Jujutsu Kaisen: Who Are Megumi’s Wolves & What Happened to Them? Meet the Divine Dogs!

Jujutsu Kaisen: Who Are Megumi's Wolves & What Happened to Them? Meet the Divine Dogs!

Because of his enormous popularity and overall importance for the story, Megumi Fushiguro is a character we have discussed more than once here on Fiction Horizon. He is definitely one of the most important Jujutsu Kaisen characters, especially because he is part of the protagonist trio. But, while we have discussed his fate and his current status in the story on more than one occasion, in this article, we are going to discuss his abilities, as we are going to talk about the Divine Dogs, which are related to Megumi’s Ten Shadows Technique!

  • Article Breakdown:
  • Thanks to his Ten Shadows Technique, Megumi Fushiguro can summon 10 Shikigami, two of which are the Divine Dogs, which were the first of his Shikigami introduced in the series.
  • The two dogs are wolves, known as the white dog and the black dog; they are twins, as per the series, and are quite powerful and very practical in battle, which is why Megumi often relies on them.
  • The white dog was killed by a Finger Bearer. Still, Megumi could use this ability, as they could summon only one dog, who now inherited his late twin’s powers and became Divine Dog: Totality.

The Divine Dogs are Shikigami that are part of Megumi’s Ten Shadows Technique

Megumi Fushiguro is part of the protagonist trio of Jujutsu Kaisen and is, thereby, one of the series’s best-known and most popular characters. His story, a tragedy in itself, is tied to Satoru Gojo, his mentor who watched over him until he was enrolled in the Tokyo Metropolitan Curse Technical College as his student. Megumi met Nobara Kugisaki and Yuji Itadori there, who became his close friends.

Now, this article is about Megumi’s powers and abilities, so we will focus on the Ten Shadows Technique, which is his Innate Technique. The Ten Shadows Technique allows Megumi to create a series of Shikigami using Shadows. It is not well understood how a Shikigami is actually made through this technique, as the process is not that straightforward.

It is implied that the user must shape their own cursed energy to create the Shikigami, and to do this, they must have an idea of what kind of shape or model they want their creation to take. The Shikigami must be purified or exorcised after it is created for the user to gain control of it. Since the technique stipulates a limitless number of possibilities, it is rightfully considered one of the most powerful techniques in the series.

As the name suggests, Megumi can create and summon a total of ten Shikigami using this technique, but what interests us here are the first two that appeared in the series – the Divine Dogs.


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The Divine Dogs are two twin wolves that Megumi summons as part of his Innate Technique. They are a white and a black dog and are summoned when Megumi creates a shadow dog with his hands. They have great offensive abilities, so he often uses them to defeat weaker curses. But they are also great at tracking and recon work.

The white dog was killed by a Finger Bearer early on in the series, but that did not stop Megumi from using this technique. Namely, from that moment on, he could summon the black dog normally, and he was even stronger than before, as he had inherited his late twin’s powers and is now a being called Divine Dog: Totality. This is all that is known about them in general, and we will now answer some specific questions that might interest you.

What are the names of Megumi’s dogs?

As we have written above, the two dogs are referred to as the white dog and the black dog; the unified form (Totality) doesn’t have a specific name. Whether they have a name or not is unknown, as it has not been revealed in the series, so we don’t know their names or if they even have any names.

Are Megumi’s dogs divine or demon dogs?

Well, this is a relatively complex question, as there is no such direct concept in the series, but since the question is present, we decided to explain it to you. The two dogs are actually Shikigami, so we will explain what Shikigami are to make it easier for you to understand the whole concept.

Jujutsu sorcerers can enlist the help of Shikigami, or familiars, for assistance. Shikigami-shi are those who possess the ability to summon and employ them in combat. Shikigami are actually ill-tempered deities linked to Japanese divination and ancient cosmology that are called to war by their lord. The Shikigami are invisible, like curses, to anyone who are not skilled in jujutsu sorcery. A Shikigami doesn’t require any special abilities to be summoned.

However, the summoner must first make the Shikigami their slave to summon it. A talisman is frequently used to call a Shikigami as well. However, other, slightly more inventive methods rely on the summoner’s abilities. Last but not least, since they were created from the summoner’s cursed energy, the Shikigami summoned emit the same energy as the summoner.

So, as you can see, the Shikigami are deities, which would make them divine beings more than anything else; they are not curses, so, in this aspect, we cannot call them demonic beings. So yes, the name is correct, and we can state that the Divine Dogs are, as Shikigami, divine beings.


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What are Megumi’s other animals, and what are their names?

Now that the Divine Dogs have been analyzed, we can move on to the other animals in the Ten Shadows Technique. There are nine of them in total (Mahoraga is not an animal, so we’re not counting him here, and the Divine Dogs are considered as two separate Shikigami, although they are summoned as one), and we are going to list them here and tell you about them in short:

Divine DogsWolvesA white and a black dog with offensive and tracking skills.
NueBird-like creatureA bird-like Shikigami with flying skills and strong offensive potential.
ToadFrogA large frog Shikigami that attacks with its tongue.
Great SerpentSnake (Orochi)A large snake-like Shikigami that attacks in quick fashion.
Max ElephantElephantA large pink elephant that can attack with water and its own weight.
Rabbit EscapeRabbitsA pack of seemingly endless bunnies that can be used for defense.
Round DeerDeerA large deer-like creature that has healing abilities.
Piercing OxOxA large ox Shikigami whose charges have enormous desrtuctive power.

And with this, the story of Megumi’s “animals” is concluded. You now have all the information at your disposal, and we hope that the article has been helpful to you.

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