Jujutsu Kaisen: What Is Yūta’s Domain Expansion?

Jujutsu Kaisen: What is Yūta's Domain Expansion?

The protagonist of the Jujutsu Kaisen 0, Yūta Okkotsu, is a character that certainly attracted the attention of many people. Ultimately, people wonder why Yūta Okkotsu was absent from the anime series. We have already provided you with many articles about Yūta Okkotsu, and this one will be a continuation of that trend, as we are going to dig into Yūta Okkotsu’s personality and his overall role in the Jujutsu Kaisen manga and anime series. He is an exceptionally interesting character and in that aspect, he certainly deserves to be analyzed and explored. In this article, we are going to talk about his powers and abilities, i.e., one specific aspect of them – his Domain Expansion. You’ll find out whether Yūta can expand a domain or not and if he can, what it looks like.

It has been confirmed that Yūta Okkotsu can use Domain Expansion in Jujutsu Kaisen, which shouldn’t be surprising, seeing how he is one of the series’ most powerful characters and Jujutsu Sorcerers. Sadly, though, we do not know what it looks like because the only time it has been used, it collapsed before we actually got to see it.

As you might have deduced for yourselves, Yūta Okkotsu will be the focus of this article as we expand on the answer we have given above. We shall tell you everything you need to know about his powers and abilities, as well as how it is related to Yūta Okkotsu’s story and his status in the world of Jujutsu Kaisen. In case you’re not up-to-date with everything that has been going on in this great series, we have to warn you that some spoilers might be present in this article.

Yūta can use Domain Expansion, but we never saw it in action

A Domain Expansion is a special and powerful technique that enables the users to realize their innate domain by casting a barrier to create a separate space and using cursed energy to construct an environment within it. Only high-level Jujutsu Sorceres and Curses can claim to use this technique. Materializing a Domain requires a huge level of Cursed Energy, but it offers many advantages when used against opponents.

Moreover, a Domain to which no spell is associated is considered incomplete. To perform this technique, using a hand sign or a symbol specific to the holder of the Domain seems essential. When a Domain Expansion is activated, a sphere of energy rapidly expands to encompass the user and their opponent(s), trapping them inside.


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It is said that it is almost impossible to escape from the walls of the Domain by ordinary means; although nothing is gained by entering an enemy’s Domain, entering it from the outside is relatively easy. In a Domain, the owner’s strengths are enhanced due to the environment, giving them access to additional spells or enhanced versions of old ones.

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Now, from this data, we can gather that only the strongest and most skilled Jujutsu Sorcerers are able to use Domain Expansion, as it is a highly-refined technique that also requires a lot of Cursed Energy; that is why it is reserved only for the strongest Curses and Sorcerers.

With Yūta being a Special Grade Jujutsu Sorcerer, there is no doubt that he is considered to be one of the series’ strongest characters. Does that mean he can use Domain Expansion? And while skill is not a guarantee, we can confirm that, in Yūta’s case, it is, as Yūta can use Domain Expansion, as has been confirmed in the manga.

In Chapter 178, three characters simultaneously activate their Domains, and among them was also Yūta Okkotsu. This scene basically confirmed that Yūta can use Domain Expansion, but we have to say that, sadly, we have absolutely no details on it. Namely, the activation sequence was shown, but when the plot returned to Yūta, his Domain Expansion had already been dissolved, meaning it did its job.

We have no doubt that Akutami is going to reveal Yūta’s Domain Expansion, seeing how important he is as a character in the series, but at this moment, we don’t really know when it is going to happen, so we cannot give you any details on it. What we can tell you, though, is how powerful Yūta actually is.

Aside from that, Yūta is one of the series’ most powerful characters

The Exorcism School has recognized four Special Grade exorcists, and Yūta is one of them. Due to the great strength of Rika, whom he mistakenly cursed, Yūta was promptly registered as a Special Grade while Rika was still haunting him. In the 29th Tournament, he appeared to have defeated all of Kyoto’s students and, after freeing Rika’s Power Limiters, defeated Suguru. Yūta may one day overtake Satoru, according to the latter.

The last two high-level exorcists Chōsō and Naoya Zen’in realized Yūji Itadori was considerably stronger than them when they confronted them. Particularly Naoya, who takes pleasure in his prowess, instantly joins forces with Yūta to avert any potential conflict. Comparing Yūta’s strength to Satoru’s, Chōsō counseled Yūji to avoid confrontation at all costs because doing so would result in certain death. But Yūta confesses that he lacks strength and is a fairly weak person, which he makes up for by arming himself with Cursed Energy.

Apparently, when he turned Rika into a cursed spirit. Suguru, a voracious collector of potent curses, gave Rika the moniker “Queen of Curses” since she grew to be such a strong spirit. Rika has limitless Cursed Energy, which she can mold into any method because she is a curse.

While controlling Rika’s full power, Yūta performs high-level exorcism despite being a novice student. Indeed, as someone who had only recently studied exorcism, Yūta had yet to learn the ropes of controlling his Cursed Energy. He quickly learned to channel some of it into his ring or katana but often relied on Rika’s full power rather than finely controlling it on his own.

Although Rika’s cursed spirit detached from him, Yūta retained the immense amount of Cursed Energy. He admitted that the amount of his Cursed Energy was even greater than Satoru’s. However, Yūta’s energy depletes much faster, unlike that of his teacher, who can handle the energy expenditure perfectly thanks to his Sixth Eye.


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He wasn’t known for using force when he was in school and used to be fairly weak in this area. Even after attempting to flee while carrying two other kids and Maki Zen’in in his arms, he ran into too many obstacles. But he demonstrated tremendous agility in hand-to-hand fighting, enabling him to strike his opponent with various, if straightforward, blows. His strength level can greatly increase when he is subjected to insane outbursts.

He moves quickly, frequently working to his advantage in many battle situations. He can traverse the battlefield fast and easily without exerting any effort, thanks to his agility. When he has to lift others, his speed is constrained. When he is subjected to his manic outbursts, his speed rises noticeably to the point that he can even equal Suguru Getō’s capabilities.

Along with his speed, he has incredibly quick reflexes, which, most of the time, enable him to react quickly and deflect powerful assaults from his opponents. He may use a combination of his speed and reflexes to evade lethal blows.

He is a young man with a strong desire to learn and has demonstrated the ability to catch on to the lessons of the Tokyo school rapidly. He quickly picks up his theoretical and practical lessons, enabling him to use them in battle. He does, however, have some difficulties handling the enormous quantity of cursed energy he possesses because of his low level of intelligence. He can use various cursed techniques because of his talent for mimicking other people’s movements.

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