it at will. There is a difference between people who have used it and those who haven’t, though. They are as widely apart in occult energies as heaven and earth.

As you can see, the Black Flash was a true surprise, but it dealt a strong blow to Sukuna and seemingly knocked him out completely, as the manga suggested. But, the issue was that the disc had already spun four times, and soon after knocking out Sukuna, Gojo was faced with Mahoraga, and then a recovered Sukuna, and then another one of Megumi’s Shikigami… but that is a spoiler from Chapter 233, so we won’t reveal everything here. You know now how and why Sukuna was knocked out, as we promised in the title.

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