JJK: How Old Was Megumi When He Met Gojo? Timeline Explained!

How Old Was Megumi When He Met Gojo? Timeline Explained!

The relationship between Megumi Fushiguro and Satoru Gojo is a complex one and one that has been lasting for more than a decade. The two of them met for the first time when Megumi was still a child, ironically, not long after Gojo had killed Megumi’s crappy father, Toji. Since then, Gojo has become Megumi’s mentor and a godfather-like figure in his life. In this article, you are going to find out when Megumi and Gojo exactly met in Jujutsu Kaisen, and how old Megumi was when that happened.

Satoru Gojo and Megumi Fushiguro first met in 2007, when Megumi was six years old and was in the first grade. This happened roughly a year after Gojo had killed Megumi’s father, Toji, during the incident involving Riko Amanai. This was also the final story of the short Gojo’s Past Arc, which ended with Gojo waking up after dreaming about his first encounter with Megumi and Tsumiki, when he came to visit them to ask Megumi whether he wanted to live with the Zenin clan or not.

The rest of this article will focus on the story of Megumi Fushiguro and Satoru Gojo, who played an important role in his life and upbringing despite not being related to him. Due to the numerous connections between the two of them, fans are always eager to find out more, and in this article, as we have said, we are going to provide you with all the details related to the timeline of events that led to the two of them meeting in the series. Be careful, though, as the article will be filled with spoilers, so be careful if you’re don’t fully up-to-date with everything.

Megumi and Gojo met, for the first time, in 2007, roughly a year after Gojo had killed Megumi’s father; at the time, Megumi was six years old

The answer to the question we are going to present to you here takes us back to Gojo’s Past Arc, which happened, for the most part, in 2006, but its final moments happened in 2007, which is when the story abruptly shifts back to the present timeline. So, what happened then that was so important for Megumi’s and Gojo’s story?

Well, the first important moment was the death of Riko Amanai, the Star Plasma Vessel, who never merged with Master Tengen because she was killed by Toji Fushiguro, Megumi’s father, an assassin hired by the Time Vessel Association to murder Riko. Earlier,

Toji had clashed with Gojo, who was a student at the time, and he seemingly killed him; had Gojo not used his Reverse Cursed Technique, he would have certainly died. But, a resurrected and healed Gojo came back for Toji, and the two of them clashed in front of the building of the Time Vessel Association. Although Toji was as good as one in his condition could be, he still couldn’t do anything against Gojo at that moment, and the powerful sorcerer killed him with ease this time.


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Before he died, Gojo offered Toji to say his last words, and Toji told him that his son, Megumi, would be sold to the Zenin Clan once he manifested his powers and that Gojo could do what he wanted with that piece of information. And Gojo did it, although not immediately. Namely, as was revealed, one’s cursed energy starts manifesting between the ages of four and six, and as far as we know, Megumi was five at the time, so he would soon be a prime candidate for the despised Zenin Clan.

A year after this, roughly, Satoru Gojo visited a young Megumi, who was just coming back from school to his sister; the two of them had been living alone since their parents disappeared (Gojo killed Toji, but Tsumiki’s mother disappeared around the same time and it was never revealed what happened to her).

When he met him for the first time, Gojo tried to tell Megumi the story of his father, but Megumi simply stopped him, telling him that he couldn’t care less about his father and that he got a general idea, revealing that Tsumiki’s mother disappeared at about the same time. Gojo then told him about his family, the Zenin clan, and asked if he would like to move in with them. Megumi questioned whether or not this would make Tsumiki happy, to which Gojo immediately responded that he was positive it would not.

Megumi said that his step-sister’s happiness was his first priority; hence he did not wish to live with his family. When Toji was resurrected briefly a little while later in the story (during the Shibuya Incident) and learned that his kid was not affiliated with the Zenin clan, he was oddly just as pleased with that response as Gojo was.


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How old was Gojo when he met Megumi?

So, now that you have the whole story, we can actually ask ourselves – when did all of this happen, and how old were the involved parties? Well, as we have said, as far as when, we know that the first encounter between Gojo and Megumi happened in 2007, roughly a year after Gojo had killed Toji and Tsumiki’s mother disappeared as well. Gojo was between 18 and 19 years old when he met Megumi for the first time.

As for Megumi’s age, Gojo mentioned that Megumi was in the first grade (and it scared him that he was so grim and so mature being that young), and knowing when Japanese children start school, as well as when children first manifest their powers and abilities, we can deduce that Megumi was six years old when he first met Gojo, which makes sense when the whole timeline is taken into consideration. Tsumiki was a year or two older than Megumi at the time, so she was probably between seven and nine, but we cannot confirm that.

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